21 Classic Roblox Avatars Outfits [You’ll Love to Use]

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Just like any successful game, software, or technology, there is always room for improvement and evolution, and that is exactly what happened in the world of Roblox. Roblox avatars have gone through stages of development and ultimately have evolved from classic Roblox avatars to Rthro avatars.

In this article, we will take you back and introduce you to some of the Roblox classic avatars that are bound to add a certain charm to your game and elevate the entire gaming experience for you.

What Is A Classic Roblox Avatar?

Classic Roblox Avatars

A classic Roblox avatar is the oldest and first kind of avatar that existed when the game first came out back in 2006. Roblox classic avatars have a square-like appearance. They use rectangles for arms and legs, a square for a chest, and a small cylindrical shape for the head.

The best thing about Roblox classic avatars is that it is nostalgic for the users and players that have been around since the start.

Many of the Roblox players prefer the classic avatars over Rthro because of their size, proportion, and the clothing they have to offer.

Although there are options for you to choose your kind of avatar, Roblox is set to introduce a completely new kind of avatar.

An avatar that can be entirely customized from the shape and size to the proportion of the avatar.

Discover what are all the Roblox avatar styles out there.

21 Good Classic Roblox Avatars

1. Simple Cap Guy

Classic Roblox Avatars - Simple Cap Guy

The first on the list of good classic Roblox avatars have to be the Simple Cap Guy. This is the most basic Roblox avatar with a simple grey top, blue denim, and a black baseball hat.

If you are a fan of keeping the original classic form of your Roblox avatar, this is the right option. The simplicity of the avatar is what makes it appealing and desirable.

2. Red Top Classic Avatar

Classic Roblox Avatars - Red Top Avatar

The Red Top Avatar is another classic Roblox avatar that has retained the original look and played around with the clothes and accessories to bring out character.

This avatar has a simple enough wardrobe with black pants, a red jersey, and a red and white hat, making it look like an athlete or a very dedicated fan of football.

3. Pumpkin Face & Sword

Roblox Classic Avatars - Pumpkin Face & Sword

The Pumpkin Face & Sword avatar is something different from the other two.

It has the same original Roblox classic avatar body, but instead of the oblong head, it has a fiery pumpkin holding a sword in one hand.

4. Explosive T-shirt Avatar With Green Cap

Roblox Classic Avatars - Explosive T-shirt

This Roblox avatar gives off the energy and appearance of a typical college student. It has all the attributes of the original Roblox avatars with some basic clothes.

This avatar has on an explosive t-shirt with jeans and a green cap.

Learn how to find your favorite clothing on Roblox Mobile.

5. The Roblox Classic Spider-Man Avatar

Classic Avatars Roblox - Spider-Man

You didn’t get to be a Spider-Man in real life and are quite sad about it? Don’t worry because Roblox allows you to be a Spider-Man in the Roblox world with this good classic Roblox avatar.

6. Sad Classic Avatar

Good Classic Roblox Avatars - Sad

This Roblox avatar is equally funny and sad. With a completely monochromatic look, this classic avatar is called the Sad Avatar. This might have to do with the grey sweatshirt, black pants, beanie, and a very neutral facial expression.

7. Happy Koala Cap

Classic Avatars Roblox- Happy Koala Cap

While the sad avatar was devoid of color completely and had a somber expression, the Happy Koala Cap avatar has a fun, lively expression and a face full of color. This might have to do with the adorable and hilarious Koala cap on its head.

8. The Nurse

Good Classic Roblox Avatars - Nurse

This classic Roblox character is a pretty straightforward avatar with a full head of hair, a white nurse t-shirt, and black shorts. The Nurse avatar looks happy and ready to deal with any injuries in the 2D Roblox universe.

Check out how to wear more than one hair style on Roblox Mobile.

9. Classic Street Teenager

Classic Roblox Avatars - Street Teenager

The Street Teenager Roblox avatar does look like every teenager on the street with a yellow tank top, blue jeans, and a red baseball cap. It is simple, fun, and a good addition to any Roblox library.

10. Angry Explosive Teenager

Roblox Classic Avatars - Explosive Teenager

If you like the avatar with the explosive t-shirt, you will like this Angry Explosive Teenager avatar even more. This Roblox character has an explosive t-shirt and an explosive cap.

But the best thing about this avatar is that it is not just its clothes that are explosive here, but also his temper.

11. The YellowParty Avatar

Classic Roblox Avatars - Yellow Party

This classic avatar has to be one of the cutest avatars with the funkiest hat.

Even though the original form of the old avatar has been preserved, the hilarious yellow top hat makes the entire classic outfit great and turns it into a party outfit.

This is a must-have avatar in your collection for a fun night out.

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to a classic avatar, check out some other Avatars Ideas for Roblox

12. Comedy Guy with Roblox Hat

Classic Avatars Roblox - Comedy Guy

Using this avatar outfit, you don’t get one, but instead, two characters, one of which is a comedy guy.

This Roblox avatar has a comedy guy t-shirt, blue jeans, and a basic baseball cap that ties in the entire outfit!

13. Eiffel Tower Hat Guy

Classic Roblox Avatars - Eiffel Tower Hat

If you think you have seen it all in the Roblox world, you might be wrong. This hilarious Roblox avatar with an Eiffel Tower hat is unlike anything I’ve seen before!

It is hilarious and crazy at the same time and makes you admire other people’s creativity with these Roblox avatars!

14. The Classic Sorcerer

Good Classic Roblox Avatars - The Sorcerer

If you’re looking to create an army in your Roblox world, you cannot be without a Sorcerer avatar to guide you. This old classic Roblox avatar has a black base with a yellow top and a black sorcerer’s hat.

It will make an excellent addition to your avatar library in the Roblox universe.

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15. Big Bald Guy

Classic Roblox Avatars - Big Bald Guy

As the name suggests, Big Bald Guy is just a Roblox avatar of a big bald guy wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

This makes for a great avatar if you are in the mood to intimidate your enemies through your looks or stand in place for a bouncer somewhere. It is equal parts funny and impactful.

16. The Army Classic Roblox Avatar

Good Classic Roblox Avatars - Army Guy

An army avatar is a must in every game, and the Army guy avatar in the Roblox world is the best out of all.

With the full camouflage outfit, a black vest, sunglasses, and a black hat, this avatar exudes coolness and is a must-have in your Roblox collection!

17. Just Chilling

Classic Roblox Avatars - Just Chilling

This classic avatar might be the oldest form of Roblox avatars but it is in no way old-fashioned.

The entire outfit is extremely modern and the avatar gives off a ‘chill’ energy with a fanny pack, a sweatshirt, jeans, glasses, and a matching baseball hat.

18. Straw

Roblox Classic Avatars - Straw

Are you tired of looking at cool, put-together *old Roblox avatars

  • and are looking for something a bit more crazy and funky? This Straw hat avatar is just that.

With blue pants and an undershirt, a black embellished tank, and a funny cap with a huge straw on it, this avatar is ridiculous and yet hilarious.

19. Sword Fighter

Roblox Character Classic Avatar - Sword Fighter

This classic Roblox avatar has on a great sweatshirt with a matching beanie and blue jeans with a sword in its hand.

It is the perfect low-key fighting Roblox avatar that you need in your collection for a night of harmless dueling.

20. The Magician

Roblox Character Classic Avatar - The Magician

The magician is one of the coolest and weirdest classic Roblox avatars with a lava-themed outfit, a black and orange headpiece, and a creepy staff in hand.

This will make a great addition to your collection if you are into creepy avatars that are also borderline cool.

21. Dark Evil Pumpkin

Classic Roblox Avatars - Dark Evil Pumpkin

The Dark Evil Pumpkin avatar is a classic Roblox character in a black pinstripe suit and a black fiery pumpkin head with vampire-like canines.

It is creepy, cool, and scary and truly gives off evil corporate boss energy.

What Was the First Roblox Avatar?

First Roblox Avatar 2006

The first Roblox avatar (2006) had a square body with rectangular arms and round studs on its body parts with no moving limbs. These avatars came with a yellow head and arms, green legs, and a blue/grey/light blue torso which were further un-customizable.

The avatar with the blue torso, green legs, and yellow skin was named ‘noob’ and was one of the first avatars in the Roblox universe.

This color scheme was one of the 8 schemes Roblox players could use for their avatars in the early stage of this game.

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How to Reset Avatar in Roblox?

There might be many reasons for you to want to reset your avatar in Roblox. If you get stuck somewhere, here are the steps to follow to reset an avatar:

It is on the upper-left corner of the screen to open the menu

Reset Avatar Roblox - Step 1

Step 2. Click “Reset Character”

You can also hit the “R” key to reset the avatar.

Reset Avatar Roblox - Step 2

Step 3. Click On “Reset” On The Pop-Up Window

Reset Avatar Roblox - Step 3

Classic Roblox Avatars are still a thing!

If you have been playing Roblox for a long time and you aren’t a huge fan of the newer versions of the avatars, this list of some of the best classic Roblox avatars will be a treat for you to explore.

You can download these avatars into your avatar library and play along with your various fantasies with the help of an evil pumpkin, the guy with the sword, or even a party with the guy with the yellow hat!


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