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Compare plans

Open Source Developer /
Organization OEM
License type
Type of the license under which
the product is being distributed.
The GPLv3 license Commercial Commercial OEM/SaaS Commercial
Number developers
A developer is someone on your team working
on a project that uses Fullpage. This includes
implementing, integrating, or changing the code.
Unlimited 1 developer /
8 developers
Unlimited developers Unlimited developers
Number of servers and sites
The number of servers, websites or
instances in which Fullpage
is installed and run.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Premium support
Email / Skype / call support.
Faster response and higher priority
for reported issues and questions.

Maximum of 48 hours initial response
Mobile applications
Include the editor in native
mobile applications.
Downloadable Software
Include fullPage in downloadable
or installable software products.
Wordpress Themes, html templates etc.
Contact us
Distribution rights (SaaS / OEM)
SaaS - when you develop the product for your
customer(s) and host in on your servers
- they log in to access.

OEM - when you develop the product for your
client(s) and it requires on-premise installation.
Intranets too.
Contact us

SaaS/OEM License

If you want to include Fullpage in downloadable or installable products like Wordpress themes, HTML templates, as part of a commercial interface builder, SDK, or toolkit, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer.

Contact us.

Free for Open Source

fullPage v3 is an Open Source application licensed under a GPLv3 license. This license allows you to use Fullpage in Open Source projects but it requires your project to be licensed under the GPLv3 as well. Questions? Read the GPL FAQ.

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People love fullPage.js!

fullPage.js by @IMAC2 is awesome! Extensions are super, as well. Great docs. Highly recommended! Fast support response, as well!

— Kristin Falkner (@KristinCodesWP) May 18, 2017

We're proud to showcase one of our latest projects for Highball Brands, using the amazing fullPage by @IMAC2 -

— 93ft Design (@93ft) June 5, 2017

@fullpagejs is absolutely awesome ! Excellent and easy to follow documentation on @github. #webdev #frontenddeveloper #javascript #jQuery

— Julian Harrison (@EasyPeasySites) June 27, 2016

Constantly impressed with the level of support and documentation that @IMAC2 offers with #fullpage.js. Thanks for helping developers make beautiful, responsive, full page solutions! #frontenddeveloper #webdev #development #jQuery

— Tanya Scales (@Tanya_Scales) March 20, 2018

@IMAC2 @fullpage.js Super happy with this extension and all the fully customizable options you have. The results are stunning and my vistors /clients just love them! BTW, support is top notch, response within minutes to an hour. Thanks Alvaro for your great work – keep it up!!!

— Ras (@RasStillner) April 4, 2018

Enjoying playing with @fullpagejs for my marketing site. It feels good to get this style of site structure under my belt. Few clients asking

— Mike Kerr (@ReactionGears) April 11, 2016

#fullpage.js is the best One-page solution that I’ve ever used. So pleased with it, that I always come back to it....and every time just better and better. So coooool!

— webinning (@webinning) November 8, 2017

@IMAC2 loved your fullpage.js, also loved that you made a dummies tutorial, thx

— Ignacio Teran (@elnashillo) February 25, 2016

@IMAC2 Awsome job...
I just recently find out about your fullpage.js framework.
It's really amazing... #keeponhacking🙂🙂

— Shreyansh Zazz (@shreyansh_zazz) February 15, 2017

Just started using fullpage.js by @IMAC2, so far very impressed. A+ support and the extensions and another level of functionality by just pasting a few lines of code. Can't wait to play with it a bit more.

— Ricky Dawn (@Ricky_Dawn) June 21, 2018

Thanks for fullpage.js @IMAC2 It is so much fun to work with!

— Kat Love (@thekatlove) March 16, 2017

@IMAC2 Ommmmmmg, totally in love with fullPage.js. I didn't know it.

— Stanley Sathler 🔥 (@StanleySathler) March 29, 2017


Can I try fullpage before buying it?

Sure! You can download it here or find the code on Github.

You can also use different CDNs and servicies like npm and bower. More about it in the docs.

Can I use fullPage to build comercial products?

If you want to use fullPage to develop any non open source project compatible with GPLv3 license, like sites, themes, projects, and applications, you should use the Commercial license (Developer, Team or Organization). With this option, your source code is kept proprietary. Which means, you won't have to change your whole application source code to an open source license.

Note that if you want to include Fullpage in downloadable or installable products like Wordpress themes, HTML templates, as part of a commercial interface builder, SDK, or toolkit, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer. Contact us if you need this license.

Notice fullpage is released under the GPLv3 license, which allows you to use it for open source projects only. Read more to learn about the GPLv3 license.

Are the licenses for Fullpage Commercial really for life?

All licenses are for life except the OEM license which requires annual renewal for distribution rights.

Your license also comes with a subscription of updates until a major version is released. If we release something new during that period, you'll get it for free!

Is the payment secure?

Of course! You'll be paying through Gumroad, a secure platform that allows payments all around the world with different cards and services like Paypal. Gumroad makes use of the Stripe service that ensures your payment details are secure and in pretty good hands!

Can I edit fullPage source code?

Sure! You can use the source code and edit it, so you can easily integrate it with your product.

Just bare in mind you won't be to get free support for those modifications and that your won't be able to use it together with fullPage.js extensions, as they require another fullpage file which is minified. Contact us if you need this feature.

Is support included in the license?

Only the Organisation license provides personal support by email / phone or skype and for specific use cases, regarding integration and implementation questions.

Additionally, you can contract support servicies for 80 GBP an hour. Contact us.

Any other license includes basic support by the Github issues forum or Stackoverflow using the tag "fullpage.js".

Can I use the license for multiple projects?

Each license (except OEM/SaaS) allows you to use the code on an unlimited number of domains, servers, and projects, regardless of the environment type (production, QA etc.)

When using the OEM/SaaS license you'll need a license per project that requieres distribution rights.

Bare in mind that this works differently for fullPage.js extensions. In which you'll have to purchase one or another license depending on the number of domains you want to use it for.

Can I be refunded?

Not this time! We don't offer refunds once the purchase has been made. But you can of course try fullPage.js before purchasing the license, making sure that it fits your requirements. So please make sure to do so before the purchase.

Can I upgrade from one license to another?

Sure! It is in fact very easy!

Please proceed to purchase the upgraded license (Team or Organization license). Then contact us and let us know that you want to upgrade. We'll then proceed to refund you the previous purchase. Easy uh?

I purchased fullPage extensions for the version 2 of fullPage. Do I need to buy them again for version 3?

Yes, you do. Extensions for version 2 of fullPage are not compatible with fullPage version 3.

But because we love you, we provide you 50% discount for all the extensions you purchased for version 2! An email was sent to all previous customers with details regarding how to get the 50% discount. If for any reason you didn't get it, contact us and provide us the email you used for the purchase. (Don't forget to check the SPAM folder please)

How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

You'll get a link to the invoice on the purchase confirmation email sent by Gumroad, the company dealing with the secure payment.

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