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Roblox Avatars are essentially a user’s appearance in the Robloxian world. Each user tailors their avatar to fit their personal preferences. Thus, the never-ending stream of different Roblox avatar styles.

Cataloging all Roblox avatar styles in an article is practically impossible. There are millions of Roblox users and thus, a ginormous amount of combinations and styles is possible.

Roblox avatar style

In this article, we have identified 14 different avatar styles. These styles are representative of the most popular Roblox avatar style trends.

Let’s get started!

1. Classic Roblox Avatar Style

Classic roblox avatar Style

Classic Roblox avatar styles are reminiscent of the first kinds of avatars that existed on Roblox. They have a square-like appearance, rectangular arms and legs, and cylindrical head shape.

Many users prefer the classic style despite a new avatar form, Rthro. This is because of the wealth of clothing and custom accessories available to them.

Users have made several iterations of this style. In an earlier piece, we took a look at 21 classic avatar styles and how to create your own custom classic style. Check it out!

By the way, if you miss the old times, we made a list of some old Roblox games that you’ll love.

3. Retro / Vintage

Retro or Vintage Roblox Avatar Style

Retro/Vintage style has always been about reintroducing old trends and styles in modern times.

It is the same on Roblox. Retro/Vintage Roblox avatar styles take inspiration from old fashion trends and use vintage outfits to create unique appearances.

Retro-style Roblox avatars are associated with male characters. However, female characters also use avatars. Female retro-style avatars add extra accessories like hats and beanies.

3. Slenders And Copy & Paste (CNPs)

Slender and Copy Paste Roblox Style

Slender and Copy and Pastes (CNPs) are popular avatar styles. They use the R15 body forms and scale them to the maximum form possible. The result is a tall and lanky body.

The name slender comes from the similar looks of the avatar to the Slender Man movie.

Learn more about the Slenders and Copy and Paste style(CNPs) for Roblox avatars.

Slenders and Copy and Pastes use multiple hair forms to achieve the particular rough hairstyle associated with them.

They also have sinister or stitched faces. In addition to these basic features, there are so many additional accessories that are combined in various ways by different users.

2. Emo Style

Emo Roblox Avatar Style

Emo Avatars are the black and edgy characters you find in the Robloxian world. They are often confused with slenders but they are extremely different.

They have simple hairstyles and wear clothing and accessories that are predominantly black.

The emo avatar style is reminiscent of the emo subculture that started in the 80s. The style picks are also influenced by modern trends like grunge and goth.

4. Bloxburg Moms

Bloxburg Moms Roblox Avatar Style

Bloxburg moms get their name from the popular Roblox game, Bloxburg. Users with this avatar style are often playing this game.

The style is described as simple and aesthetic. Their outfits consist of pastel clothing items. They use a default face and a squiggle mouth to complete their look.

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5. Kawaii Avatar

Kawaii Avatar Style Roblox

Cool guys and gals in the Robloxian world use kawaii avatars. The kawaii Roblox avatar style uses cool pastel colors and simple outfits. Pink and white are the typical colors of the style. A single color dominates the appearance.

Kawaii avatars only use a few accessories. The common accessory used is usually a hair embellishment and its color matches the outfits.

6. 2017 Style

2017 Style Roblox Avatar

The name says it all for this Roblox avatar style. 2017-style Roblox avatars have the look of the players from 2017.

Their outfits are reminiscent of the trendy Adidas clothing that year. They combine this outfit with salad hairstyles and an error face.

7. Softies

Softie Roblox Avatar Style

Softies are offshoots of the Bloxburg mom avatar style. Players with avatars are found playing Bloxburg. They are also found in royale high games too.

Softies avatars add the aesthetics of the kawaii style to their Bloxburg roots. They use cool and warm colors with fewer accessories to keep a simple and cute look. Buns, ponytails, and waves are common hairstyles

8. Preppy

Preppy Roblox Avatar Style

Preppy avatars are usually donned by female characters. They are another set of offshoots of the Bloxburg Moms avatar style.

Their looks are quite similar because they retained the aesthetic and simple outfit choices. They wear pink outfits with cowgirl hats and fluffy earrings.

Preppy avatars also take inspiration from the preppy aesthetic subculture in America associated with clothing brands like KJP, Lilly Pulitzer, and Lacoste. The influence is seen in their choice of outfits. Preppy avatars often wear shirts and pants with little accessories.

9. Trolls

Trolls Roblox Avatar Style

Trolls is a term that refers to players or users with obnoxious behaviors on online platforms. In Roblox, these kinds of users are usually associated with a kind of avatar style.

Their outfits have strange combinations of different accessories and clothing items.

Troll Roblox avatars are often a combination of different Roblox avatar styles. However, they exaggerate the features and use more accessories than necessary. This complements their rude and trolling behaviors.

10. Cosplay Style

Cosplay Different Roblox Avatar Style

You have probably seen the Harry Styles Roblox avatar. That’s an example of a cosplay avatar. Cosplay Roblox avatars try to imitate characters in movies, fiction books, anime, and even real-life celebrities.

Cosplay avatars are often combined with different avatar styles to achieve unique looks. You might see a cosplay of Naruto with an emo ring to it. It all depends on the creativity of the player.

11. Ro-Gangsters

Ro-gangsters Roblox Avatar Style

Ro-gangsters avatar styles are used by players who play games like “Da Hood” and “Meepcity ”.

These users try to replicate the gangster-like behaviors of the real world in the Robloxian world. Their outfits and appearances are one of the ways they do that.

They wear gang colors to show allegiance to their gangs. Typical ro-gangsters Roblox avatars have headbands and masks, (surgeon’s masks) as part of their outfits. Spiky hair and royal blood beanie are also popular features of their appearance.

Do you know you can wear multiple hair styles at the same time? Check out how to do that on Roblox Mobile here.

12. Bacons / Noobs

Bacon Roblox Avatar Style

‘Bacon’ or ‘Noob’ is Robloxian slang for newbies or amateurs. And as such, the terms are also used to refer to avatar styles particular to new users or players.

Because the users are new and unaware of how to customize their avatars, they usually have the default avatar style.

Bacon/Noob Roblox avatars have green pants and bright-colored clothing on their torsos. Their arms and heads are also colored either yellow, pinkish, or light brown.

14. Goblin Roblox Avatar

Goblin Different Roblox Avatar Style

These kinds of avatars try to replicate the ‘goblin’ look. Their body color is green and their outfits are either black or dull colors. They might be associated with a gang, and their outfit will reflect that.

Most goblin Roblox avatars are easily identified by their pointed and long ears. They often pair this with bulging eyes and make them look scary and sinister.

Make Your Roblox Avatar Truly Yours

There are lots of different Roblox avatar styles, we cannot possibly discuss every single one in a piece. We have, however, chosen some of the best you can find in this article, and we’re confident you’ll find one you like.

But nonetheless, if you would rather customize something different, you can always use them as inspiration to design your Avatar of choice.

There are so many free and paid clothing and accessories to customize your avatar look as you want it. Be inspired by the list in the article and create your own style!

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