Space Gray vs Silver Macbook [Which Color Is Better?]

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If you’re looking for a new MacBook, you’re probably wondering which color to get. Space gray or silver MacBook? Before deciding which color to choose, it’s important to discover the differences between the MacBook model you’re eyeing.

Space gray vs Silver MacBook

So, what are the differences between the space gray and the silver MacBook? Read on to discover which MacBook color damages easily and which has a better resale value.  

Before deciding which color you’re going to get, you might want to discover the reasons why a MacBook is worth it first!

Space Gray vs. Silver MacBook

We’ll compare Apple space gray and silver MacBook 15” Air with M2 chip for this comparison. 

Here’s a comprehensive look at the differences between space gray and silver MacBook:

1. Color and Finish Contrast

Space Gray’s and Silver MacBook Color and Contrast

Space Gray MacBook

The space gray Mac is similar to the titanium color, giving your device a sophisticated but professional appearance. Its black keyboard and faintly dark trackpad have a low contrast, so the space gray’s matte finish is less reflective in bright places like a park. 

Silver MacBook

The silver MacBook has a polished metallic finish, helping it achieve its timeless features. Unlike the space gray Mac, the slightly brighter trackpads and keyboard are highly contrasted.

Due to its metallic finish, the space gray MacBook can be a little reflective in brighter environments. 

2. Fading Problem

Space Gray MacBook

When it comes to color deterioration, the Space Gray is more prompt to show some kind of “fading” over time depending on how you use it.

If you are typing recurrently with your hands over the keyboard for prolonged periods of time, chances are you’ll end up getting some of this so-called “fading.”

Silver Gray MacBook

The Silver version, due to being more light, won’t show this fading, or at least it won’t be so obvious to the eye.

3. Fingerprints

In the past, some people complained that the Macbook Spay Gray was a “magnet for fingerprints,” ruining the laptop’s appearance.

This is no longer the case, or at least not that obvious, on the latest Macbooks released in 2023.

4. Damage Visibility

Space Gray MacBook

The space gray MacBook’s durability is impressive. However, it can show damage easily because it is an applied color, meaning Apple used dye to achieve its color. Severe damages, like scratches or wear and tear, reveal the natural silver shade underneath, especially around the ports. 

Nonetheless, the space gray MacBook color can conveniently hide minor scratches, smudges, or hand prints.  

Silver MacBook

The silver MacBook’s damage visibility is lower due to its natural metallic finish. Therefore, it conveniently hides stains like thumb marks and minor damages like scratches. 

Silver MacBooks don’t have dye, unlike space gray, so their color won’t wear off.

5. Resale Value Difference

Space Gray’s and Silver MacBook Price and Resale

Space Gray MacBook

The space gray MacBook easily shows damages, so its resale cost is relatively lower over time because scratches and dents are easily visible on its surface. 

Silver MacBook

This variety has a better resale value than the space gray MacBook due to its aesthetic appeal. Its silver color looks classy, so it never runs out of style.

Both the space gray and silver 13-inch MacBook Air with 8GB of unified memory and 256GB storage space cost $899. You can get them at Apple’s Official Store.

6. Performance and Specifications

Space Gray and Silver MacBook Specifications

The Macbooks in Space Gray and Silver Gray, offer the exact same specifications.

Just make sure to double-check this if you purchase the laptop from an external third-party reseller or website instead of from the Apple website.

Sometimes, third-party websites sell only certain models in some colors and not others. This means you might find the space grey color with different specifications than the silver version on that specific website.

Is Silver MacBook Better than Space Gray MacBook?

Yes, the silver MacBook is better than the space-gray Mac because its metallic shade hides minor damage better. The silver MacBook is the best choice if you’re looking for a durable and great-resale value MacBook.

Still, choosing between Apple’s space gray and silver MacBook depends on your color preference. The space gray device is excellent if you want a modern appearance, while the silver is perfect for users looking for a classic-looking MacBook. 

Space Gray & Silver MacBook: The Choice Is Yours!

Silver MacBook and space gray Pro and Air’s damage visibility are among their most notable differences. The silver MacBook hides damages like scratches better than the space gray ones.

Nonetheless, Apple space gray and silver MacBooks serve their intended purpose through their similarly built design and performance features. The gray is great for lit environments, where the silver Mac can be reflective.

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