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Hello there! I'm Álvaro Trigo

Currently creating beautiful stuff in Cambridge, UK.

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of Cambridge, of UK, worldwide in Javascript


I'm a web developer who aims to combine the beauty of design with the logical perfection of coding. Training myself every day and pushing my own limits to discover new ways of creating a great experience for the users.

I'm years old, from Spain. I'm a computer scientist and hold a MSc in Computer Engineering and a BSc in Technical Engineering In Computer Science For Management, both from Burgos University. I also enjoyed a scholarship at Millersville University of Pennsylvania in the USA.

I started getting passionate about web developing at the age of 16 when I created my first website. Since then I kept learning day by day on my own until today.


I also like photography! Check out my pics on flickr.

Check my photos!


Estimates, questions, information? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Is it about fullpage? Please check the fullPage.js Help or the extensions FAQs first. Reporting non extensions' issues?
You can also find me at [email protected]


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Created as a side project, fullPage.js is a jQuery and Javascript open source library to create full screen scrolling websites. Used and trusted by companies such as Google, Ebay, McDonalds, EA, Nikon, Vodafone and British Airway, it is currently the most popular, used and complete library of its kind.


It is currently placed in the top 50 most starred and most forked Javascript projects in the world at Github and it has been named by printed magazines such as Web Designer Magazine.

More than 100 people has contributed to this open source project and still contributing nowadays and thanks to its popularity I was named a trending Javascript developer in Github multiple times.

What is it?

The library provides a straight forward way to create full-screen auto scrolling websites. A task that can seem simple initially but that gets quite complicated once you start covering issues such as browsers compatibility, touch devices, kinetic trackpad scrolling, URL linking, accessibility, responsiveness, callbacks etc.

What makes fullpage.js so powerful is the way it simplifies all this work for any developer who wants to have a production ready website. Tested by thousands of developers on tens of devices and over a period of more than 3 years makes it a reliable tool to use. And of course, a precious time saver that allows developers to focus on developing the site and not its inner behaviour.

Open source

Avaiable through the GPLv3 licence for React, Vue and Angular it is ideal to use in any kind of websites or comercial products.

Due to its popularity it is easy to find fullpage.js integrated in other plataforms. From Wordpress themes to Ruby gems.

Extra features

The project has been growing with the time and due to the diversity of requested features I decided to provide fullpage.js extensions that can be added to enhance its behaviour.

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Brought into a jQuery plugin from a custom script I did for a website I worked in.


This simple script provides a way to create funny moving texts in a simple way. Not much else to say about it :)

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Tired of not finding any library to validate images on the client side I decided to create one for my own use and anybody else who want to save some time doing it. Yeah, we all know client side validation is just one of the many steps and we should never rely only on it, but hey! It helps!

Personally I'm using it in a side project where users can upload pictures and see the result in real time before the image gets uploaded to the server side.

This library makes use of the magic numbers to detect different mimetypes, thefore even when the mimetype gets modifed we can still figure out it it is what it claims to be.


Here's a bunch of websites I've done from the scratch. You can see my name in the `author` meta tag in all of them.

Public work

Advanced Gumroad Analytics



As a Gumroad user I started to feel the need for more advanced analytics. I wanted to maximise profit and to do so I had to know how to take decisions based on data.

I started creating a small analytics panel for myself and then I realised many others were also missing better analytics in Gumroad so I decided to make it public and create a platform for it.

Paris Optimal Planning

Paris Optimal Planning


Product website for The Port of Felixstowe in which I'm working at the momment.

I created it from the scratch using CakePHP framework. It has been designed for desktops, mobile phones and tablet devices. There is a big work on jQuery and CSS. Techniques such as dynamic load of images were applied to speed up the load as well as javascript and css compression ones. Other techniques applied: SEO, CSS3 media queries, CSS3 animations, browser detection, device detection.

Product website for The Port of Felixstowe in which I'm working at the momment.

Designed in CakePHP by using one of my plugins - fullPage.js. Its responsive design makes it look great in tablets and mobile phones. Fallbacks for old browsers have been applied for videos and css3 animations as well as techniques such as lazy loading, video compression and CSS/JS minification. I made use of Velocity.js for SVG animations.

Side freelance work

An artist website available in 4 different languages.

Started working on it when I was student. I created a full screen lazy load slider for it that had to contain more than 250 images.

It contains more than 160 paintings and more than 800 images. I developed both the front-end and the back-end, allowing the author to change and upload new content. No CMS or framework was used. Plain PHP and MySQL. Resizing image techniques were applied.

at Github


A jQuery plugin to create multi-scrolling websites with two vertical panels or layouts. The screen will be splited in two panels in a way they scroll vertically in opposite directions.


Designers look always for new ways of surprising their viewers and this plugin was born with that same purpose in mind. Ideal for the concept of split layouts.

Used by the community in multiple projects such as this Wordpress theme.

at Github


Created as a side project, pagePiling.js is a jQuery library that provides an auto scrolling effect between sections piled one over another. Used by companies such as Facebook, Logitech or WaltDisney Family Museum.


It was created from the basics of its big brother, fullpage.js, and it shares many of its methods and options. It was inspired in part by the website of the Hugeinc design which led me later on to create a tutorial in onextrapixel about how to create a site like it.

Unlike many modern scripts or CSS3 effects, I decided to keep providing support with for old browsers such as IE 8 or Opera 12, which makes the library quite unique within the field.