9 Sites to Find Font Inspiration [Trends, Ideas and more]

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Have you ever spent hours scrolling through the various font galleries to discover and experience typography that made you dazzled? We have the solution for you!

In this article, we will introduce you to some great typography websites where you’ll be able to get ideas and inspiration for your typography.

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9 Best Typography Websites For Your Inspiration

Do you want a set of typography inspirations for your own use? If so, here are the best typography websites, full of excellent ideas, to begin with.

You can find inspiration for your fonts on the following websites:

1. Incredible Types Showcase

incredible types showcase font design

Incredible Types is an excellent website platform that ensures quick access to an organized collection of typography-based designs focused primarily on print work. This amazing, state-of-the-art platform is maintained and organized by Nathan Leigh Davis.

The best part about Incredible Types is that it currently has 426 typography designs inspiration in its showcase.

All these font inspirations are taken from 432 creatives and studios from 51 countries. You can simply click on “Show Menu” at the top right corner of the page to unfold the overall tagging system.

2. Type Hunting – Best Font Inspiration Website

type hunting font inspiration

Type Hunting is undoubtedly one of the best font inspiration websites, founded in September 2012.

It commenced its operation as a personal archive of font typography to inspire every web designer. This platform features typography designs that greatly help graphic designers in their everyday work.

Although a few people can consider this platform as a blog featured with typical vintage aesthetic designs, the stuff presented by the site is indeed appealing due to the touch of personalization they bring forth.

This blog website proves that these typography designs are built to stay for a lifetime.

All content you explore and find in Type Hunting is 100% authentic and original. Most of the stuff here is rusted and busted, giving the old vintage vibe to the font.

The site aims to retain the legacy of vintage fonts before it becomes completely obsolete.

The typography designs here are to stay so that website designers can recognize them, learn from them, and reuse them.

3. NYC Type – Font Inspo Site

NYC type font inspiration

The NYC Type website is the perfect font inspiration site that features nothing but mesmerizing fonts collared over the five cosmopolises of New York.

NYC Type is a beautiful collection of pictures taken while the owner walks around the exceptionally colorful and brightened streets of New York.

The website owner photographed letters from the regions spread over all five boroughs of New York. Every picture on this site is clicked using the camera – Nikon D700 and 50mm Nikkor 1.4.

Check out this list of the best classic fonts and see if you like any of those too.

The website also has its social media channels on Twitter and Instagram, where you can submit your comments or inquiries. You can also connect with their social media handles to keep up with the latest samples.

4. Fonts In Use – Why Font Matters

Fonts In Use- One of The Best Typography Websites

Fonts In Use is an excellent typography public archive cataloged by industry, format, period, and typeface.

Backed by illustrations contributed and shared by the public, this site record and evaluates the graphic design to enhance typographic appreciation and literacy.

Designers utilize this site for web redesign project research, typography choice and pairing, and exploring the latest ways to pick and utilize fonts. The website’s first embodiment commenced in December 2010 as a website blog.

The fully-developed version of the website, launched in July 2012, brought forward the Font In Use collection, a much wider and vast database that welcomes contributions from visitors.

5. TypeInspire

type inspire typography inspiration

TypeInspire is a gallery of typography designs.

Almost every item featured on this site is created and presented by web designers and graphic designers.

This site will give you access to the typography designs inspiration that will assist you in developing exceptional typographic tasks on your own.

Although you can find plenty of average web design font galleries, specific niche galleries like TypeInspire can be an extremely valuable and beneficial resource for any individual looking for a quick escort to the best website of a specific kind.

TypeInspire is a network segment that incorporates four other specific galleries:

  • Minimal Exhibit: Displaying websites featuring a minimalistic design approach
  • Folio Focus: Exhibiting the top portfolio websites
  • CartFrenzy: Exhibiting the best eCommerce websites
  • Blog Design Heroes: Displaying the best blog designs

6. Typographica

Typographica Design Inspiration

Typographica is an excellent typography website founded in 2002. It is a review of type books and typefaces, along with sporadic narration on typographic design and fonts.

Every typography font on this website is designed by Chris Hamamoto and edited by Caren Litherland and Stephen Coles.

The typo is set in Nikolai by Franziska Weitgruber, Contemporary Sans by Ludwig Ubele, Industria Sans and Oddity Script by Resistenza Type, Contemporary Sans by Ludwig Ubele, and Roslindale by David Jonathan Ross.

This month’s nameplate sponsors of the site are Letter B, Fused, WordPress, MyFonts, and Fontspring.

7. Fridayfonts – Inspiration Fonts

Friday Font Inspirations

Fridayfonts is an excellent platform to exhibit typeface experiments and lettering assignments by design students.

This site features the typography workshop, typically on Fridays. These workshops let you know which name can better showcase the engaging approach for these typography experiments.

Every font on this site was developed in workshops and courses presented by Pascal Glissmann. Typically, the workshops and courses were commenced at:

  • Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
  • Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong
  • Lebanese American University, Beirut
  • School of Architecture and Design
  • Parsons The New School For Design, New York

8. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

“I Love Typography”, also known as ILT, is an innovative and creative ecosystem that integrates the globe’s most famous and appealing typography inspiration blog with the latest and unique eCommerce platform, reconsidering licensing and font discovery.

The site features a robust type descriptor system known as CEDARS+.

It makes it feasible to locate typefaces depending on solemn qualities, from details like the shape of serifs to general notions and features like structure, rhythm, and contrast.

“I Love Typography” integrates its blog’s designated type-associated content with awesome fonts. This way, it licenses social features that enable viewers of the site to keep tabs and record their ideal fonts.

It also provides a way to follow through the foundries they like, and be updated about the latest releases.

9. Creative Market

font inspiration creative market

This website enables you to surf more than 62,000 fonts, which are readily available for download and use in web design projects.

This collection of fonts comes with brush, hand-drawn, and vector letterforms, in addition to character sets and enhancements for display, text, and headers.

This platform lets you explore and find the ideal template, integrate it with a visually-appealing image, and laminate and swathe a beautiful type.

Today, Creative Market has become the central hub for access to millions of web designing resources that functions collaboratively.

Creative Market assists web designers and content creators worldwide in turning their ideas and visions into reality. Everything you see on this website is there to convert your dire passion into a working opportunity, no matter the location, gender, or race.

Why You Should Get Some Font Inspiration?

Fonts play a critical role in brand imaging, where the fonts are kept at the forefront of the web designing procedure. Getting ideas and inspiration from others can allow you to get exposed to different concepts and allow you to express different meanings and values for your brand message.

Fonts are crucial for your website as they trigger the audience’s emotions, similar to a digital graphic, photo, or video.

Emotions influence your visitor’s decision-making, can boost motivation, and define your brand image.

Thus, brand messaging indulges more than just choosing and arranging the ideal words. It incorporates texturing, coloring, and shaping of every letter within a word.

What Font Is Pleasing to the Eye?

Among the safest fonts that will please your eye we have:

  • Sans-serif
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Open Sans
  • Verdana
  • Roboto
  • Lato

This is not usually subject to personal choice but is based on research that takes into account the distance between letters (spacing), strokes, and shapes.

Conclusion: Choose Your Favored Font Inspiration

So, whether you’re a website designer or not, learning and understanding the typographic design inspirations can be amusing, enticing, and valuable. So, get the most out of this guide, choose the best and ideal typography font designs, and make your next web design project a big hit!

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