Is a Macbook Worth It? [Read This Before Buying One]

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Besides Apple lovers, MacBooks are among the top desired computers for students, writers, and photographers. They prefer Macs for their user-friendliness and performance. However, we all know that MacBooks aren’t exactly budget-friendly… So, is a MacBook worth it? 

Keep reading to discover if investing in a MacBook is worth it and the advantages of owning one. You’ll also learn if a refurbished MacBook is worth it. Let’s dive in!

Is a MacBook Worth It

How Much Is a MacBook?

A MacBook Pro costs from $1,599 to $133.25 a month for 12 monthly installments. A MacBook Air costs anywhere from $999 to $83.25 in monthly installments for 12 months. However, there are different types of MacBooks with varying specifications and prices.

Here are some tables that show the prices of MacBooks according to the model:

MacBook Pro Prices

Here are the MacBook Pro prices for the latest M3 chips: 

MacBook Pro ModelPrice
14-inchM3From $1,599
M3 ProFrom $1,999
M3 Max$3,199
16-inchM3 ProFrom $2,499
M3 MaxFrom $3,499 

MacBook Air Prices

Here are the MacBook Air prices for M1 and M2 chips:

MacBook Air ModelPrice
13-inchM1 chip$999
M2 chip$1,099
15-inchM2 chip$1,299

Important! The price might vary according to the outlet you choose to purchase from. 

Is a MacBook Worth It?

Yes, a MacBook is worth it because of its efficient performance. Apple designed them to maximize CPU performance and have fast processing speeds. MacBooks also have quality hardware with carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, making them lighter and more durable. 

MacBooks are ideal for users who often work on tasks that demand a lot of processing power. These devices have high-end, powerful components.

A MacBook is worth it despite the high price if you want a reliable computer that won’t crash when burdened with background operations.

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Is a MacBook Worth It For College Students?

MacBook Is Worth It For Students

Yes, a MacBook is worth it for college students due to its long battery life and portability brought by its premium lightweight design. It features a quiet keyboard, so students can type anywhere without causing distractions.

Apple also offers special pricing for college students, making it affordable.

MacBooks have great ergonomics designed to reduce strain and fatigue after extended use, which is common among students. Don’t forget MacBooks are more secure than other PCs when it comes to viruses and cybercriminals. 

For example, the MacBook Pro is worth it for students because most Pro versions come with an Apple T2 security chip. This is an Intel processor, which gives your data extra security. 

If you bought a secondhand MacBook but the seller did not remove its old admin account or gave you the password, there’s a way to delete admin user on Mac without a password.

Advantages of a MacBook

Here are the main advantages of a MacBook:

  • Quality Display.
    MacBooks have quality displays designed to be radiant, colorful, and easy on the eye. Some models feature a widescreen and Retina display with a 2560×1600 resolution and a higher pixel density. 

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  • Connection to Apple Ecosystem.
    Apple devices are connected to an ecosystem. You can sync your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and HomePod to your MacBook. This makes it easy to do things on your MacBook from other devices.
  • Reliable OS.
    MacBooks run on macOS, which has unique features and is user-friendly. Also, Apple provides regular OS updates, ensuring your machine runs smoothly. 
  • Long-Lasting Battery.
    Unlike other computers, a MacBook’s battery life can last more than 15 hours, depending on how you use it. It also features fast charging. 

    Advantage of a Macbook - Long Lasting Battery
  • Easy to Set Up.
    With an Apple ID, you can sign in to your iCloud on your MacBook. All the information on your other Apple devices will automatically reflect in your MacBook. Also, thanks to migration assistance, you can quickly transfer data from your old MacBook or PC to a new device.
  • Prompt Customer Support.
     Apple has timely customer support both in-store and online. There are also numerous resources readily available. 
  • High Re-sale Value.
    Apple is a renowned and well-sought-after brand. MacBooks hold their value better than other laptops, so you can resell them at a reasonable price. For example, a used MacBook Air is worth up to $570 in trade-in value at Apple. 

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Disadvantages of a MacBook

Despite its advantages, here are some disadvantages of a MacBook:

  • Price.
    MacBooks are pricey compared to other laptops. This can be a huge drawback for anyone on a tight budget. 
  • Limited Upgrades.
    The memory and processor are on a single circuit board in a MacBook. Hence, there aren’t any upgrade options. You may have to buy a new laptop if you want an upgrade. 
  • Little Storage.
    MacBooks have a relatively smaller storage compared to Windows. The base MacBook models have a standard storage of  256 GB SSD. To get more storage, for instance, 2 TB, you may have to part with much more money. 
  • Poor Webcam Quality.
     A MacBook Air webcam offers 720p resolution, which is relatively low compared to its price. If you want a better webcam, you’ll have to get a Macbook Pro. Its camera offers 1080p resolution.

What Is the Difference Between a MacBook And a Normal Laptop?

Differences Between MacBooks and Normal Laptops

The difference between a MacBook and a normal laptop is mainly the design and the price. MacBook also differs from its counterparts in terms of operating system, software, and performance. User satisfaction is another area where MacBooks differ from Windows computers.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these differences: 

  • Design.
    MacBooks have a sleek, modern design to maximize usability. Standard laptops have numerous designs, but they don’t match the quality outlook of a MacBook. For example, gaming laptops are always bulky, and portable ones don’t look attractive.
  • Price.
    As mentioned earlier, MacBooks are expensive compared to PCs. The price difference stems from construction materials, preloaded software, and the brand recognition people get when using MacBooks. 
  • Operating System.
    MacBooks run on macOS, which is part of the Apple ecosystem. Regular laptops run on Windows, which Microsoft developed. 
  • Performance.
    MacBooks have a higher performance thanks to the M1, M2, and M3 chips available in the latest devices. They also have ARM processors, increasing computing power by up to 3.5. Other laptops use Intel processors, which are generally less powerful. 
  • Software.
    Regular laptops use Windows software, which is highly versatile, has broader use, and can accommodate more apps than those available on macOS.
  • User Satisfaction.
    Despite normal laptops being affordable and having a variety of specs, MacBooks offer higher user satisfaction due to their intricate design.

How Long Will a MacBook Last?

A MacBook will last 3-10 years, depending on the model and usage. For example, a MacBook Air can last up to 7 years, while a MacBook Pro can reach 10 years. If you’re using your laptop for heavy use, like compiling intensive work reports, your MacBook can last 5-6 years. 

Strenuous tasks mean you’re likely to charge your battery more, which reduces its lifespan. A MacBook battery has around 500 charge cycles before it starts wearing out.

A charge cycle is the number of times a battery can use its power before fully recharging. However, with lighter use like writing, a MacBook should last upwards of 7 years. Check the tips on Apple’s website to expand the lifespan of your Macbook battery.

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Is a Refurbished Macbook Worth It?

Refurbished MacBooks Are Worth It

Yes, a refurbished MacBook is worth it. They are as good as new, so it’s like getting a new model for a lower price. Apple has strict quality control for pre-owned MacBooks. It conducts extensive quality checks and tests and fixes any faults before reselling refurbished MacBooks. 

Nevertheless, some pre-owned models were not used by other people. When a MacBook is used as a display model in a store, it is sold as refurbished. Also, refurbished Macs have the same warranty period as new ones. 

However, some third-party sellers may sell old laptops with shady repairs as refurbished Macs. Therefore, it is best to get refurbished MacBooks directly from Apple

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A MacBook Is Definitely Worth It

Despite how much a Macbook is worth, spending extra to get a Mac instead of a normal laptop is a good investment. MacBooks have a superior OS, are faster, and last longer. They also have a sleek design and a long battery life, which is a huge advantage for students. 

If you want to spend less when getting a MacBook, consider a refurbished one since you get the same quality at a lower price. Plus, with a MacBook, anyone owning an Apple device will have an ecosystem of their data. 

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