15 Best Portfolio Website Builders in 2024 [Reviewed & Ranked]

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It is extremely important to set up a professional portfolio website nowadays. It will help you get your name out there, get new clients, increase trust and keep on improving your image.

That’s why we looked at some amazing portfolio builders and found the best website builders for your portfolio. Each with its features and price range.

List Of Best Portfolio Website Builders

What Website Builder Is Best For A Portfolio?

Each website builder here has been chosen because they specifically target portfolio website design, or they have specific templates/features to aid in creating an online portfolio.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose a website builder which suits your needs. Overall, each website builder needs to be easy to use and fantastic at showing off your work as quickly as possible. We need to also consider other important topics like SEO, storage, domain name costs, and creative opportunities.

1. Squarespace

One of the best website builders for your portfolio

Price: Starting at $10
Ideal for: getting a professional looking portfolio fast.

Squarespace has award-winning designs and templates to choose from, and their website builder is one of the best going. You can create amazing websites that work on any screen size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility with mobile devices.

It has its webpage and tour of its portfolio website builder, so you know they have the focus and features you will need. When it comes to templates, you have hundreds to choose from, and they are all high-end.

Here’s a list of great portfolio templates for Squarespace if you want to see what you can create with a couple of clicks.

Also, check out these amazing Squarespace website examples to see what Squarespace is capable of.

The portfolio website templates come with an array of other features like a blog, about page, and contact forms. You also get built-in SEO features and tools to help you rank your site better with search engines.

Don’t confuse Squarespace builder with Squarespace. Check out our article on Square vs Squarespace and learn the difference.

2. Pixpa

Pixpa - An All-in-one Portfolio Builder

Price: Starting at $7
Ideal for: building a professional website with online store, blog and client galleries

Pixpa’s is a complete builder that comes with everything you need to create a quality website.

It’s specially a great website builder for creatives and photographers. It makes it super easy for them to create professional and good-looking websites without needing to write a single line of code.

It provides galleries, a built-in eCommerce store, blogging features, a SEO manager, marketing tools, announcements bars, templates and much more. With Pixpa, creating a portfolio to showcase your work or growing your online business by selling your own products its easy and quick.

Pixpa provides a 15-days trial that includes all its features, so you can give it a try right now!

What I like about Pixpa is that their templates look quite modern. They are fully-responsible and you can customise them through their drag and drop visual interface.

There’s nothing you’ll miss on Pixpa, and it comes with 24/7 support, which is very much appreciated.

Appart from that, you won’t have to worry about bandwidth, secure URLs with SSL or any other technicalities. Pixpa covers them all.

3. Wix

Wix - Simple and easy to use a website builder to create a portfolio

Price: Starting at $3.50
Ideal for: fully customizing your website design and getting tons of integrations.

Showcase your work with a Wix website. You can create a unique portfolio and take advantage of the hundreds of templates you can use to get started.

A portfolio website builder should be easy to use and flexible, the Wix website builder is just that, described as very intuitive, you’ll be able to create something without much coding knowledge. Wix is very affordable, but you still get access to some critical features.

There is great support for SEO tools, and you can even add a blog with a few clicks, you also get access to a huge app library, so you can use additional features and work with third-party services.

4. Elementor

Elementor, one of the best website builders for your portfolio

Price: Starting at $49/year
Ideal for: those looking for a quality WordPress editor with plenty of features and third-party components.

If you are using WordPress, you’ve probably heard of Elementor builder.

Elementor is probably the most popular builder for WordPress and it’s used by more than 7% of the world’s websites.

If you are familiar with WordPress and are looking for a complete builder, Elementor can be ideal to create your portfolio website as it won’t require you to write a single line of code.

Elementor also comes with some ready-to-use page blocks so you don’t have to start your page from scratch. Beautifully designed, fully responsive, and with additional website elements and kits.

5. Weebly

Weebly - A Top Website Builder To Create Your Portfolio

Price: Starting at $4
Ideal for: those wanting a fast website, an easy-to-use editor, and themes.

Weebly is well-known for being quick and easy to set up a website, their website builder is very user-friendly, and you can build something without any coding knowledge.

If you select a paid plan, you get access to built-in site analytics, all the themes are fully-customizable, and they are fully mobile compatible. One of the reasons Weebly is one of the best portfolio website builders is because it handles a lot of the technical side for you.

If you are looking for an initiative portfolio website builder, with a helping hand in all the technical things, Weebly is definitely for you.

If you want to see what Weebly is capable of, check out these great Weebly Website Examples

6. Carrd

Carrd - An Extremely Simple And Fast To Learn Website Builder

Price: Free to start with
Ideal for: building simple websites super fast.

The Carrd platform is an amazing builder that you can use for free, it does also have a premium plan, but you can do so much on the free version. It is focused on one-page designs, which is more than enough for most portfolio websites.

You can add more pages at an additional cost, but the website builder is extremely easy to use and no coding is required. Everything is fully customizable and you can even add your contact forms and widgets.

What makes Carrd stand out from the rest is its simplicity. It’s super easy to get around it as it has a much-reduced number of options and features.

Check out these amazing Carrd templates if you want to build your portfolio as fast as possible. And if you need some inspiration or want to see what Carrd is capable of, check out these beautiful Carrd websites and ideas.

7. Cargo

Cargo - A Top Site Builder For Portfolios

Price: Starting at $8.25
Ideal for: artists who want to create their modern website.

A site builder that is a bit different. You can build your site completely free, and you are only charged when the site goes live. Each element can be tweaked through its selection of different themes.

Most of the templates are focused on being bold, eye-catching, and in your face, so while this kind of design might not be for everyone, it certainly makes a statement.

Cargo also offers great tooling for animations, fancy text, and cool effects to add to your site. If you are looking to build an outgoing portfolio, then this is one of the best portfolio website builders for that.

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy - A Great Website Builder for Your Portfolio Page

Price: Starting at $6.99
Ideal for: those wanting an easy-to-use website builder with additional tools.

GoDaddy is a well-known name across the world, and they have built their website builder to help people get started quickly and launch a website. The website builder itself has this feature called ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which helps people get started quickly with a unique design.

With the powerful ADI feature, your unique template comes out looking amazing, and you usually don’t have to make any changes if you are happy with it. Definitely one of the fastest website builders out there.

They also have their tools for SEO, marketing, and logo design. So you get a complete package when you are ready to launch your website. The marketing features make GoDaddy one of the best portfolio website builders out there.

9. Zyro

Zyro - An Great Alternative Website Builder For Your Portfolio

Price: Starting at $8.99
Ideal for: people wanting a fast and responsive loading time with a super simple editor and templates.

Like many other portfolio website builders, this one has some cool AI tools included, they can help you generate a template and get started much quicker. This website builder focuses on the grid layout, making it ideal for beginners.

You can use the included templates that are modern and eye-catching, all the templates are professional and easy to adapt. But you can always build a website from scratch with their drag-n-drop builder.

Again, this portfolio website builder has built-in tools for SEO and marketing, helping you launch your Portillo and get ranked higher on Google.

10. Fabrik

Fabrik - One of the best portfolio website builders

Price: Starting at $9
Ideal for: those wanting a simple website editor with strong themes and few options for customization.

This one is interesting because it focuses purely on creative types and portfolio websites. So, if you want a bespoke solution and a portfolio website builder, this one is for you.

Filmmakers, artists and photographers, and designers rely on this website builder to create the amazing portfolios that they share. You can select your creative type and then the builder will focus on that category while you build your site.

You get full control over the themes, you can choose different layouts and there is even a blogging feature. It also handles other features for you like SSL, media storage, and CDN hosting.

11. Jimdo

Jimdo - A Unique Website Builder With Portfolio Templates

Price: Starting at $9
Ideal for: those wanting a simple website portfolio at an affordable price.

With its artificial intelligence portfolio website builder, you can create a website quickly and with a unique style. Jimdo is great because they have their focused portfolio templates that you can also use.

The website builder itself has a special mobile editor, giving you the ability to test your design on any size screen within their builder, so you can be sure it looks great no matter the device.

Also, Jimdo has great tools for SEO to get you started, and it also integrates with social media platforms very well.

12. Viewbook

Viewbook - A Photography Portfolio Website Builder

Price: Starting at $16
Ideal for: photographers wanting to create an online presence with their portfolio website.

Another super bespoke portfolio website builder now, this one is purely focused on being the best portfolio website builder for photography creatives.

Choose from loads of clean and uncluttered templates, great for a photography portfolio. They have different layouts that you can choose, all focused on photos and comes with amazing galleries and formats to make the viewing experience the best for users.

Easily control things like padding, columns, and overlay when displaying photos inside a theme. The website builder has custom options just for images. There is even a store eCommerce feature, so you can sell pictures from the site.

If you are a photographer you have to check our article on the best website builders for photographers.

13. Portfolio Box

Portfolio Box Web Builder

Price: Starting at $3.50
Best for: If you are looking for a specific website builder only focused on portfolios

A unique website builder only focused on online portfolios for creative people. They provide you with all the tools a professional needs to get their work out there online.

The website builder is focused on photographers, designers, artists, and illustrators. Everything is customizable and unique, you are not restricted to a standard theme or template, there are lots of design options and freedom in the website builder.

This is one of the best website builders for portfolios, having a unique builder means they understand your requirements much more than a generic builder.

This builder has features such as galleries, eCommerce tools, password-protected pages, client feedback tools, and image watermark tools. You can even create your blog posts too.

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14. Site123

Site123 Website Builder

Price: Starting at $12.80
Best for: To create a simple and fast portfolio

Pick from the beautiful custom website templates just for portfolios. You can create your online portfolio for free with Site123 – You can easily upload the work you want to display and choose a template and get it live.

There are specific portfolio tools like exhibition listings, galleries that can show both images and videos, numerous layouts for writing content, and pages for collecting user feedback.

You can even sell your work online with Site123, they have the tools to create an eCommerce store. Each template and design is optimized for SEO, helping you reach more users without needing the knowledge. They also have 24/7 live support if you get stuck or have any questions.

15. Format

Format Website Builder

Price: Starting at $7
Best for: Focused on photography portfolios

Format is one of the best portfolio website builders for portfolios focused on photography. It boasts a professional look and feel, 10 years of experience, and helps clients get their work online across 190 countries.

If you are a photographer don’t miss this article with the Top 10 Website Builders for Photographers

There are built-in proofing tools for any sort of digital art, this includes photo editing, illustrations, and graphic design work. You can also the Format builder to also set up an online store to sell digital content.

The templates offered are modern and sleek, designed to make your photos or digital art stand out and look amazing. One of the best website builders for portfolios in terms of the photography world.

Can I Make A Free Portfolio Website?

Yes. You can use website builders like Carrd and Cargo to build a free portfolio website. They have restrictions, but if you just want to get started quickly and launch a site using basic features and pages, you can do so. Some portfolio website builders even allow you to build a site for free and only pay when it goes live.

Is Wix Good For Portfolio?

Yes, Wix is an amazing platform for building simple websites. It has hundreds of professional templates to get you started and the builder is easy to use and very flexible. Some templates are also specially designed just for a portfolio website, and their SEO and marketing tools are great to expand your reach.

It gives you total control over the design and allows you to use a different design for small screen devices.

It comes with its own app market and includes advanced features such as web forms, eCommerce, booking features, blog, music player, events management, galleries, and restaurant menu ordering features, etc.

Is WordPress Good For Portfolios?

Yes, WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world and there are thousands of available themes/templates specific to portfolio websites you can choose. The number of plugins is endless and there is always free and professional support available.

While WordPress is free, you need to consider website hosting, domain name costs, and the CDN that you will use to distribute your content globally. Overall, WordPress is great for freelancers and web designers looking to showcase their work and services.

Which Website Builder Is Best For Portfolio?

The best website builder for your portfolio is the one that best adapts to your needs. You will find one better than another based on the kind of portfolio you want to create (for photography, e-commerce, curriculums…), the features you need, and how you prefer to manage it.

You will have to choose between niche-specific website builders and more broad ones. Between builders including e-commerce features and those who don’t.

If you are a photographer or digital art content creator, then you might be more pulled towards using the Format website builder. It has specific templates designed for photos and digital art.

However, if you are more of a physical maker, you may wish to use Squarespace as their website builder has more advanced tools for creating an eCommerce platform and handling payments.

If you want to install third-party plugins or have a ton more features, perhaps using WordPress with Elementor can be the way to go.

Then there are the more simple and fast portfolio builders like Site123 and Carrd, they can be used to create something quick and get yourself out there. You can always choose to grow, later on, it is more important to have an online presence first.

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