Carrd is an online web hosting service which allows you to create simple, free and fully responsive static websites. Each Carrd website is only one-page but they are great for many uses.

People use Carrd websites for personal pages, landing pages, form captures, business information, contact info etc. There are just so many Carrd examples and Carrd ideas to consider.

Check out our list with the best Carrd Templates if you want to build a website faster.

Let’s get started and look at some amazing and beautiful Carrd website examples that people have created.

List Of Carrd Website Examples

What is a Carrd page?

A Carrd page is a website made using freemium website builder. It is a fully responsive one-page website that makes it easy for anyone to have a website ready in a matter of hours.

If you are still getting to know Carrd, I'd strongly recommend you to read the Complete Guide on How To Use Carrd.

20 Beautiful Carrd Ideas and Examples

Maybe you already have an idea for your Carrd website, or you are looking for inspiration, either way, these great Carrd examples will inspire you to create something unique.

1. Aaron Payne

Aaron Payne - Carrd Example Of Website

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Starting off with a great example of why the Carrd platform is so good, here we have a simple but effective photography portfolio. A one-page design which can show off the work of a photographer online.

You can see how this page is used to promote the portfolio, a photography course and for contact information.

2. Ibiza Stardust Radio

Ibiza Stardust - Carrd Idea

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A great and stunning example of a landing page, this one is for a radio show.

It makes use of a full screen video background with a texture over the top. It just goes to show that you can truly create something unique with Carrd.

Plenty of different CTA buttons to get the user to take action as well.

3. Transistor FM

Transistor FM - One of the best Carrd examples

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Even though this is just a single page design, it feels like a full website. It has many great features, and it just shows you what can be done with Carrd.

If you are looking for Carrd ideas, this example is great to get an idea for what the platform can do.

4. CashBar App

CashBar App - Great Carrd Example

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Some applications that are either on an app store or mobile don't always require a fully functioning website, and this app has used Carrd to create its landing page.

A great way to showcase a product that runs on a specific platform. It is better to have a website than nothing, and this website is a great example of that.

5. Patrick Rinard

Patrick Rinard - Amazing Carrd Example

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Carrd is mainly designed for simple usage and this website is just that, but it is beautiful and a very easy way to get setup with a personal website.

Carrd can be great for showing off your skills, professional interests and personal life if you wish to share that online. For a lot of companies, they might ask for a personal website, so having one setup could be important.

6. Ian James

Ian James - Beautiful Carrd Example

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Another great use of Carrd is the ability to be used as a portfolio example website. It is simple, straight in your face and no hassle - great for users who just want to see content.

Just because Carrd is meant for simple websites, doesn’t mean it can’t be useful, you may have noticed that this website lets you submit a form to contact the owner, so Carrd does have some dynamic capabilities to offer you. More Carrd ideas to get you excited to build something.

7. What’s The Temp

What’s The Temp - Carrd Idea

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For ideas of why Carrd is great and how Carrd examples can be powerful, this one showcases how you can use the platform for informational purposes - something which one-page websites work really well for.

The UI is spotless and the padding between elements makes everything feel minimal. It is easy to access the information and everything is presented inside its own block.

They even use a footer to provide sources to their information.

8. Sunkenji

Sunkenji - Beautiful Carrd Idea

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Social media influencers and online video game streamers have a lot of links to share, and what a better way than just pasting multiple links.

Here, the idea is to use Carrd as a social media link page, icons can be quicker to regconise than just a plain link and with a great background image of your choice.

9. Positext

Positext - Great Carrd Example

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This Carrd website example is another great example of showing casing a product which doesn’t directly need a dynamic website.

If you are building your website with Carrd, then you have to read what are the best Carrd fonts to use on your site. You'll get surprised at how the right font can make a difference!

This service integrates with a third-party service to provide more functionality to the Carrd website - showing you how powerful a Carrd website can be.

You can see how easy it is to set up a website that provides access to your product and how important it is to even have a website.

10. Launch FYI

Launch FYI - Carrd Example

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A popular type of website we often see is agencies or freelancers offering their services online, and this is very important for getting clients.

This Carrd website example is even a little interactive, users can make selections that take them directly to the section they are interested in.

11. Weekend Fund

Weekend Fund - Beautiful Carrd Idea

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An early-stage startup fund showcasing their funding portfolio and giving quick details about how they operate.

The simple design and layout is critical for websites like this, and Carrd is a perfect match.

12. 2FA Made Easy

2FA Made Easy - One of the best Carrd examples

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There are so many Carrd ideas and Carrd examples to get inspiration from and this is another fantastic informational one.

A tutorial based website split into sections and steps. It has made great use of parallax to make the backgrounds more interesting and engaging with users.

13. SaaS Hook

SaaS Hook - Amazing Carrd Idea

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Newsletters are very popular nowadays and they don’t always need a complicated website, so many Carrd examples are based on providing front-end access to a newsletter.

These simple single-page websites are used to allow users to signup and join the newsletter, kinda like a mini advertising page about why a user should join the email based newsletter.

14. Newsletter OS

Newsletter OS - Carrd Example For Inspiration

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Another example of how a company can use Carrd to sell products, this one is selling a book which talks about how to build a newsletter and gain an audience.

By using Carrd this website has been easy to set up and host and it serves its purpose as a single page website.

15. Krosp

Krosp - Carrd Example To Get Ideas From

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If you are looking for inspiration for how Carrd can be used to showoff a product meant for another platform like the MacBook, this one is for you.

Every app needs a homepage and this Carrd website example is great for directing people to the right place. Lots of helpful CTA buttons and information related to why someone might use this app and its benefits.

16. Jim Whittle

Jim Whittle - Carrd Example For Inspiration

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This is how you can use Carrd to set up a product page to sell a specific item and have pricing and buying options as well.

Simple products don’t need a complicated CMS, this works just fine and is easy to manage. Great for starting out and getting yourself out there.

17. Zen Journey

Zen Journey - Carrd Example

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With all the Carrd examples we have looked at, they are certainly popular with mobile apps and for good reason.

Here is another functional example of a mobile app that needs a homepage but nothing too complicated, its simple design and interesting block layout works well to present information to the user.

18. Startup Watching

Startup Watching - Carrd Example

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We’ve seen a lot of Carrd examples, and we have seen they are popular with newsletters. They are just so easy to set up and act as a front portal into the newsletter.

The simple and minimal design works well and is easy for users to get the information they need.

19. History Unlimited

History Unlimited - Great Carrd Idea

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Use Carrd and setup a podcast homepage and get people involved.

It’s important to have an online presence for any sort of service like a podcast, people have to find you somehow and Carrd is great for this sort of thing.

20. PrintPost

PrintPost - Beautiful Carrd Example

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If you are looking for a more functional Carrd example, then this one is for you.

Here we have a Carrd website example which is very dynamic in what it can do and how it operates. We have a range of forms and front-end features which integrate with other services to provide the functionality.

Sometimes simple products don’t need any complicated CMS or hosting platform.

What Can You Put On A Carrd?

You can use multiple elements, such as:

  • Text
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Embed videos
  • Audio
  • Buttons
  • Timers
  • Dividers
  • Icons
  • Tables
  • Galleries
  • Containers
  • Forms (Carrd Pro)
  • Slideshows (Carrd Pro)
  • Widgets with integrations (Carrd Pro)
  • Embed codes (Carrd Pro)

If you can do it with HTML, CSS and JavaScript it can be done with a Carrd. Some features do require a Pro subscription to be enabled.

Is Carrd Worth It?

Carrd is totally worth it if you need to make a website quickly and you have no knowledge of web developing or design. Carrd is much more simple than other website builders and therefore easier to use, to start with and to have a website ready in a couple of hours.

Carrd can be used as a starting point or as a long-term solution. Mobile apps use Carrd as an online website service to host their landing page. Carrd is a straightforward solution to build simple but effective websites.

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Luke Embrey is a full-stack developer, BSc in Computer Science and based in the UK.
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