Wondering how to get fullpage.js files? You have different ways to do it, you can choose the one that you prefer or the one that best fits your needs.

Download it or get the code on Github

You can simply download fullPage.js from the main page on a zip file. It will include examples and a README with the docs. 

You can also get the code directly from Github. It will be exactly the same.

Use a CDN 

If you prefer to use a CDN to enjoy the advantages of caching and slow response times across the globe, you can use any of the most popular ones such as CDNJS, unpkg, jsdelivr. It doesn't really matter much which one you use as most of them have a huge adaption and great content delivery network. 

You can use the CDN to get both the JavaScript file and the CSS file.

Use package managers like npm or bower

You can also use services like npm and bower (this one not really recommended anymore).

More information about it in the docs.

// With bower
bower install fullpage.js

// With npm
npm install fullpage.js

Once you download the files you will have to use your license key on the fullpage initialisation. 

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