What Is a Discord Kitten? (Meaning Explained)

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As you spend more time on the internet, you’ll be coming across a lot of different terms and phrases that may seem foreign. For this post, we’ll be discussing the Discord kitten meaning in case you’re feeling a bit lost in some online conversations.

Kitten Profile Picture on Discord

Discord is an app used for voice, video, and text chat that is popular among gaming communities. It’s a great platform where gamers can interact with other players to share tips and strategies, watch each other play their favorite games, and just hang out.

The app is generally safe to use, but seeing a term you’re unfamiliar with being thrown around frequently might be a cause for concern. So, what is a Discord kitten? Let’s find out.

What Is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord kitten is someone on an online platform who receives special treatment from others. They usually receive gifts like material items and online subscriptions from someone called their “Discord daddy”.

In exchange for these gifts, a kitten will provide their Discord daddy with companionship or a flirtatious relationship. It is common for these relationships to spill out onto other platforms.

The Discord kitten Urban Dictionary definition states that it is a “girl who just wants to cash out from saying ‘UwU’”. Of course, this is an oversimplification of the Discord kitten’s meaning, but it is still somewhat accurate.

Is it safe to be a Discord kitten?

The safety of being a Discord kitten depends on several different factors, but it’s generally best to avoid these types of relationships. As with most other online platforms, creating an account on Discord isn’t difficult at all, making it extremely easy to come up with a fake identity.

There is a high potential for predators to take advantage of Discord kittens, as they can ask for private information such as their home address. On the other hand, kittens also have the opportunity to extort their partners for money. If you are a consenting adult looking to enter this type of relationship, make sure to set clear boundaries.

As for the parents of young ones who use Discord, make sure to monitor their activity on the platform. Discord doesn’t have traditional parental controls, but it does have settings that will filter out explicit content and prevent direct messaging.


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