Airplay on Chromecast [Easy Steps & Apps to Use]

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AirPlay and Chromecast both cast audio, videos, and photos. AirPlay is a proprietary wireless feature for Apple devices, while Chromecast is a Google adapter. The two are on different spectrums, similar to iPhone and Android. So the question is: is it possible to use AirPlay on Chromecast? Are they compatible?

Keep reading to discover whether AirPlay works on Google Chromecast and which is better. Let’s dive into it!

How to AirPlay on Chromecast

Can You Use AirPlay on Chromecast?

Yes, you can use AirPlay on Chromecast, but not directly. You must use third-party mirroring apps as a workaround to simulate AirPlay on Google Chromecast. For the third-party app to work, you must connect both devices to the same WiFi network.

AirPlay is natively used for Apple devices such as iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple TV. Google Chromecast is compatible with Android, iOS, Macs, Smart TVs, and Google devices but not Apple TV. 

Chromecast is compatible with iOS using the Google Home App, but it is incompatible with the AirPlay feature.

How to Simulate AirPlay on Chromecast Using Mirroring Apps

Here, we’ll focus on three applications available on the App Store: Replica, DoCast, and iWebTV. 

Note! You don’t need a code to use AirPlay on Chromecast when using third-party apps. 

Here are the different methods to simulate AirPlay on Chromecast:

1. AirPlay on Chromecast With Replica

Replica is our first option for using AirPlay on Chromecast. It can cast both videos and photos. The free version of the app offers only 15 minutes of mirroring time and includes ads. It also reduces video quality and turns off sound. 

Price: Free (Standard) or $2.5/month (Premium)

Best For: Local phone videos and photos

Upgrade to a premium version to enjoy all the features. You can use Replica on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

Here are steps to screen mirror iPhone to Chromecast using Replica: 

  • Step 1. Download Replica from the App Store and allow permissions.
  • Step 2. Choose a premium plan or skip to use the free plan.

    You can use the free plan to test its functionality by tapping the “X” at the top right corner.

  • Step 3. Choose your Chromecast device under the “Connect” section.

    Note! Your Chromecast device should appear automatically in the list because Replica searches and displays nearby devices. 
  • Step 4. Tap “Screen  Mirroring”. 
  • Step 5. Select “Start Broadcast”.

    Broadcasting AirPlay on Chromecast Through Replica

2. AirPlay on Chromecast Through DoCast

Like Replica, DoCast casts both photos and videos. The app works with any Chromecast-compatible TV. DoCast allows you to change screen orientation and video quality, which is handy when you have a weak WiFi connection. 

Price: Free (Standard) or $19.99 (Premium)

Best For: Weak or unstable WiFi

Its free version is ad-free but has a 15-minute limited screen mirroring time. A premium subscription is required to unlock unlimited mirroring. 

Below is how to AirPlay on Chromecast using DoCast:

  • Step 1. Download and install DoCast on your device.
  • Step 2. Allow necessary access and connect to WiFi.
  • Step 3. Select “Chromecast” from the list of devices.
  • Step 4. Skip to use the free version or choose a premium plan.
  • Step 5. Tap “Screen, Photos, or Videos”.
  • Step 6. Press the “Red button” to start mirroring. 

    AirPlay on Chromecast Options on DoCast

3. AirPlay on Chromecast Via iWebTV

Unfortunately, iWebTV doesn’t support personal media such as videos and photos. On the contrary, it offers a special feature: it supports streaming webpages and their media content. It also blocks ads. 

Price: Free (Standard) or $0.99/month (Premium)

Best For: Live streaming

The app can display videos in 1080p resolution. You can also queue episodes to avoid interruptions while watching. Like Replica and DoCast, a premium subscription is required to access all features.

Here are steps to cast AirPlay on Chromecast using iWebTV:

  • Step 1. Download iWebTV from the App Store and open it. 
  • Step 2. Click the “X” to continue without a subscription.

    You can also purchase a subscription by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Step 3. Search for the video you want to watch using the built-in search bar.
  • Step 4. Tap the “Cast” icon to start mirroring. 

    Casting AirPlay on Chromecast Using iWebTV

Another option to view your iPhone’s screen on Chromecast is to mirror it. Check out how to mirror your iPhone to Chromecast.

Are Third-Party Mirror Apps for iPhones Worth It?

Yes, third-party mirror apps for iPhones are worth it. Since AirPlay doesn’t work on Chromecast, these apps are the only way to cast to TV from iPhone. They provide a stable connection with minimal glitches.

However, you may need to upgrade to a premium subscription and ensure a stable internet connection for the best performance. 

Using an outdated OS or older iPhone may result in streaming issues. Most third-party apps require iOS 15.0 or later. 

Differences Between Chromecast & AirPlay

Let’s look at the main differences between Chromecast and AirPlay

  • Video Quality.
    When mirroring to Apple TV, AirPlay can support up to 4K video quality. In comparison, Chromecast only offers 1080p with 60 fps (Frames per Second), making it less powerful than AirPlay.
  • Number of Languages in Voice Control.
    AirPlay has Siri with 21 languages, while Chromecast uses Google Assist, which supports over 30 languages.
  • Audio Quality.
    Chromecast supports quality audio up to 24-bit/96 Hz, while AirPlay’s audio capability is 16-bit/44.1kHz. However, the difference in sound is not easily noticeable.
  • Price.
    AirPlay is free and only requires a compatible device. The Chromecast complete set with a voice-controlled remote, HDMI cable, and power adapter is $29.99. 

Is Chromecast Better Than AirPlay?

Yes, Chromecast is better than AirPlay because it is compatible with more devices and apps. It also has better audio and video quality. However, if you have a network of Apple devices, particularly Apple TV or HomePod, AirPlay may be a better choice. Both firmware are user-friendly and support voice control.

The most recent firmware update for Chromecast was in 2024, while AirPlay’s last major update was in 2018 when it was released as AirPlay 2. As mentioned, both offer excellent functionality regardless of the updates. 

There Are Workarounds to Use AirPlay on Chromecast

Third-party apps such as Replica, iWebTV, and DoCast can be used to replicate AirPlay on Chromecast. These apps offer both premium and free versions. However, the free versions of these apps may have limitations, such as time restrictions and advertisements.

In terms of features, Chromecast is considered to be better than AirPlay. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preferences and usage.

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