Broken Chromebook Screen [How to Fix it]

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So your Chromebook screen just broke and that leaves you panicking as you have no idea how to fix a broken Chromebook screen. Even worse, unlike Macs and Windows, there is hardly a comprehensive guide on it. You need not worry.

Fix Broken Chromebook screen

This article explains how to fix a broken Chromebook screen. We also estimate the financial costs of repairing the damage, as well as whether to repair it or not.

Can You Fix a Broken Chromebook Screen?

Yes. With the right tools, you can replace your broken screen with a new one all by yourself. You can also employ the services of a professional to do the job. Repairing the broken screen is another way to go about it. However, that requires specific expertise you might lack.

Manufacturers designed laptop screens as modular units and thus, they are easily replaceable.

Also, you can easily order a Chromebook screen replacement via online stores or in everything-tech stores.

Replacement screens are available depending on how popular the brand is and how long it has been around.

If you see your whole screen like a negative or with inverted colors, that doesn’t mean your display is broken. Check how to invert colors on Chromebook with keyboard.

How to Fix a Broken Chromebook Screen?

How To Fix Broken Chromebook Screens

You can fix a damaged Chromebook screen as a DIY project or have a professional do it for you. Which method you choose depends on you, and your budget. Below, we described what each of these two approaches entails.

Method 1: DIY Project

The biggest benefit of this approach is that is cost-effective. All you need to spend on the replacement screen module, and tools if you don’t have them.

A plastic splurger (a flat-head screwdriver can do it too) and a matching star-head screwdriver are the tools you need.

Here is a general overview of what the process of fixing a cracked screen looks like.

Please note that there might be variations in the process as there are different kinds of Chromebooks.

  • Step 1. Identify screen type and specifications.

    Specifications - Fix Chromebook Screen Broken

    Check your Chromebook’s device specifications to determine the appropriate screen module. You can also verify your specifications online on the manufacturer’s websites or other trusted sources.

  • Step 2. Purchase a replacement screen module.

    Replacement - Fix Broken Chromebook Screen

    You can get this online from stores or local tech shops. Ensure that you make your buy at credible sources.

  • Step 3. Remove the screen bevel.

    Remove Screen Bevel- Fix Chromebook

    The top lid of a Chromebook houses the screen and the bevel keeps it in place. You will use a splurger (or a flat screwdriver) to gently pry it open and expose the screen fastenings.

  • Step 4. Unscrew screen fastenings.

    Unscrew - Fix Chromebook Screen Broken

    There are usually four screws located at the edges of the screen. Lose the screws with a screwdriver and keep them in a safe place.

    A Chromebook screen has a 30-pin plug on its rear connecting it to the motherboard. Gently disconnect this plug and remove the damaged screen.

  • Step 5. Fasten the replacement screen.

    Fasten Chromebook Screen Replacement

    Gently connect the 30-pin plug on the screen’s rear to the connector. Put the screen in its place and fasten the screws.

  • Step 6. Put the screen bevel in its place.

    Replace Screen Bevel -Broken Chromebook Screen

    Take the utmost precaution while doing this to prevent damaging the new screen.

The biggest downside of this method is the risk of damaging another part of the device while fixing the screen.

However, if you are careful enough, you should be able to complete the process hitch-free and save yourself a couple of bucks.

Method 2: Call a Professional

Call a Professional - Fix Your Chromebook Screen

This method eliminates the risk of repair damages but it might not be the most cost-effective option.

Sometimes, the fees may be close enough to purchase a new low-end Chromebook. However, you are assured of a better job than you would have done by yourself (maybe?).

This might be a good option if your device is under warranty. All you need to do is to find the authorized professionals to fix the broken screen. This will minimize the cost of repair.

The professional would probably follow the same approach as the DIY method but with a high-level technical awareness.

Before you take your Chromebook to a repair shop, make sure you consider the cost of the repair as well as the reputation of the shop. Sometimes, quacks might masquerade as experts and cause damage.

If you will be taking this route to fix your broken Chromebook screen, this is what the process will look like.

  • Step 1. Write down the key information about your computer— brand, year of production, serial number, version, and type.
  • Step 2. Look for different professionals.
  • Step 3. Compare them and select the appropriate one for your personal case.
  • Step 4. Call the Professional. Give him all the details the need.
  • Step 5. Retrieve your fixed and fully functional Chromebook from the professional.

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Repairing VS Replacing a Broken Chromebook Screen

Repairing VS Replacing A Broken Chromebook Screen

Repairing a broken laptop screen is often the same thing as replacing the broken screen with a new one. Laptop screens have a closed design. Trying to correct the damage is quite expensive and requires high-level specialized knowledge to get anything meaningful to the endeavor.

The efficient, cheap, and easy way to repair a cracked Chromebook screen is to replace it with a new screen.

Does a Broken Chromebook Screen Get Worse If Not Fixed?

It depends. The condition of a damaged Chromebook screen depends on how you handle the device. If you handle it carelessly and allow it to suffer more damage, the screen would get worse. However, a broken screen that is still functional will remain so if handled with extra care.

Also, the extent of the damage on the screen is a big factor. If a large part of the screen is broken, it is best to fix it immediately.

Lingering may cause more problems than anticipated.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Chromebook Screen?

Broken Chromebooks Fixing Cost

You will be spending between $120 to $300 to fix your broken screen. The method you choose to determines how much you will spend. Generally, the DIY method is cheaper than seeking a professional service. The fee for the technical know-how adds about three times the price of a replacement to the total cost.

Another factor to note while estimating the cost of fixing your damaged screen is the make, and even the model of the device.

Since Chromebooks are made by different manufacturers using different materials, you may want to consult a reputable repairer on that.

How to Protect Your Chromebook From Breaking?

Here are the main 2 ways to protect your Chromebook from breaking:

  • Use a Chromebook Protector. This prevents your devices from accidental dents and spills that can cause cracks. This is not a 100 percent guarantee that your Chromebook can’t get a broken screen. It will, however, reduce the chances that unexpected events lead to significant damage.

  • Handle The Device With Care. Don’t be the user who drops your Chromebook anyhow and anywhere. Be conscious of the laptop. Hold it firmly. Place it on the right surfaces. Avoid spilling liquids on the device.

You might be able to prevent your Chromebook from damage by handling it carefully.

Thus, proper use and good care may be the best way to learn how to fix a broken screen on a Chromebook. The reason: it prevents it from happening in the first place.

Go Get Your Chrome Screen up and Running

You have just learned steps to follow to repair your Chromebook with a broken screen, and even more, how to prevent the issue from happening in the first place. If your Chromebook screen breaks, make sure to consider your options carefully before attempting to fix it.

Sometimes, fixing the screen is not the cost-effective option, you may be better off getting a new one.

Whatever course you choose based on the criteria we discussed, don’t skim; read all the details we provided carefully. Screen issues are delicate issues.

And that’s it! Now you know everything you need to know concerning your Chromebook broken screen – it’s time to take action. Wishing you luck!

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