Is The Sims Coming to Switch? [+ Switch Games Like The Sims]

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Are you a Nintendo Switch fan waiting for Sims integration? Well, you’re not alone. Many fans dream of creating, living, and managing virtual worlds for Sims on their Switch consoles. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of Sims 5, which is currently in development.

This article will answer the question of whether Sims is on Switch and what other devices are compatible with the game. Stick around to discover alternative games to Sims available on the Nintendo console. 

Sims on Switch

Is There Sims for Switch?

No, there’s no Sims game for Switch. However, the game’s early versions, like The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3, are available on earlier Nintendo devices like the Gameboy Advance, GameCube, DS & 3DS, and Wii. 

The early Sims games that you can play on Nintendo devices were limited by the technology available in the 2000s, resulting in less advanced features compared to newer releases.

However, the second and third Sims on Switch saw big improvements, including expansion packs for gaming worlds.

The Sims 4 also included great features like Live Mode and Build Mode. Understandably, Switch fans may be frustrated by missing out on these features.

When Is Sims Coming to Nintendo Switch?

When Is Sims Coming to Switch?

There’s no certainty about when Sims will come to Switch, but the chances are slim. There were speculations about EA making Sims Switch-compatible, but the game developer denied this rumor. The Sims 5 is in the development stages, and there is no word yet on its adaptation to Switch devices. 

Moreover, there are speculations that The Sims 5, dubbed “Project Rene”, will come out in 2026. EA has already finished its playtest, so a few people have seen how the game works. 

If you’re a Switch user, it’s better to play The Sims on a different console or PC rather than wait for the Switch integration. But why did EA choose not to release The Sims on Switch?

Find out more about The Sims 5 Project Rene from the EA News Page.

Why Didn’t EA Make Sims for Switch?

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, they didn’t make The Sims for Switch because they have data showing that many Switch owners also have a Playstation, PC, or Xbox. These users play The Sims on these devices rather than on Switch.

While Wilson did not confirm if Sims will be available on Switch in the future, he did mention that EA’s focus for the game will be taking a different direction.

Read more about CEO Andrew Wilson’s statement about making The Sims for Nintendo Switch on Independent.

What Devices Are the Sims Game On?

Here’s an in-depth look at the devices with the Sims game:

  • PC.
    You can access Sims on your Mac and Windows PC through platforms like the EA app, Steam, and Origin. You’ll interact with the game’s base version, where you can customize your Sim’s character, their home, and career. 
  • PlayStation.
    The Sims 4 is available on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. These consoles can provide you with a better gaming experience and more control using the consoles’ controllers.

    What Devices Is Sims On
  • Xbox.
    Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S owners can join in on the fun. You can download The Sims 4 on these Microsoft consoles. Like the PlayStation, the Xbox controllers make the gameplay seamless and enjoyable. 

Nintendo Switch Games That Are Similar to Sims

Here are Switch games that are like Sims:

1. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Switch Game

Like Sims, the Two Point Hospital allows you to build structures such as medical facilities. You’ll start by creating a reception desk, followed by a pharmacy. The game offers an aerial view of your infrastructure for evaluation when building or renovating the hospital. 

You also run the hospital’s core activities, like diagnosing bizarre ailments or researching new treatments. After succeeding in such activities and appropriately maintaining the hospital, you earn game money, which you can use to improve your facility. 

2. Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skyline Switch Game

Cities: Skylines offers an excellent escape from reality through its elements, which include a multi-layered simulation style, transport system details, day & night features, and district policies.

Your building style and creativity determine the city’s outlook. For instance, you can simulate your favorite real-life city for a more realistic look.

Roblox is another simulation game that you can use on Switch. Find out how to use Roblox on your Switch here.

3. Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus Switch Game

Are you looking to make some architectural changes to your campus or a nearby one? Nintendo offers Two Point Campus, a game that provides players with reliable building tools. You’ll begin building the exterior, where you start with an interior section.

Like regular universities, you must create space for entertainment and chilling/relaxation areas. For instance, strategically place benches on the sides of your pathways. You can also renovate the campus while students are on summer breaks.

Get more details on Two Point Campus from the Nintendo’s Official Website and Nintendo Life Page

4. Littlewood

Littlewood Switch Game

Littlewood allows you to embark on an adventurous world saved from darkness. You should rebuild the town using gathered resources and craft items. A unique feature includes recruiting villagers to help with the building process.

You’ll enjoy the game’s pixel art style and relaxing gameplay. Like the Sims game, Littlewood offers an escape from reality through adventures like farming, fishing, and interacting with colorful characters. 

Here are more details on Littlewood from the Official Nintendo Life Page.

5. Powerwash Simulator

Powerwash Simulator Switch Game

Powerwash Simulator is perfect if you find satisfaction in cleaning and organizing. You can create a power-washing business and perform cleaning duties. The game gives you access to tools like a high-pressure hose to clean surfaces like grimy sidewalks or vehicles. 

Buckle up for satisfaction from the game’s simple and realistic spray mechanics. It’s both relaxing and addictive. Additionally, you can customize equipment for a better and more personalized experience. 

No Sims on Switch, No Problem

Undoubtedly, fans are impatient with the uncertainty of when they’ll get to play Sims on Switch. The wait might be longer than expected, with EA not giving reliable feedback. 

Nonetheless, several Switch alternatives similar to The Sims are available. Some of the best options include Cities: Skyline and Two Point Campus. Like the Sims, try them today and build and interact with virtual worlds. 

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