Getting the real URL from a shorted URL

Nowadays it’s very common to find shorted URLs everywhere. I had to deal with this stuff when i had to work with Twitter and its tweets data and i think it might be useful for other people too.

This is what i did:

	 * Gets the real URL from a shorted one.
	 * In case the URL isn't shorted, it returns the same one.
	 * @access public
	 * @param string $short URL
	 * @return string real URL.
	public function getReal($short){
		$headers = get_headers($short, 1);
		$loc = $headers['Location'];

			// get the highest numeric index
			// in case the URL is shorted more than once
			$key = max(array_keys( $loc));

			return $loc[$key];
		}else if(!empty($loc)){
			return $loc;
			return $short;

You can have a look at get_headers function at the PHP documentation site: