Minecraft Fortune Axe [Why Use It & What It Does]

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Minecraft has several enchantments you can apply to your tools to make them more efficient and effective. One enchantment is Fortune, which can be added to an axe to increase the chances of dropping saplings and seeds when breaking or mining blocks. 

This article will discuss the Minecraft Fortune Axe and everything you need to know about it. We will cover what Fortune does on an axe and how to get the Fortune enchantment.

We will also review whether or not Fortune on an axe gives more wood, which is the highest level of Fortune and, finally, the difference between Minecraft Axe Fortune and Silk Touch. 

Minecraft Fortune Axe

So, if you want to maximize your resource yields and increase your luck in Minecraft, keep reading!

What Does Fortune Do on an Axe?

Fortune on an axe increases the likelihood of dropping saplings and seeds when breaking or mining blocks. This enchantment increases your fortune of getting desired crops. It affects melons, carrots, beetroots, wheat seeds, potatoes, grass, and nether warts.

Just because it increases the drop rate doesn’t mean you’ll get a consistent number of drops. Minecraft Fortune on an axe only gives you a better chance of receiving more drops.

For example, Fortune 1 will likely double the number of ores, Fortune 2 will triple it, and Fortune 3 will quadruple it. But again, these are not guaranteed. 

Below is a list of effects that a Fortune on an axe does on certain blocks:

  • Leaves.
    Increases your chance of receiving sticks, apples, and saplings.
  • Vines.
    Fortune on an axe increases the drop rate to 100% with Fortune III.
  • Melon Blocks.
    Melon blocks have the potential to release more melon slices when they are shattered with an axe enchanted with Fortune.
  • Grass and Ferns.
    Minecraft Fortune on an axe increases the drop by a factor of 2, but it does not increase the chance of having more drops. 
  • Glowstone Blocks
    If you use a Fortune-enchanted axe to break Glowstone blocks, they may yield extra Glowstone dust.
  • Sea Pickles.
    Sea pickles, when broken using a Fortune-enchanted axe, may have a probability of dropping more sea pickles.

Moreover, if you use a Fortune axe while harvesting beets, potatoes, wheat (seeds only), nether wart, or carrots, the number of items dropped increases by 1 for each level of Fortune, up to a specific limit.

Note that due to the random nature of the Fortune enchantment, the quantities obtained may exceed or fall short of the predetermined ranges.

How to Get Fortune Enchantment on Axe?

The Fortune enchantment can be put on tools in Minecraft, such as the axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe. There are two ways to get Minecraft Fortune on an axe: an enchanting table or an anvil.

Method 1. Using an Anvil

Here are the steps to get a Fortune enchantment on an axe by using an anvil:

  • Step 1. Gather an axe and an enchanted book with the Fortune enchantment. 
    You can obtain the latter by fishing, opening a loot chest, or trading with a librarian villager.
    3 Methods to Obtain Fortune Enchantment in Minecraft
  • Step 2. Combine the enchanted book and the axe in the anvil. 
    Place both in the anvil. The combination will result in a Fortune enchantment. 
    Minecraft Fortune Combine Axe and Enchanted Book

Method 2. Using an Enchanting Table

Before we proceed, you must have an enchanting table and enough XP levels to perform the enchantment.

These are the steps to get a Fortune enchantment on an axe by using an enchanted table:

  • Step 1. Make an enchanting table.
    You can skip this step if you already have an enchanting table.
  • Step 2. Place the axe on the enchanting table.
    Right-click on the enchanting table with the axe you want to enchant.
    Minecraft Fortune Axe on Enchanting Table
  • Step 3. Choose the Fortune enhancement.
    You can only do this if you already have the Fortune enchantment. 
    Minecraft Fortune Axe Enhancement
  • Step 4. Enchant the axe by using your XP levels. 
    Do this once you select the Fortune enchantment. 

When you enchant an axe with the “Fortune” enchantment in Minecraft, you will see a series of shimmering blue and translucent diamonds or crystals hovering around it. This is a visual indicator of the enchantment.

Check Minecraft Support for more details on the enchanting table and anvil. 

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Does Fortune on an Axe Give You More Wood?

No, Fortune on an axe doesn’t give you more wood when using an axe to chop down trees. Instead, Minecraft’s Fortune in an axe increases the drop rates of specific valuable resources such as apples and leaves.

In Minecraft, wood is the most common resource in the Overworld. It is used to build walls, defensive structures, and other useful designs. If you want to harvest more wood, using tools with the Efficiency enchantment will speed up the process.

Is Fortune 3 the Highest?

Fortune 3 is the highest level for the Fortune enchantment. If you want to get your hands on some precious resources, this certain level will give you the most considerable boost in drop rates. 

In Minecraft, there are three levels of Fortune. These are Fortune I, Fortune II, and Fortune III. These levels increase your chances of getting extra drops when mining certain ores, saplings, and seeds. 

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Is Fortune 3 Worth It on an Axe?

Fortune 3 is not that much worth it on an axe as it only increases the drop rate of certain blocks like seeds and saplings. If you want to improve your axe specifically, use Efficiency and Unbreaking enchantments to make it function better in wood-related tasks.

Fortune 3 does not affect wood and other commodities often gathered with an axe. It only affects certain ores, most of which are pickaxe-mined.

Can You Combine Two Fortune 1 Pickaxes?

You can combine two Fortune 1 pickaxes, resulting in Fortune 2. Similarly, combining two Fortune 3 pickaxes will result in Fortune 3. You can do this by using an anvil. 

However, remember that the maximum level is Fortune 3, so it means you won’t be able to upgrade beyond another level.

Difference Between Minecraft Axe Fortune and Silk Touch

The difference is that the Fortune enchantment increases the chances of obtaining more drops from specific blocks. However, Silk Touch allows you to harvest blocks in their original form without turning them into their regular drops.

If you want to maximize your resource yields from specific ore blocks, then Fortune is the correct enchantment. On the other hand, if you want to get blocks like glass, grass, and ore blocks in their unmodified state, then Silk Touch is the way to go.

You can check out the list of enchantments in Minecraft Support

Using Minecraft Fortune Axe Increases Your Luck

Minecraft Fortune on an Axe can be a valuable enchantment for players who want to increase their chances of getting more specific drops. While it doesn’t guarantee a consistent number of drops, it offers a better chance of receiving more resources. It’s literally an enchantment that increases your luck. 

Using an enchanting table or an anvil, you can obtain Fortune enchantment on an axe. Fortune 3 is the highest level of this enchantment, offering the most significant boost in drop rates.

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