Create divided multi-scrolling pages.


jQuery plugin

Create split pages with two vertical scrolling panels.
Compatible with mobile phones and devices and old browsers such as IE 11.

How to use it

Just use the following HTML markup:

<div id="multiscroll">
    <div class="ms-left">
        <div class="ms-section">Section 1 left</div>
        <div class="ms-section">Section 2 left</div>
        <div class="ms-section">Section 3 left</div>
    <div class="ms-right">
        <div class="ms-section">Section 1 right</div>
        <div class="ms-section">Section 2 right</div>
        <div class="ms-section">Section 3 right</div>
    scrollingSpeed: 700,
    anchors: ['home', 'about-us'],
    sectionsColor: ['red', 'black'],
    responsiveWidth: 800,
    onLeave: function(index, nextIndex, direction){
        console.log("Leaving" + origin.index);