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People fullPage.js

Fullpage.js is a great tool! Using the provided structure for section/slides and callbacks to trigger actions/animations we can get amazing results! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

— Caio Bassetti (@caiera_dev) October 27, 2020

Wow. I'm using fullpagejs on a project, and it's great.

— Fran (@FranPrince_) November 3, 2020

D92: #fullpagejs is amazing tool for layouting different kind of websites. So i did some basic layouting and basic website stuff. #100DaysOfCode

— Ari Leskinen (@aRRRtsi) March 26, 2019

fullPage.js by @IMAC2 is awesome! Extensions are super, as well. Great docs. Highly recommended! Fast support response, as well!

— Kristin Falkner (@KristinCodesWP) May 18, 2017

We're proud to showcase one of our latest projects for Highball Brands, using the amazing fullPage by @IMAC2 -

— 93ft Design (@93ft) June 5, 2017

@IMAC2 @fullpage.js Super happy with this extension and all the fully customizable options you have. The results are stunning and my vistors /clients just love them! BTW, support is top notch, response within minutes to an hour. Thanks Alvaro for your great work – keep it up!!!

— Ras (@RasStillner) April 4, 2018

Enjoying playing with @fullpagejs for my marketing site. It feels good to get this style of site structure under my belt. Few clients asking

— Mike Kerr (@ReactionGears) April 11, 2016

#fullpage.js is the best One-page solution that I’ve ever used. So pleased with it, that I always come back to it....and every time just better and better. So coooool!

— webinning (@webinning) November 8, 2017