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Parallax Backgrounds

Creates a parallax effect for the backgrounds of sections and slides when scrolling and sliding.

Scroll Horizontally

Provides horizontal scroll within sliders by using the mouse wheel or trackpad. Ideal for story telling!

ScrollOverflow Reset

Scrolls back the content of the section/slide with scroll bar when leaving it so it will always be at the start.

Drag And Move

Allows to move between sections and slides by clicking and dragging the mouse as well as by swiping with fingers.

Offset Sections

Provides a way to use non full screen sections based on percentage. Ideal to show visitors there's more content in the site by showing part of the next or previous section.

Fading Effect

Provides a fading effect for vertical sections and horizontal slides or for any of them separately.

Responsive Slides

Allows the turn of horizontal slides into vertical sections on responsive or by using external functions.

Continuous Horizontal

Provides the continuous horizontal scrolling feature for all the sliders.

Interlocked Slides

Provides a way to force the moving of sliders in other sections when sliding the visible one.

Reset Sliders

Forces fullpage.js to reset every slider after leaving its section. This way when the users goes back it will always be in the first slide of the slider.

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People love fullPage.js!

fullPage.js by @IMAC2 is awesome! Extensions are super, as well. Great docs. Highly recommended! Fast support response, as well!

— Kristin Falkner (@KristinCodesWP) May 18, 2017

We're proud to showcase one of our latest projects for Highball Brands, using the amazing fullPage by @IMAC2 - https://t.co/NTm4oT6710

— 93ft Design (@93ft) June 5, 2017

Without fullpage.js the existence of my website would have been quite complicated. I'm not a developer, so the only option to implement my idea was to use "fullpage for Elementor" by @IMAC2
Thank you Álvaro and company! Great job!https://t.co/w5TI5j8Yey

— Rafagallegot Ⓔ (@rafagallegot) March 23, 2021

Fullpage.js is a great tool! Using the provided structure for section/slides and callbacks to trigger actions/animations we can get amazing results! 👊👊👊

— Caio Bassetti (@caiera_dev) October 27, 2020

@IMAC2 @fullpage.js Super happy with this extension and all the fully customizable options you have. The results are stunning and my vistors /clients just love them! BTW, support is top notch, response within minutes to an hour. Thanks Alvaro for your great work – keep it up!!!

— Ras (@RasStillner) April 4, 2018

Enjoying playing with @fullpagejs for my marketing site. It feels good to get this style of site structure under my belt. Few clients asking

— Mike Kerr (@ReactionGears) April 11, 2016

#fullpage.js is the best One-page solution that I’ve ever used. So pleased with it, that I always come back to it....and every time just better and better. So coooool!

— webinning (@webinning) November 8, 2017

@IMAC2 loved your fullpage.js, also loved that you made a dummies tutorial, thx

— Ignacio Teran (@elnashillo) February 25, 2016

All Extensions Bundle

Get all the extensions starting from $129!

Including future ones!

And save 60%

🎉 Get extensions pack!