I introduce today funnyText.js! The plugin to create funny texts effects for your texts. Ideal for titles, it is a great way to give your site a touch of life in a simple and smart way.

I implemented something quite similar a few months ago for a site and yesterday afternoon I decided to turn it into a plugin. It was not straight forward, few months ago I made use of images for each letter as well as custom CSS styles specially designed for each letter size and position.

Now things are more simple. Easy to apply to different texts in the same page and with different options such as color, size, speed…

The plugin is now in Beta version. I will need more time to test it over different browsers, trying to make it work in old browsers and polish some details. Anyway, any feedback will be more than welcome.


Demo View on GitHub

Creating a funnyText effect

All you need to do is including the js and css files and call the plugin inside a $(document).ready function using the selector in which the text is contained.

$(document).ready(function() {