20 Best Squarespace eCommerce Templates [Free & Premium]

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Squarespace has numerous inspiring free and paid eCommerce templates that can be customized to fit your vision using their tags, categories, and drag-and-drop sorting tool. You can merchandise, organize, and manage a limitless amount of items with ease.

The best Squarespace eCommerce templates always try to provide the finest browsing experience for customers by including informative product descriptions, integrated videos, photos for each product variant, and much more.

The overall design can be tweaked to encourage consumers to browse your business and assist them in finding what they’re searching for by recommending related goods while they shop. Let’s dive in and see what these choices can offer you.

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10 Free Squarespace eCommerce Templates

1. Alameda

Alameda - One of the best Squarespace eCommerce Templates out there

Price: Free
Best for: fashion, jewelry, accessories.

Alameda is a contemporary Squarespace 7.1 template that appears to be related to Indigo. Because the merchandise is the focus of your home page, this Squarespace eCommerce template is ideal for selling a variety of products.

Customers will view your site quickly since the lazy loading functionality prevents goods from preloading, and products will appear as they scroll down. Product pages allow you to provide a lot of information and give “You Might Also Like” alternatives to help market more products.

2. Vandam

Vandam - Free And Great Squarespace Template For eCommerce

Price: Free
Best for: Music, band/musician-related merchandise.

One of the best eCommerce templates for a musician or band is the Vandam Squarespace Template. It is intended for marketing a brand and building a fan base.

The Vandam homepage has areas for submitting new music recordings on SoundCloud and a footer area that lists future performances. Not only can you use the shop to sell music and merchandise, but you can also post things on Instagram.

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3. Montclaire

Montclaire - Beautiful eCommerce Template For Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for: Photographers, painters, visual artists.

Montclaire is the ideal Squarespace eCommerce theme for graphic artists, photographers, or painters looking to showcase their greatest work. It is a suitable template to utilize if you are a creative who wants to offer their services or works to a customer.

The template has a cart button in the upper right corner, making it easy to set up a shop that showcases your best work and sells it too.

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KITUI - Free Musical Artists Template For Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for: Musical artist or band.

Another great Squarespace eCommerce template for a musical artist or band is the KITUI theme. This template includes unique layouts for a touring schedule that can be used to publicize a band’s timetable and generate revenue through direct ticket sales.

The KITUI template store includes specialized product pages for selling physical music (discs), digital music, and merchandise. Because it seamlessly connects with music hosting services like SoundCloud, every product page in the template may also feature brief music snippets.

5. LOAM Bakery

LOAM Bakery - Free Squarespace eCommerce Template

Price: Free
Best for: Food establishments.

The LOAM Bakery is one of the best Squarespace templates for a local/regional food establishment that wants to jump into the eCommerce world. Food Menus, Blog Posts, and Product Pages all have unique layouts.

The LOAM Bakery template’s menus may be used to promote daily deals, and the Blog can be utilized to present textual or multimedia material that endorses your brand. The product pages are ideal for accepting local delivery orders or selling and shipping items.

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6. Mariana

Mariana - Free Fashion eCommerce Template For Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for: Fashion.

The Mariana eCommerce Squarespace template is tailored for fashion. From its full-screen homepage displaying the latest collection to the cart in the top right corner, everything about the design lends itself to a fashion house.

Navigation is simple, given the lovely tiles used to display the items, as is legibility, owing to the large rounded fonts and nicely segmented text blocks to promote what’s on offer.

7. Granger Vintage

Free Granger Vintage - Minimalistic eCommerce Template For Squarespace

Price: Free
Best for: Home décor.

Granger Vintage is all about minimalistic design and is perfect for establishments that deal with home décor. It has a simple navigation menu to go to the shop, about and contact pages. There are also social media buttons to share with customers online, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A shopping cart is also included for one-click checkout. The layout is unique, utilizing white space to draw attention to every specific item. Definitely a good Squarespace eCommerce template.

8. Camdez Furniture

Camdez Furniture - Top Squarespace Template For eCommerce

Price: Free
Best for: Furniture.

Camdez Furniture is the first Squarespace eCommerce template on this list that caters to a specific niche- furniture. The template is designed to communicate an idea. It could be that you want to launch a business or turn a hobby into something else.

Whatever idea you have, Camdez Furniture comes equipped with the layout to allow you to showcase what you have in both visual and textual storytelling.

9. Wesley Pets

Wesley Pets - Squarespace Template For Online Shop

Price: Free
Best for: Pet store, pet sitter, and pet-related activities.

Wesley Pets template is ideal for a pet sitter, pet store, or pet care website. There is plenty of space in the layout to advertise services or pets, including pet sitting information, job offers, pets on offer, and more, which is quite useful and saves you a lot of time while developing such a website.

This eCommerce Squarespace theme for pet-related activities is designed with solid but soft and warm colors that make any visitor landing on the site feel welcome.

10. Anise

Anise - Squarespace Template With eCommerce Integration

Price: Free
Best for: Jewelry.

Anise is an eCommerce Squarespace template designed to cater to jewelry dealers, shops, and even custom pieces by individual sellers. Combined with the animations present, the site makes navigating fun. It comes with plenty of pages to cover everything important, with the option to add more pages, should you require them.

The homepage opens on a full-screen display where you can show off your best pieces for maximum impact on new visitors.

10 Premium Squarespace eCommerce Templates

1. Fable

Fable - Premium eCommerce Template For Squarespace

Price: $199
Best for: Home accessories (scented candles and decorations)

Fable is designed to cater to establishments that want to use both blog content and pictures to push the product. It offers social media integration for easy sharing and allows you to put together a system to connect all those channels.

Customizing fonts and colors is easy to imbue the site with your unique vision. Launching an online store is easy, so you can start making sales right away.

2. Pink & Navy

Pink & Navy - Paid Squarespace Theme For Shop Online

Price: $189
Best for: Home accessories, crafts, and handmade artists.

Pink & Navy is a delightfully named Squarespace template for eCommerce designed for handmade products artists, home accessory makers, and craftspeople. It has simple pages geared for high conversion and a process that gets it up and running in days.

The source files for Figma are included, with a complete walkthrough that ensures users can set up their website and customize it to fit their intended design.

3. Atelier

Atelier - Paid eCommerce Theme For Squarespace

Price: $148
Best for: Home accessories, crafts, and handmade artists.

Whether you’re a photographer, studio, or creative firm, the Atelier eCommerce template can elevate your internet presence. Using the Atelier template, you can design and build amazing websites. Choose your favorite and change any element, font, page, and layout to fit your vision.

The developers provide ready-to-use elements that you can use as the framework for your next site. With the Atelier template, you can create a great website in no time!

4. Handpicked

Handpicked - Premium Template For Squarespace

Price: $299
Best for: Lifestyle brands.

Handpicked is a vibrant, vivid, and feminine Squarespace 7.0 eCommerce template designed for lifestyle firms to showcase their offerings, portfolio, store, and blog entries. This Squarespace design is extremely adaptable and may be used for online stores, trainers, service-based enterprises, and blogs.

With its already solid framework, it is easy to extrapolate from what is given to imbue every page with your lifestyle brand’s vibe for memorability.

5. Billy

Billy - Multi-faceted Business Template For Squarespace

Price: $297
Best for: Story Brands.

Billy is a groovy, vibrant website designed for multi-faceted business owners. This template is intended to accomplish a LOT more for your brand than simply look nice. Billy has been validated by a StoryBrand-certified consultant and includes content and design prompts, so you know precisely what to write to market your services.

Customization with your photos, wording, and hues is a snap, given the plug-and-play layout. This design also includes an online store where you may sell actual things, digital downloads, or anything else you can think of!

6. Salt + Sage

Salt + Sage - Pro eCommerce Template For Squarespace 7.0

Price: $299
Best for: Online stores and lifestyle bloggers.

Salt + Sage is a contemporary, simple, and very adaptable 7.0 Squarespace Template designed for service-based enterprises, online retailers, and lifestyle entrepreneurs. This eCommerce template is ideal for displaying a gallery of your services or advertising products.

People in professions like coaching and consultancy will find it particularly easy to work with and specifically suited to their needs.

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7. Penny

Penny - One Of The Best Paid Squarespace eCommerce Templates

Price: $299
Best for: Online stores and lifestyle bloggers.

Penny is an elegant, trendy, and feminine Squarespace 7.0 Template created for lifestyle companies to showcase their products, gallery, store, and blog entries. This eCommerce template design is extremely adaptable and can be used for blogs, retailers, and service-based enterprises.

Online stores and lifestyle bloggers can put up their content alongside their products and have an easier time selling it.

8. Indio

Indio - A Top Template For eCommerce

Price: $299
Best for: Interior designers, architects, decorators, and real estate agents.

Indio was created to complement the skills of interior designers, remodelers, architects, and realtors. Indio’s ageless look and adjustable layouts will match your work perfectly, whether mid-century, boho or conventional.

Indio’s minimalist feel, exquisite font, and subtle design features simplify navigation, inviting site users to explore further. It emphasizes the items displayed with restrained use of white space.

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9. Aroma Daily

Aroma Daily - eCommerce Template For Squarespace For Handcrafted Items Store

Price: $299
Best for: Handmade products (candles, essential oils, sprays)

Aroma Daily is designed for small company owners that offer handcrafted, high-quality items such as candles, essential oils, and perfumes. This template comes with several pages, including the homepage, an about page, a contact page, a blog, a shop page, and a product page.

The simplicity of it all means that even beginners can set up their eCommerce Squarespace website in a very short time, display products, and start generating revenue. Paired with content, the marketing side gets a boost.

10. The Yogi

The Yogi - Yoga eCommerce Template For Squarespace

Price: $299
Best for: Yoga.

The Yogi’s aesthetic impact is due to the stunning full-width homepage image, which is why this template is one of the best eCommerce Squarespace templates for wellness and yoga studios. You can use the full-screen background to show the mind-body-spirit link. This will provide visitors to your site with a sample of the experience you provide through your yoga class.

However, The Yogi isn’t only about the scenery. It also has areas to showcase your teachers, share your class schedule, and post changes to an exhibition-style blog.

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Can You Use Squarespace For eCommerce?

Yes. Squarespace has “Squarespace eCommerce”, often known as “Squarespace Commerce”, a platform created solely for online retailers. There are approximately 100,000 Squarespace sites that employ commerce capabilities, and integrating this adaptable feature with Squarespace’s already excellent design templates is a terrific way to double the impact of your business.

Squarespace eCommerce is a top-tier option for creating online stores. Its clean layouts highlight your items and are simple to alter — any layout can be adjusted to fit your business. There is a bit of an adjustment, but the excellent features and extensive inventory management system make it worthwhile.

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