I didn't receive the purchase confirmation email

Have you checked the SPAM folder?

We use the Gumroad platform to sell fullPage.js and they are the ones sending the purchase confirmation email.

If it is not on the SPAM inbox, wait a few more minutes. Sometimes they get delayed a bit.

I get an "unlicensed extension" red message

Nothing to worry about! That means you just have to add the activation key for your fullPage.js extension.

Check how to fix the fullPage.js red error "Unlicensed extension".

Where should I put the license key?

Right on the fullPage.js initialisation you'll have to use the option `licenseKey` as detailed on the fullPage.js documentation.

We've created a detailed article explaining where to put the fullpage.js license key.

Webflow and fullPage.js

If you've purchased an extension you've received a file together with it named "How to use it.html". You'll be able to find more informatino there.

In any case, here are two articles you might want to read to use fullPage.js in Webflow:

Can I change domains for my fullPage.js extension?

You purchased a fullPage.js extension and want to change domain? Unfortunately that's not possible. Read why you can't change domains for fullPage.js extensions.

Can I pay using PayPal or any other non credit/debit card method?

Unfortunately that's not possible.

However, we use a secure and well known platform for the Payment, Gumroad. So you don't have to worry about keeping your card's data secure. We won't have access to your card details.

How can I generate the invoice?

You can get your invoice through the purchase confirmation mail that was sent to you by Gumroad, the selling platform we use.

You can read more about it here.

How can I disable fullPage.js on mobile?

Easy! Check our article on how to disable fullPage.js in mobile devices.

How can I disable fullPage.js on mobile?

Easy! Check our article on how to disable fullPage.js in mobile devices.

Can I hide sections and slides on mobile?

Unfortunately that's not possible. You can't hide sections or slides dynamically at the momment.

I can't see my header and footer

By default, an empty page template is enabled. To disable it, go to the fullPage.js settings > Advanced > Enable Empty Page Template.

Check it out on this video.

My sections content is cut. I can't see the whole content.

When the scrollbars are disabled and your content is greater than the screen height, some of your content might be left outside of the viewport. To fix this, you can enable the Scroll Overflow option. This will create an in-section scrollbar.

How to deactivate the plugin in WordPress?

Access the WordPress admin panel > FullPage for Elementor > deactivate. Read more about it here.

If you do not have access to the domain where it was activated, then access the deactivation page and fill the form.

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