What are Slenders and Copy and Paste in Roblox [ + Examples]

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Roblox is famous because it allows players and game makers to express themselves creatively. Slenders and copy and pastes (CNPs) are examples of ways this is playing out for Roblox users (or Robloxians, as they call themselves).

Roblox users often use avatars like this to identify themselves in the Roblox world. They even have their specific culture, outfit styles, and behaviors.

If that sounds new to you, read on to find out what Slenders and copy and pastes are in Roblox and how you can recognize them.

What are Slenders and Copy and Paste In Roblox?

Slenders And Copy And Paste In Roblox

‘Slenders’ and ‘Copy and paste’ are Roblox avatar styles with goth-like styles in Roblox. ‘Slenders’ are thin, taller, punk-styled Roblox avatars. They are usually male characters. ‘Copy and paste’ look like Slenders in that they have thin and tall bodies with an odd style. They are mostly female characters.

As we have said, slenders are predominantly male characters or avatars. Although, you might meet female Slenders from time to time. Copy and Paste (or CNPs) are on the other hand mostly female avatars.

Players with both kinds of avatars use the R15 character scaling tool to achieve that appearance. The R15 tool allows them to have 15 customizable parts which they can tweak to achieve the slender and copy-and-paste Roblox look.

Check out a great collection of classic Roblox avatars if you want to back to the old outfits!

15 Slender & Copy and Paste Common Accessories

These are the accessories that Copy And Paste and Slenders usually use in Roblox:

  1. Skull Faces
  2. Stitch face
  3. Sinister
  4. Drizzy
  5. It’s Go Time face
  6. Punk Hair
  7. Cool Boy Hair
  8. Clean Shiny Spikes
  9. Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
  10. Black Short-Parted Hair
  11. Botted clothing
  12. Korblox Deathspeaker Items
  13. Slender Mask
  14. Black Mask
  15. Horned Rim Glasses

15 Slender & Copy and Paste Names in Roblox

Here is a list of 10 common Roblox CPN and Slender usernames:

  1. 24k_Jxd3n
  2. BxEtt
  3. 49k_Tears
  4. @𝐒𝐥𝐧𝐝𝐫.𝐤𝐡𝐬
  5. ‏17kZyrex
  6. XxxbadvibessxxX
  7. ṨℓeͥŇdͣeͫr
  8. AngelSOSlender
  9. 10lyxn
  10. 27xYisus
  11. SkSABIRBoss
  12. CPN toxica
  13. C.P.N
  14. RC CPN✓YT
  15. Cpn A,,,,,,,k✓

Who Was the First Slender in Roblox?

Who Is First Slender In Roblox?

No one knows who created the first slender in Roblox. However, there are speculations that the players under the names of ‘3bwx’, ‘TheNarrowGate’, ‘KhandyParker’, and ‘SharkBlox’ individually began the trend of adopting slender avatars in Roblox.

Other names are being attributed to the feat but none has been officially known as the initiator of the slender avatar.

Why Slenders Are Called Slenders in Roblox?

Slenders in Roblox got their name from similar appearance to the fictional character, Slender Man. Like Slender Man, Slenders in Roblox are tall, thin, and mostly dressed in black themes. They also look creepy and act silly like the American horror film character.

Image of the fictional character of Slendarman

However, since Slenders appeared for the first time, they have evolved a lot and now they can differ a lot from the original Slender Man.

What is CNP Means in Roblox?

CNP stands for ‘Copy aNd Paste’. It is a Roblox slang used to describe female characters/avatars often associated with Slenders. They got the name as a result of their similar appearances.

CNPs are mostly indistinguishable as they usually have the same body, style of clothing, and hair.

How Many Slender Types Are There in Roblox?

Slender Types in Roblox

Slenders are the result of player customizations of Roblox characters. As a result, there are various types of slender avatars in the Roblox world.

The following are broad classifications that are based on generalized differences in the behavior and appearances of these avatars:

1. Typical

A typical slender follows the expected norm of the slender avatar: thin, tall, clad in black clothing. They are mean and trolling types.

2. Cool

These Slenders are actually normal Robloxians who dress up in slender outfits to look cool. Their clothing may have bright colors in place of the dark hues of the typical Slenders.

3. Friendly

Friendly Slenders are less constrained to the typical slender norms. Though they appear in typical slender style, they are friendly, warm, and philanthropic.

4. Toxic

Toxic Slenders are just like they are named; toxic. They spew toxic speech and take trolling to extremes.

There are different types of outfits for Slenders and copy and paste in Roblox. The following is a description of the seven common types of outfits you will see.

If you are worried about having too many outfits, check out how to delete Roblox outfits on mobile to get rid of some of them and clear your collection.

1. Kwes

Kwes Slender Boy Avatar for Roblox

Kwes is a cool slender. Its clothing has swatches that are unlike typical slenders.

It retains the spiky hairstyle and thin body frame typical of slenders. It adds a reading glass to give it a sleek appearance.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 1834

2. Lyn – Stylish CPN

Lyn Slender Avatar

Lyn’s avatar is a stylish CNP. With its colored hairstyle and samurai hat, it differentiates itself from the other CNPs.

The avatar also uses the headless head feature to conceal its face and make it strange.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 140

3. Emii- Typical Slender

Emii Slender Avatar for Roblox

Emii is a typical slender with lots of accessories to make a convincing statement on its appearance.

It adds steel spiky rods to the spiky hairstyle to make it dangerous and toxic.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 1660

4. Jose – Cool Slender

Jose Slender Roblox Avatar

Jose avatar is a cool slender. It adds a bright red jacket and matching shoes with jewelry to make a fashion statement.

It also uses other accessories (a black mask, necklace, and side chain) to complete the look.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 791

5. Grishamy – Cool Copy & Paste

Grishamy Slender Girl Roblox Avatar

Grishamy is a cool CNP with typical features; black clothing, rough hairstyles, thin and tall body frame. It adds a reading glass to differentiate it from the other CNPs.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 1838

6. mno779 – Slender Girl

Mno779 Slender Girl Avatar for Roblox

Mn779 avatar is a CNP with special features. It looks unlike a CNP but it has the thin and tall body frame associated with CNPs.

The color of its clothing (black) also fits a CNP description.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 407

7. Tormented

Tormented Slender Avatar

Tormented is a typical slender avatar. It is clad in a black jacket and pants with a sinister hairstyle.

Outfits like this are the defining characteristics of slenders in the Roblox world.

Outfit Requirements

Total Robux: 17518

Don’t stop here and play around with your avatars. There are plenty of great roblox avatar ideas out there that you can try!

How to Make a Slender Boy [Under 1000 Robux]

Making your slender avatar is quite an easy process. Roblox allows you to customize every part of your by just clicking and there are no special requirements.

Follow the procedure described below and make your first slender avatar!

Step 1: Navigate to the Avatar Editor

Click the Hamburger button on your Roblox homepage to reveal a menu. Click on Avatar to access the avatar editor.

Roblox Avatar Editor - Make Slender Boy

Step 2: Add the Avatar Parts

Add Accessories - Make Slender Boy Roblox

You can use the free defaults avatars parts to make a simple slender avatar. However, stylish slenders would require that you spend some Robux.

Here is a list of cheap accessories for your slender boy for 997 Robux:

Body and Face


General Outfit


Total Robux: 997

Step 3: Navigate to Your Profile To See The Changes

Click on the Hamburger Menu at the top left corner of the Roblox page, then, Profile.

Roblox profile page - Slender Boy

You see the new avatar you created showing as your new profile avatar. There you go! You have just created your first slender boy avatar.

Make your own slender and Copy and Paste Avatars

We have discussed all you need to know about Slenders and Copy and Paste, the latest trend in customizing avatars in Roblox.

We have also explained how you can make one for yourself.

Now, you log in to your Roblox account and make your slender and copy and paste avatars!

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