If you own a business or are just a personal developer making products and services, you may be wondering if you can use fullPage.js or the official WordPress plugins for fullPage (Gutenberg, Elementor, and very soon Divi) to create commercial products for you or your clients that you can then re-sell or distribute in any form.

The short answer is yes. However, you will need to contact us to acquire a Commercial OEM license for that as detailed on the pricing page

This license will grant you distribution rights, meaning you can commercialize your product using fullPage.js. This license gives you permission to include Fullpage in:

- Downloadable or installable products: like WordPress themes, HTML templates, as part of a commercial interface builder, SDK, toolkit, or mobile app.

- SAAS products: Software as a service products where users need to login to get access to the services your application/website provides. Such as web builder, a mail delivery service, a marketing app online, etc.

Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer depending on your product price, the number of possible clients/downloads, etc. 

If you think you need this license, please, contact us.



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