If you are a student, a non-governmental organization (NGO), or a non-profit organization (NPO), then you might be wondering if there is any chance to get a discount on fullpage.js products.

fullpage.js library discounts

We do not provide discounts for fullPage.js. The Hobby license couldn't be cheaper for a lifetime product.

However, notice fullPage.js is under the GPLv3 license, which means you can request a free license for fullpage.js if your project is open source and it is licensed under GPLv3 or any compatible license. We check all requests to make sure you are eligible but it might take some time, as we do usually once a month. 

fullpage.js extensions discounts

We do provide some discounts for fulllPage.js extensions as long as you:

Purchase all the extensions
We provide the extension bundle at a very reduced price. This package includes all fullPage.js extensions: current ones, and even future ones! 

You'll be able to activate each of your extensions separately for a different domain so you can choose where to use each of the extensions. 

Purchase more than 2 extensions
If you purchase more than 2 extensions, you will get the following discounts:

  • 15% discount for the Hobby license.
  • 23% discount for the Professional license.
  • 15% discount for the Business license.

Just contact us and let us know which extensions you need. We'll provide you with more details on how to proceed.

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