10 Free MMOs for Mac [+ Where to Get Them]

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MacBooks are undeniably great devices. But as a gamer, you may have complained about its limited game support. What if there are free MMOs for Mac that don’t require device modifications?

If you’re interested, keep reading! This article will discuss the best MMORPG for Mac and where you can get this game.

Free MMOs for Mac

10 Best Free MMOs for Mac

Here are the best free MMOs for Mac:

1. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla - Free MMO for Mac

The first game on our list is Brawlhalla, a free-to-play 2D arcade-style brawler. The game features characters like Thea, the Mighty Thor, and weapon specialist Isaiah, adding excitement to the gameplay.

The game’s straightforward dynamics make it easy for beginners to learn. You can even practice offline using the game’s training and tutorial sessions, where you can play against computer-controlled characters. This feature helps you transition to online ranked matches.

Additionally, Brawlhalla offers in-app purchases for more characters and items. However, even without purchasing in-app characters, the free-to-play ones are enough to keep you entertained and challenged.

Note: Brawlhalla is compatible with 64-bit Mac devices. Get more information from the Official Brawlhal Website

2. Anime Ninja

Anime Ninja - Free MMO for Mac

If you’re a Mac user and a fan of anime, Anime Ninja is a great choice, especially for Naruto fans. The game’s plot follows the storyline of the popular anime Naruto. You’ll begin as Shinobu, a trained character searching for their place in the ninja world.  

You’ll control six ninjas with unique abilities. These include well-known characters from the show, such as Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. You’ll guide them on a journey to battle evil and resolve ancient inter-clan conflicts.

Your character will have to defeat powerful creatures on their journey.

The 2D game is free-to-play and lets you customize your characters. You can enjoy these features and more from your Mac’s browser. 

3. War Thunder

War Thunder - Free MMO for Mac

Military game enthusiasts are in for a ride with War Thunder. The 2012 Gaijin Entertainment release incorporates battles at sea, land, and air. The tools and equipment in the game include heavy weaponry like war tanks, planes, and navy machines, which come from different war eras. 

War Thunder’s gameplay requires planned teamwork to conquer enemy fronts. There are over 100 maps for these battles. Due to the game’s tactical and fast-paced nature, the encounters are fun yet challenging. 

This free MMO for Mac game also has single-player modes. You can go on personal missions and interact with war weapons and machinery. 

Here’s how to install the War Thunder game on Mac from the Gaijin Entertainment Website

4. Aberoth

Aberoth - Free MMO for Mac

Aberoth is a great MMORPG game that is compatible with Mac. The browser version has levels where players can engage in PvP (player versus player) and team combats.

Victory earns you items gold and unlocks unique features like charms and magic skills. These items can be used to develop your virtual character and complete missions.

The game is not very complex, as it only has 7 non-playable characters. However, it also has appealing graphics. Aberoth’s gaming world is on one server, providing various adventures such as taming monsters. You can also challenge other players anywhere in the game.

Looking for more Mac-compatible games? Here’s a list of free-to-play games for Mac.

5. World of Tanks Blitz

Free MMO for Mac - World of Tank Blitz

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to War Thunder, World of Tanks Blitz is a great option. The game features 7v7 battles, giving you the chance to team up with or battle against your friends. In addition, players can join clans and work together to create battle strategies.

You have the option to choose your desired war tanks or customize them to your preferences. This includes equipping different guns and changing the camouflage to match your clan or personal/group gameplay. 

6. Blocklords

Blocklords - Free MMO for Mac

Blocklords is perfect for those who love medieval content. Blocklords offers a variety of genres, including farming, battling, ruling, and resource management.

Your kingdom’s survival depends on your strategies and decision-making. You can enlist skilled hunters, war heroes, and gather materials to create your desired world.

To play Blocklords on Mac, you’ll need a 64-bit processor and 20GB or 10GB of storage. You’ll also need 6GB – 8GB of RAM to support the game. 

7. Realm of the Mad God

Free MMO for Mac - Realm of the Mad God

If you’re a Mac user looking for combat-focused gameplay, Realm of the Mad Gods is a fantastic free game. To progress in the game, you must fulfill the demands of God’s henchmen by defeating all enemies.

As with many MMORPGs, you’ll become stronger and acquire new weapons as you progress through the game by fighting monsters. However, you’ll need to steal weapons before you can face the monsters.

The game is known for its challenging obstacles. If you die, you may lose all of your game progress.

Did you know you can play Fortnite on your MacBook?

8. Dota 2

Dota 2 - Free MMO for Mac

Dota 2 is a popular MMORPG for Mac users, known for its exciting combat and stunning graphics. The game features heroes with special abilities that aid in conquering both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

The gameplay of Dota 2 is simple and easy to understand. Players can upgrade their heroes for free as they progress through levels. There are also a variety of items to assist you in advancing through the game. Players have the freedom to choose their preferred tools and weapons to match their playstyle.

9. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights - Free MMO for Mac

Spiral Knights is a one-of-a-kind free MMO game for Mac. Players find themselves stranded on the planet Isora. They must battle against monsters in the Clockworks dungeon to survive.

The ultimate objective is to reach the crashed ship on planet Skylark. However, players must use the planet’s energy core to recharge the ship.

Upon reaching the battlefield, you can use weapons such as swords, bombs, and handguns to defeat your enemies. The weapons can be upgraded, allowing you to defeat huge monsters and skilled players.

If battling computer enemies isn’t your idea of fun, you can enjoy a PvP mode with your friends!

10. Path of Exile

Path of Exile - Free MMO for Mac

The final free MMO game for Mac on this list is Path of Exile, an action-packed game. It’s popular because it takes inspiration from the Diablo TV show, featuring a dark fantasy setting. 

In Path of Exiles, you control a single character and embark on a journey to conquer and explore different dungeons and caves. It also offers character creation, where you can select your league and class.

Keep in mind that these factors cannot be changed once selected. However, the leagues have flexible mechanics. 

What Is the Most Expensive MMO Ever Developed?

MMO game developers invest heavily in offering players the best quality. Various gameplays have cost money to develop great graphics and in-game technology, such as weapons and rewards. 

As a result, MMOs are now popular for their expensive game development and excellent gameplay.

Here are the most expensive MMOs ever developed:

  • GTA V.
    Grand Theft Auto tops the list, with the highest budget at $265 million. The popular game is worth your money, guaranteeing great action, storyline, missions, and graphics. 
  • Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 2).
    COD’s $250 million budget is another noteworthy investment. The action genre is popular for its style, crisp action scenes, and user engagement features, which include rewards and customizations such as Suits. 
  • New World.
    This game’s development cost $200 million, and the figures consistently rise as the game adopts newer graphics and motion technology. 

    The Most Expensive MMO Mac Games
  • Elders Scrolls Online.
    Like New World, Elder Scrolls has a budget of $200 million. The game developer, Bethesda Games, credits the high price to the extensive production period. As a result, It boasts great features like action scenes.
  • Star Wars (The Old Republic).
    The game’s development cost $200 million, making it one of the most expensive MMORPGs ever. As an EA product, it offers excellent storylines and dialogue, which is one of the best features. 

What’s The Difference Between MMO and RPG Games?

The difference between an MMO and an RPG is that all RPGs are considered MMOs, but not all MMOs are considered RPG games. RPG players take on virtual roles, while settings may not be necessary in MMOs.

However, it’s important to note that while MMOs and RPGs are distinct, MMOs can also fall under the RPG category.

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