How to Get Villagers to Restock in Minecraft

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Minecraft has gone through several changes and updates after being around for over a decade. One of the changes the popular sandbox game has experienced is the addition of Minecraft Villagers.

Created to fill space in a Minecraft village, Villagers have now evolved to interact with players, their surroundings, and other Villagers.

How to Get Villagers to Restock Faster in Minecraft

Minecraft Villagers’ primary purpose is to engage in Villager Trades with the player. But just like real-world merchants, these Minecraft NPCs can run out of wares. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get Minecraft Villagers to restock faster.

What Are Villager Trades in Minecraft?

Villager Trades in Minecraft are the game’s version of NPC merchants. You can buy and sell items with certain Villagers using emeralds as your currency. It’s an excellent way to get items quickly.

The items a Villager has for sale depend on their profession. There are 15 different types of villager professions.

Here’s a look at all the different professions Villagers in Minecraft can take up.

  • Armorer.
    As you may have guessed from its name, Armorers can provide various armor pieces. Villagers can become Armorers with a Blast Furnace as their Job Site Block.

  • Butcher.
    Villagers who take up the Butcher profession can supply you with meat-based food items like chicken and rabbit stew. The Smoker Job Site Block is required for this profession.

  • Cartographer.
    If you’re looking for someone who can provide maps and banners, you may want to make a Cartography Table Job Site Block so that Villagers will opt to become Cartographers.

    What Are Minecraft Villager Professions
  • Cleric.
    Villagers can become Clerics with a Brewing Stand Job Site Block. In this profession, a Minecraft Villager can provide you with various magical items.

  • Farmer.
    This is arguably the most popular profession among Minecraft Villagers. To become a Farmer, Villagers will need a Composter as their Job Site Block. You can get high-level items and ingredients by trading with Farmers.

  • Fisherman.
    To become a Fisherman, Villagers must have a Barrel as a Job Site Block. Of course, Fishermen can supply you with several types of seafood.

  • Fletcher.
    Villagers can provide you with items related to long-range weapons like bows and arrows should they take up the Fletcher profession. A Fletching Table is required as their Job Site Block for this. This is considered to be the rarest profession in Minecraft.

  • Leatherworker.
    If you need a saddle for your horse or some leather armor, look no further than your local Leatherworker. Villagers who wish to take up this profession will require a Cauldron Job Site Block.

    Minecraft Cauldron Job Site Block
  • Librarian.
    Villagers must be placed near a Lectern Job Site Block to make Librarians in Minecraft. Not only will these NPCs have enchanted books in their inventory, but they will also have items like compasses and name tags.

  • Mason/Stone Mason.
    Villagers taking up this profession can create a variety of stone-based items. They require the Stonecutter Job Site Block.

  • Nitwit.
    This technically isn’t a profession as Villagers without a job are considered Nitwits. They are unable to provide anything to the player.

  • Shepherd.
    Villagers can become Shepherds through the Loom Job Site Block. They are stocked up on decorative items such as paintings and carpets.

  • Toolsmith.
    You can get many useful tools like shovels and pickaxes from a Toolsmith. A Villager will need a Smithing Table as their Job Site Block to take up this profession.

  • Unemployed.
    Essentially the same as Nitwits, Unemployed Villagers are usually baby Villagers who have recently grown up and have yet to take up a profession. A Villager can also become Unemployed if their Job Site block is destroyed.

  • Weaponsmith.
    Villagers who use weaponsmithing can provide you with swords and axes. The Grindstone Job Site Block is required for this profession.

Trading with a Villager will give both you and the NPC experience points. Minecraft Villagers gain new items to trade when they level up. So, you can progress your game more rapidly when a Minecraft Villager restocks faster.

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When Do Minecraft Villagers Restock?

Minecraft Villagers restock at the start of each workday, from 9 AM to 10 AM. After that, they can restock again during the day once their trades are maxed out. If a Villager’s trades are maxed out a second time during the same day, you must wait until the next day for a Minecraft Villager trade reset.

When Do Minecraft Villagers Restock

Unlike the daily Villager trade reset that happens every morning, there is no set time for when a Villager will restock during the day. Villagers should typically go to restock as soon as their trades are maxed out.

Why Won’t Villagers in Minecraft Restock?

A Villager won’t restock in Minecraft because you have maxed out their daily trades. However, there are instances where a Villager won’t be able to restock their transactions despite several days passing.

The common causes behind your Minecraft Villager not restocking fast enough are a lack of Job Site Blocks, Villagers not having beds, or Villagers not having enough inventory space.

Here’s a closer look at why Minecraft Villagers won’t restock:

Reason 1: Not Enough Job Site Blocks

Job Site Blocks are what determine what profession a Villager has. It is also where they go to produce more items.

If a Villager somehow loses access to their Job Site Block, you will not be able to get them to do a Villager trade reset since they will not be able to make more items to restock with.

Reason 2: Villagers Don’t Have Beds

Minecraft villagers Don't Have beds

At the end of the day, Villagers must also get their rest. To do this, they will need a bed they can claim as their own.

Villagers who lack a bed will become less productive as the days pass. This makes it harder to get a Villager to restock fast in Minecraft.

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Reason 3: Villagers Don’t Have Enough Space

Minecraft Villagers have up to 8 inventory slots for their items. If they fill these slots up, you will not be able to get them to do a Villager trade reset.

Villagers don’t usually pick up any item they come across, but it’s best not to drop any items near them to ensure the NPCs always have enough inventory space for restocking.

How to Get Villagers to Restock in Minecraft

To get Villagers to restock in Minecraft, you must provide them with the appropriate Job Site Block and a bed they can claim as their own.

Without these two things, Villagers will have trouble performing their jobs, affecting their ability to restock items.

Solution 1: Provide Job Site Blocks

Minecraft Job Site Block

Placing a Job Site Block near a Villager will determine what profession they will take up. This is also where they will go to create the items they will stock up on.

Job Site Blocks will also dictate what items a Villager will have in their shop. A Villager won’t have any items to restock their inventory with without the appropriate Job Site Block nearby.

Solution 2: Set Enough Space for Villagers

Villagers may gossip when you place them too close together. This can distract their focus from restocking, as they will be more busy stealing each other’s beds and stations. The lack of space will also prevent the Villagers from moving and restocking freely.

You must provide your Villagers with enough space to work to prevent these adverse effects. Note that the distances between Villagers should be far enough to prevent them from talking.

Solution 3: Provide Beds to Villagers

After working at their Job Site Blocks, Minecraft Villagers will also need some rest. You can provide Villagers with some respite by placing a bed near them. Villagers will claim a nearby bed as their own so they can sleep in it at the end of the day.

Minecraft Villager Bed

You’ll also want to clear any nearby obstructions, as they can affect a Villager’s ability to restock. If something is blocking the way between a Villager and their bed, they may not be able to get the rest they need to restock the next day.

How Long Does It Take a Villager to Restock?

Villagers in Minecraft restock in a few seconds. Villagers can restock once daily, and one Minecraft day lasts about 20 minutes in real-world time. This means you can conduct a Minecraft Villager trade every ten minutes.

You’ll know a Villager is restocking when you see green particles around them. Once the green particles are gone, you can trade with the restocked Villager.

Do Cured Minecraft Villagers Restock?

Yes, Minecraft Villagers should be able to restock as expected after being cured. It might take them an extra day or two after recovering. Still, they should be ready for trades if they have the proper Job Site Blocks and beds available.

However, there have been instances before where Minecraft Villagers won’t restock their wares after being cured. This is usually a bug, so you may want to contact the Minecraft Help Center on how to get it fixed.

Keep Villagers Stocked up

Remember to provide enough Job Site Blocks and beds for your Villagers to keep them stocked up. A consistently stocked Villager can lead to frequent trades, and regular trades will help you and the NPC level up faster.

With all the items and experience points you gain from getting a Villager to restock often, progressing through the game shouldn’t be as challenging as usual.