20 Best Squarespace Blog Templates in 2024 [Free & Premium]

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Starting an online website is a perfect way to show off your passions and abilities as a blogger. You will probably want to present your ideas online in the most beautiful way, and you can do so by using Squarespace blog templates.

There are many blog templates in Squarespace where you can find themes that align with your niche, style, or preferences. The good news is we have featured the best blog templates for Squarespace, some of which are free and others premium.

10 Free Blog Templates for Squarespace

1. Farro

Farro - One of the best Squarespace blog template

Price: Free
Best for: News sites, food bloggers, and anyone else who publishes a lot of content online.

Farro is one of the best free blog templates for Squarespace. It is customizable and has multiple striking options to help you highlight content and share it with your readers. Moreover, it is among the newest templates and has greater control than older templates.

2. Tudor – Squarespace Blog With Sidebar

Tudor - Blog Template For Squarespace With Sidebar

Price: Free
Best for: Review blogs

This blog template for Squarespace offers layout options like mosaic and grid. Moreover, when using the Tudor template, you can include an author bio in each blog post when using the Tudor template. Moreover, you can display thumbnail images beside each text for emphasis. This template was designed for all types of review blogs.

3. Harman Personal Blog

Harman - Personal blog template for Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for: Personal bloggers and features simple layouts.

It is user-friendly and easily navigable. You can customize it to suit your brand, style, or needs. It is free of charge and a great way to delve into the blogging world.

4. Rally

Rally - Life Style And Personal Blog Template

Price: Free
Best for: Lifestyle and personal blogs.

This is a great template for personal blogs. The bloggers can add sections to the rally template to add their content to groups. The template’s top double navigation has a built-in search function. A group of bloggers can easily publish new posts every day using this Squarespace template.

5. Souto

Souto - Minimalist Blog Theme For Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for:: Travelers, mental health, and yoga experts.

Souto template is one of the most simplest Squarespace templates. It has a calm and appealing layout with sections to group content. You can also display your thumbnails beside each blog article. If you are looking for a simple yet effective blog template on Squarespace, you should give this one a try.

6. Skye Squarespace Blog Template

Skye - A Beautiful Template For A Squarespace Blog

Price: Free
Best for: Travel and food blogs.

This is a great Squarespace blog template for sharing your traveling experiences or food recipes. Travel and food bloggers can utilize the full-screen design with grid-based content blocks to share their content. It also features blog post layouts that improve the user’s experience on the site.

Skye has a straightforward and exciting layout that arranges content into easy-to-digest articles, complete with thumbnails.

7. Amal – Free Squarespace Template

Amal - Free Squarespace Template For Your Blog

Price: Free
Best for: Lifestyle and travel blogs

Amal is a modern, compelling and clean Squarespace template for blogs. It is suitable for blogging niches like travel, lifestyle, Relationships, and Parenting. It is also perfect for writers who need a website to highlight and showcase their work. This template is free of charge, but it is also appealing and user-friendly.

8. Rivoli

Rivoli - A Stunning Squarespace Template For Bloggers

Price: Free
Best for: Food, travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogs.

Rivoli has large visuals, a clean design, and a big header that make it ideal for food, fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogs. It has five nice layouts to choose from, including side by side, masonry grid, basic grid, single column, and alternating side by side.

This template allows you to schedule, tag, and organize posts so they can be easily searchable. Moreover, you can save and draft your posts before publishing them.

You can also use the built-in photo-editing tools to make your images appear better. If you want to enhance your content, you can add video blocks or audio.

9. Pulaski Personal Blog Template

Pulaski - Simple Squarespace Template For Writers

Price: Free
Best for: Personal sites, online resumes, or portfolios.

It has generous whitespace and stylish topography. It displays well-arranged content and is best for publishing your CV or portfolio. It will highlight all of your work clearly and should be used if you want to showcase your work to employers.

10. Florence Hart

Hart - One of the best Squarespace Template For Blogging

Price: Free
Best for: Style, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers.

Hart is a versatile and simple Squarespace blog template. You can customize it to suit your brand needs and preferences. It is perfect for designers, style bloggers, and anyone who wants a stylish and image-focused CV template.

You can use the e-commerce tools for your floral designer shops, apparel shops, or any other online store. It has other tools you would need, such as a blog, a logbook page, social media links, and a contact form.

10 Premium Squarespace Blog Templates

1. Sweet Chic

Sweet Chic - Premium Squarespace Template For Bloggers

Price: $199 $99 (Retiring Sale!)
Best for: Lifestyle, food, personal content, and fashion.

As the name suggests, this Squarespace blog template can feature chic and sweet content. It is ideal for food, lifestyle, fashion, and personal blogs. It has designed pages like the Blog, Home, About, Contact, and category pages. It has an interesting layout and is very user-friendly.

2. Olivia May – Template For A Travel Blog

Olivia - One of the best squarespace templates for a travel blog

Price: 200
Best for: Lifestyle, travel, and fashion bloggers.

It has a very minimal design and can help you promote your content and grow your readers. Olivia has calls to action, email option forms, and a service page that will help you popularize your website content.

Olivia Squarespace template will help you represent the heart and soul of your blog. It will also position you ahead of your competitors and connect you with your audience and readers.

4. Sway

Sway - Top Squarespace Blog Template

Price: $297
Best for: Educators, businesses, and influencers.

Sway has been strategically designed and is suitable for bloggers, service providers, course creators, and influencers. It contains ten pre-built pages. It is modern yet minimal.

If you are looking for a neat and clean style to showcase your content to your readers, you should get Sway. It will keep your target audience coming back for more.

5. Ventura

Ventura - Paid Blog Template For Squarespace

Price: $197
Best for: Sports and artists.

Ventura is a very bold and fresh site design that can be used by coaches, creatives, artists, and more. It has playful layering and unique graphic elements and is ideal for creative businesses. The Ventura has a minimalist design and can accommodate images of your work.

6. Primrose

Primrose - One Of The Best Squarespace Blog Templates

Price: $197
Best for: Podcasters, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers.

If you want to have an entertaining and pretty blog, you should invest in the Primrose Squarespace template. It was strategically created and designed for influencers, bloggers, and podcast hosts. It has sharp contrasts of pink and black and contains doodles that are customizable.

Thus, if you want to add fun and personal touches to your blog, you can select the doodles that complement your content. This site is perfect for showing your personality and creating content such as personal experiences or opinions.

You can customize it by changing colors, images, fonts, and other layout elements to align it with your brand. If you want to make a strong business impression online, you should use Ventura.

7. Isabella

Isabella - Great Premium Squarespace Blog Template

Price: $147
Best for: Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and personal blog content.

Isabella is a beautiful and modern blog template that you can use to showcase your posts, collaborate with other brands or highlight your affiliate links.

As the name suggests, Isabella embodies a feminine and gorgeous theme that is customizable. It is suitable for DIY bloggers who want to stand out. It is user-friendly, responsive, and easily navigable.

8. Blair Austin

Blair Austin - Premium Squarespace Template For Your Blog

Price: $68
Best for: beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencers and bloggers.

It is a modern and beautiful Squarespace template that bloggers or influencers can use to showcase their content. It has sections that will enable you to group your content into different topics. It is very user-friendly and easily navigable.

8. Daily Encounter

Daily Encounter - The Perfect Squarespace 7.0 Template For Bloggers

Price: $299.0
Best for: Online content creators and bloggers.

This Squarespace template is perfect for displaying multiple categories on the homepage and monetizing the blog using affiliate links. It is perfect for posting multiple articles on a daily basis, is very engaging, and is very user-friendly. Thus, it will keep bringing readers back for more.

9. Day Dream – Premium Template

Day Dream - Beautiful Blog Template On Squarespace

Price: $295
Best for: Coaches, influencers, bloggers, and designers.

The first one of our best blog templates on Squarespace is Day Dream template. This blog template shows a strategically built blog that can feature collaborations, blog posts, and affiliate marketing. It is customizable, has interactive elements, and has a very colorful design.

10. Nusa – Squarespace 7.1

Nusa - Premium Blog Template For Squarespace 7.1

Price: $299
Best for: Travel, food, style, and fashion blogs.

This beautiful blog template built for Squarespace was designed for people with many stories to tell, such as travelers, foodies, DIYers, writers, and stylists, among others.

It has a very easy-to-read text, intuitive navigation, modern typography, and layout, which improves the imagery. It is aesthetics-focused and significantly improves creative content.

Is Squarespace Good For Blogs?

Yes, Squarespace is a great platform for posting your website content. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also has all the essential features to make your blog successful. It is also perfect for SEO optimization and will help your site rank higher in search engines. And Squarespace has many free and premium templates and themes for blogs.

You can customize and edit any template to align it with your website. In addition to all these benefits, you don’t need to install any plugins because the platform has very many features that you can use to customize your site.

Squarespace also has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule and post your articles consistently. For instance, if you like posting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, this feature will automatically publish your articles at the set date and time. So, all in all, Squarespace is definitely good for blogging.

Squarespace is not only great for blogs but also for standart websites. If you want to accompany your blog with a beautiful page, you can get inspired by the best Squarespace Websites Design Examples of 2022. Check them out!

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