If you are looking for a beautiful Webflow Slider you've come to the right place. We've curated a list with Webflow sliders examples to inspire you and Webflow clonables ready to use.

Using sliders or carousels is very common in websites nowadays and it has been for a long time for a good reason. They provide a way to show more in less space or even create pleasant and original navigation.

You can hate them, or love them, but the one thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they are here to stay.

Here's the list of the best Webflow sliders we've found for you:

1. fullPage

Clone Preview

With the most number of clones in our list, fullPage is with no doubt a top-quality component that will make your page truly unique. fullPage.js, unlike many other sliders, works by scrolling the whole page when using the mouse wheel, creating a beautiful yet subtle animation.

This component is much more than what it seems at a quick look. It comes with 50+ options to cover all your needs and provides extra extensions to add different effects or even more features.

With this popular clonable you'll be able to start using it with a single click!

Note you'll need to acquire a license for about $10.

2. full-width Slider

Clone Preview

If you are looking for a typical carousel for your Webflow page, this will do the job just fine. It doesn't support touch scrolling, but if that's not an issue for you this is a great clonable!

3. CMS Slider

Clone Preview

A simple full-width slider for your page. This slider works under the CMS system with a fixed number of slides. So if you are looking for a CMS slider for Webflow, this might be for you.

4. Slider Ken Burns

Clone Preview

As its own name indicates, the Ken Burns Slider will create a Ken Burns effect, which is a panning + zooming animation combined this time with a fading one.

5. Diagonal Webflow Slider

Clone Preview

If you are looking for a less conventional slider this one can be something you might be interested in. The diagonal slider can add a new touch to your site!

6. ZBRAH Slider

Clone Preview

This slider is among the most simple ones. It integrates with the CMS and uses pagination.

7. Architecture Webflow Slider

Clone Preview

A less conventional slider that your visitors will love. The slider effect will slide two pictures at a time, one bigger than the other.

8. Circular Webflow Slider

Clone Preview

Circular sliders are not something we see every day but, although not as common, this slider can definitely be a good fit for certain kinds of sites.

9. Slick Slider

Clone Preview

If you know Slick, then you know what this Webflow Slider is all about. Basically, it integrates the "Slick" component into Webflow to create a simple and basic carousel for your Webflow page.

It supports touch controls.

10. Multiple Slides

Clone Preview

A basic slider that will satisfy the most basic needs for any carousel. It supports responsive breakpoints and touch events (although these last not as good as others).

11. Refokus Slider

Clone Preview

Another great example of a nonconventional slider. It will for sure result in a different and more creative website, although probably not for everyone.

12. Multi-Slider Animation

Clone Preview

This Webflow slider will slide multiple images at the same time. Ideal for photographers and Webflow pages with lots of images. It provides a way to see more in less time.

13. Animated fragment slideshow

Clone Preview

This modern-looking slider splits images into multiple fragments creating a stunning effect. Ideal to impress your visitors!

Clone Preview

As the name indicates, this Webflow carousel uses the canvas element to create pretty amazing animations. It works by pinching and dragging the carousel.

Clone Preview

WebGL Sliders usually mean one thing: beautiful animations. And this case won't be different. The WebGL slider for Webflow provides multiple effects on each of the clonable demos and they are all quite impressive!

16. Our Planet Webflow Slider

Clone Preview

This slider will split the image into multiple parts and slide each of them at a slightly different time. This results in a different and original slide animation that can be interesting to apply to certain websites.