How to Play Pokemon on Mac [Easiest Ways]

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We all love playing Pokemon games on the old Gameboy consoles or on our smartphones, but wouldn’t it be amazing to play from our Macs or PCs?

Unfortunately, the Pokemon game is not yet available for Macs or PCs, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game from your Mac or PC.

In this article, we’ll explain how to play pokemon on Mac.

How to play pokemon on mac

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide explaining the two main ways to play Poken on your Mac. Let’s get into it!

1. Play Pokemon on Mac Broadcasting Your SmartPhone

This method involves screen mirroring your smartphone onto your Mac.

It is quite easy and works with all kinds of smartphones: Android or iOS.

All you need is to adjust a few settings on your phone and install a screen mirroring app.

How to Play Pokemon on Mac With An Android

For Android users, the steps below explain how to play pokemon games on mac.

  • Step 1: Set Up USB Debugging on your Android Phone

    To set up USB Debugging, your Andriod device must be in Developer Mode.

    1. Go to Settings > About Phone.

      Set up USB debugging - Pokemon on Mac
    2. Tap the Build Number item until it says you have unlocked Developer Mode.

      Unlock Developer Mode - Pokemon on Mac
    3. Go back to the main Settings page and click Developer Options which now is listed.

      Click Developer Options - Pokemon on Mac
    4. Scroll till you see the USB Debugging option. Tap it and enable it.

      USB Debugging Option - Pokemon On Mac
  • Step 2: Download And Install Vysor On Your Mac

    You can also use the Vysor Chrome extension

    Vysor app To Play Pokemon on Mac
  • Step 3: Connect your Android Phone to Your Mac via USB

    Android To Mac USB - Pokemon Mac
  • Step 4: Open Vysor App and click on “Allow”.

    Follow the instructions provided on the screen to connect your phone to your Mac.

    Vysor App To Play Pokemon On Mac
  • Step 5: Open the Pokemon App on your Phone.

    You will see it mirrored on your Mac. That is it. You are ready to catch ‘em all!

    Open Pokemon And Play on Vysor on Your Mac

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How to Play Pokemon Games on Mac With An iPhone

For iPhone users, the following steps describe how to play pokemon on Mac:

  • Step 1: Go to the AppStore and Install AirDroid Cast on your iPhone.

    AirDroid Cast is an app that will help facilitate the screen mirroring process between your iPhone and Mac.

    AirDroid Cast iPhone - Play Pokemon
  • Step 2: Download and Install AirDroid Cast on your Mac

    AirDroid Cast Mac - Play Pokemon
  • Step 3: Create an AirDrod Cast Account

    AirDroid Cast Account - Play Pokemon
  • Step 4: Connect Both Devices

    You can connect your iPhone to your Mac in three ways: wireless, AirPlay, and USB.

    To Connect Wirelessly

    • Open the AirDroid Cast App on both of your devices and select “WLAN” Tab

    • Scan the QR Code that appears on your Mac screen with your iPhone

      Airdrop Cast Wirelessly QR - Play Pokemon on Mac

    To Connect via AirPlay

    • Open the AirDroid Cast App on your Mac and select “AirPlay” Tab

    • Enable Screen Mirroring at the Control Center of your iPhone.

    • Select “AirDroid Cast – XXX”.

      Airdrop Cast USB - Play Pokemon on Mac

    To Connect via USB

    • Open the AirDroid Cast App on your Mac and select “Cable” Tab
    • Connect your iPhone to Your Mac via USB.
    • Enable Screen Mirroring on your iPhone.
    • Select your device on the AirDrop App on your Mac.
    Airdrop Cast USB - Play Pokemon on Mac
  • Step 5: Open the Pokemon Go Game

    Once your iPhone is connected (or being mirrored) on your Mac, open the Pokemon Go game and start playing.

Games and casting apps can cause your MacBook’s battery to drain fast. We have some tips to keep your battery healthier in our article How Long Does a Mac Battery Last.

2. Play Pokemon on Mac Using Android Emulators for Mac

Another way to play the beloved game is to use Android Emulators to simulate the game on your Mac or MacBook.

Emulators are virtual machines. You are probably familiar with one—VMFusion.

Android emulators work in the same way except that simulate the conditions, which are lacking on your Mac, for the game to run on your device.

There are lots of free and paid Macbook pokemon emulators. The following three are the popular ones used for this purpose.

1. Play Pokemon on Mac Using BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks is a popular free android emulator and it is compatible with both macs and PCs (or computer devices running Windows operating system).

The following steps describe how to play pokemon on Macbook or other Macs using this emulator:

  • Step 1: Download BlueStacks 4 Emulator for Mac

    Download Bluestack To Play Pokemon on Mac
  • Step 2: Install BlueStacks by double-clicking the BlueStacks icon

    You most likely be presented with a popup saying System Extension Blocked. In that case, follow these steps:

    • Click on Open Security Preferences.
    BlueStack Mac Installation - Security Preferences
    • Navigate to the part it says “System software from developer “BlueStack Systems, Inc.” was blocked from loading” and click Allow.
    BlueStack Mac Installation - Allow
  • Step 3: Click on Restart if you receive any prompt asking to do so.

  • Step 4: Launch the BlueStack app. Select your country and click on the “Let’s Go” Button

    Bluestacks Mac - Click on Let’s go To Play Pokemon
  • Step 5: Sign in with your Google Account details.

    If you don’t any, you can create a new one by clicking Create Account and following the prompts displayed

    Bluestacks Mac - Sign In To Play Pokemon
  • Step 6: Click on the PlayStore icon on the Desktop screen

    Bluestacks Mac - PlayStore To Play Pokemon
  • Step 7: Type Pokemon Go in the Search Bar

    BlueStacks Mac - Type Pokemon Playstore
  • Step 8: Download and Install the game.

    BlueStacks Mac - Download Pokemon Playstore
  • Step 9: Open the Game and start playing

2. Play Pokemon on Mac Using OpenEmu Emulator

OpenEmu is another Mac or MacBook Pokemon emulator that can allow you to play pokemon games on your Mac. The emulator has been optimized for playing games and is used by game enthusiasts to play their favorite old games on old consoles.

Just like other Mac emulators, you need to install the app on your MacBook.

Here is how you can use OpenEmu to play pokemon on your Mac.

  • Step 1: Download and install OpenEmu on Your Mac.

    OpenEmu To Play Pokemon on Mac
  • Step 2: Add the Pokemon ROM to OpenEmu by dragging it.

    The game ROM is the file that contains the actual game. You can find the game ROM on the game disc that accompanies the console. You can also download the ROMs from online sites.

    Please note that it is illegal to use game ROMs that are not yours.

    OpenEmu Mac - Add Rom Pokemon
  • Step 3: Open Pokemon Game and Start Playing.

    When the Pokemon game ROM is added, OpenEmu displays it in the game library with its box art. You can start playing the game as you want.

3. Play Pokemon Using NoxPlayer Mac Emulator

NoxPlayer is an emulator similar to BlueStacks. It is, however, also optimized to play android games on Macs and PCs. Here is how to play Pokemon on mac with NoxPlayer Emulator.

4. Play Pokemon on Mac with DeSmuMe Emulator

DeSemuMe is another emulator similar to OpenEmu because you have to have the game ROM file added to it manually. This means you have to source the Pokemon ROM file for you to be able to use the app to achieve your aims.

The following steps describe how to play Pokemon games on Mac with DeSmuMe once you have the game’s ROM file.

  • Step 1: Download DeSmuMe emulator and install it on your Mac.

    Download DeSmuMe - Play Pokemon Mac
  • Step 2: Open the App

    Open DeSmuMe - Play Pokemon Mac
  • Step 3: Double Click on your Pokemon game ROM file To Start Playing

    DeSmuMe Mac - Double Click  Pokemon Room File

Check out some more Android emulators for Xbox here.

Can You Run Android Emulators on Mac?

Yes. Android emulators work perfectly on Macs. However, it is important to install the right emulator on your mac. Not all android emulators are compatible with macOS or specific versions of the operating system.

Thus, you must seek emulators that are compatible with the specific version of the OS on your MacBook.

MEmu is a prime example of an Android emulator that does not run on the Mac.

MEmu is popular among gamers for its fast response times and competitive performance, but it only runs on Windows.

Be sure to check the emulator’s requirements to verify its Mac compatibility.

Are Emulators Safe to Run on Macs?

Yes, you can run emulators on your Mac without fear of security breaches. Think of emulators as a second separate computer but hosted on your mac. They are virtually separated from your mac even though they are on the same physical device.

Thus, you can be assured that your MacBook remains safe even if there are security problems with your emulator.

Nothing happens to your files on your MacBook if anything goes wrong with the emulator.

However, you should ensure that you install and use the emulator properly.

Do You Need a Paid Emulator to Play Pokemon on Mac?

No. You don’t need a paid emulator to play Pokemon on your MacBook. The free ones provide all the basic settings and capabilities required to run the beloved game.

However, if you seek advanced capabilities like customization from the emulators, you might consider paying for the service.

Otherwise, it is not required that you pay to use emulators to Pokemon on your mac.

Pokemon on Macs Made Easy

Playing Pokemon games on your mac was never easier.

Follow any of the methods described in the article and enjoy yourself while catching ‘em all!

You can also share the article with friends and family who also wish to play pokemon on their Macs. Don’t keep the fun to yourself.

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