19 PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games [Where to Download Them]

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Wanna explore a new way of gaming on PS5? If yes, you’re lucky to find this article! Here, we’ll discuss whether you can use a mouse and keyboard pair on your PS5 and PS5 mouse and keyboard games.

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games

Keyboard and mouse (KBM) games open up new possibilities for control and gameplay. Some find it more comfortable and precise, especially if they’re used to PC gaming. Read more about it in this article.

Can You Use a Mouse and Keyboard on PS5?

Yes, you can use a mouse and keyboard on the PS5, but not all games may fully support them. It’s important to check compatibility before using them with a specific game. To learn how to use a mouse and keyboard on PS5, check out PlayStation Support

Just ensure you’re using a compatible pair of mouse and keyboard since not all of them work on a PS5. 

19 PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games

Here’s a list of PS5 mouse and keyboard games to try:

1. Fortnite

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Fortnite

Price: Free
Audience: Age 13+

Fortnite is a PS5 keyboard and mouse game that stands out in the crowded battle royale genre with its vibrant graphics and unique building mechanics. While it has some flaws, like shooting mechanics and excessive microtransactions, it’s worth trying out, especially since it’s free to play.

After downloading and installing the game on your PS5, just choose Fortnite to begin playing. You’ll need an internet connection and must be logged into the PlayStation Network, but a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required for online play.

Did you know that Fortnite on PS5 has ray tracing? If you want to know more about this feature, check out this article about ray tracing on PS5.

If you’re playing Fortnite on an Xbox, here are the best settings for a smoother gaming experience.

2. Roblox

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Roblox

Price: Free or starts at $4.99 (Premium)
Audience: All Ages, 9+, 13+, and 17+

Roblox offers a world of fun and interaction with countless games and millions of online users at any time. Unlike Minecraft or metaverses like Facebook, Roblox is a platform where games can be played, meeting points can be found, and realms can be explored.

This PS5 game includes mouse and keyboard support. It’s also a global community where players can engage in various solo or group activities.

3. The Sims 4

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games The Sims 4

Price: Free
Audience: Age 12+

The Sims 4 offers crisp and colorful graphics, clear expressions, and effective sound effects, including the iconic Simlish language. Despite being a step down from The Sims 3, post-launch improvements and dynamic emotions make it entertaining with high replay value.

The console version of The Sims 4 offers the same features as the PC version, including an almost identical interface and the option to use cheats. However, it disables trophies and achievements.

Despite the smooth transition to consoles, the game is held back by clunky controls and shallow mechanics.

4. Cities: Skylines

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Cities Skylines

Price: $29.99
Audience: Age 9+

The Cities: Skylines is a PS5 mouse-and-keyboard game that provides vast landscapes and endless sandbox gameplay for building cities.

Progression involves shaping city policies, including taxation in districts. Additionally, the game supports mods, allowing players to customize their experience.

While it’s easy to get started, mastering it may require consulting community forums to understand certain complexities. It may lack thrilling scenarios or random events, but its scale and intricacies are impressive.

5. Final Fantasy XIV

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Final Fantasy XIV

Price: Starts at $19.99
Audience: Age 13+

Final Fantasy XIV stands out in the Final Fantasy series for its captivating story, strong community, challenging gameplay, and nods to previous games.

However, it does have its drawbacks. Newcomers may find it tedious, especially initially, with typical MMO features and time-consuming tasks.

The game offers story and level skips and is more solo-friendly with NPC party members for dungeon runs. If you can push through at least two expansions, you’ll understand why it’s praised, particularly for its story progression. The real challenge is sticking around long enough to experience it.

6. Minecraft

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Minecraft

Price: Starts at $19.99
Audience: Age 10+

You can easily play Minecraft’s PS4 version on the PS5, either by using a physical copy or downloading it from the PlayStation Store. If you want to transfer the file you saved from the PS4 to your PS5, use a WiFi connection.

Minecraft is one of many PS5 games that support keyboard and mouse. It offers a special platform for learning and personal development. It can also benefit players’ physical health by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

7. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Zombie Army

Price: $49.99
Audience: Age 12+

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is similar to other co-op shooters like Left 4 Dead but offers its own unique twists. Despite its familiarity, it introduces clever mechanics and takes on the classic theme of killing Nazi zombies.

With a diverse story campaign and entertaining horde mode, it provides chances for thrilling teamwork and graphic X-ray kills. 

However, the game’s weapon progression system doesn’t offer much incentive to try new things, affecting its replay value.

8. Splitgate

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Splitgate

Price: Free
Audience: Age 10+

Splitgate is a free-to-play PS5 mouse and keyboard shooter game that blends elements from Halo, Portal, and other games. It offers a fun but somewhat generic experience with plenty of content. 

The game is flexible, and the free-to-play model caters to players who prefer not to spend money on the game yet.

9. Warframe

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Warframe

Price: Free
Audience: Age 13+

Warframe has much to offer, like space ninjas, customizable ships, and even playable instruments. It might seem complicated at first, but once you get into it, you’ll find exciting battles, great stories, and lots of new stuff to explore.

Its fair free-to-play model allows players to earn premium currency without spending money. Despite its merits and being a prime example of free-to-play done right, Warframe is often overlooked in the gaming industry.

10. Call of Duty

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Call of Duty

Call of Duty PS5 mouse and keyboard games are quite fun. You can choose to play with just the console if that’s your preference.  

Here are three Call of Duty PS5 games you can play: 

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

Price: $23.09
Audience: Age 18+

You’ll likely enjoy Cold War because it returns to traditional Call of Duty gameplay. While it departs from some features like double-jumping and wall-running, it brings back a more classic feel without special Operator powers.

The Scorestreak system is a nice touch, although some players may wish for more emphasis on objectives. 

Despite some setbacks, the gameplay offers a refreshing change from Modern Warfare’s slower pace. The campaign is enjoyable, and the multiplayer is fun, although split-screen functionality is problematic. 

Fans of Black Ops games will likely appreciate Cold War, but those who prefer Modern Warfare may find it less appealing. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Price: $69.99
Audience: Age 17+

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the top first-person shooter in 2023, marking a return to greatness. Its single-player campaign offers dynamic moments, and the multiplayer options are abundant. 

If you’ve been let down by recent Call of Duty games, this is the perfect time to rejoin the action.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Price: Free
Audience: Age 18+

Compared to other Battle Royales, Warzone is perhaps the simplest to jump into with its straightforward gameplay.

Despite its flaws, it remains popular, offering a satisfying experience whether you’re playing alone or with friends, as long as it’s running smoothly.

11. Risk of Rain 2

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Risk of Rain Two

Price: $24.99
Audience: Age 10+

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the games on PS5 that supports a keyboard and mouse. It’s a great game with over 7 characters, each with multiple unlockable skills. The console version has some bugs, but they’re working on fixing them. 

It’s still playable, and many players enjoy it. You should play it if you like Hades or Slay The Spire. 

It’s even better to convince a friend to get it so you can play multiplayer. The characters are unique, the items have interesting interactions, and the music is outstanding. Overall, it’s a fantastic game, especially for fans of roguelikes.

12. Planet Coaster Console Edition

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Planet Coaster

Price: $7.49
Audience: Age 3+

Adding mouse and keyboard support to PS5’s Planet Coaster: Console Edition is a brilliant move. If you prefer these peripherals over a controller, simply plug them in and start playing without adjusting settings. 

However, there are noticeable latency issues, especially with the mouse. This affects the overall experience compared to playing on a PC. It’s unclear whether this is a console or game issue, but it’s something that may improve with updates or require adaptation over time.

13. DayZ

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games DayZ

Price: $49.99
Audience: Age 18+

DayZ, a PS5 game that supports a keyboard and mouse, is a third-person survival game that embodies authenticity. It plunges players into a complex and harsh world where every choice matters. The game’s challenging gameplay and controls add to the immersive experience.

Despite its difficulty, the game offers rewarding experiences, such as teaming up with friends to navigate the terrain or encountering unexpected interactions with other players. 

DayZ may not aim for realism, but it successfully delivers an authentic sense of disorientation, fear, and desperation, making it a uniquely immersive experience for those willing to embrace its challenges.

If you’re a fan of adventure games, you’ll be happy to know that Grounded is coming to PS5 soon! Find out more about this exciting news here.

14. Neverwinter

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Neverwinter

Price: Free
Audience: Age 12+

This free-to-play MMO is available across multiple platforms, providing a lively player base and smooth performance on PC. Its combat system is fast-paced and enjoyable, with a good mix of story and combat content. 

The game offers a beginner-friendly experience with rapid progression, entertaining dungeons and raids, and regular in-game events to aid advancement.

Due to instanced quest areas early on, the game can feel more like a solo RPG. Reaching high item levels for top-tier content may require a significant time investment. PvP content is limited and challenging to access, and there’s an overwhelming amount of post-level 20 content to navigate. 

Moreover, the game features numerous currencies and limits, and some players criticize its pay-to-progress faster model.

15. Death Stranding

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Death Stranding

Price: $59.99
Audience: Age 17+

Death Stranding on PS5 offers a better experience due to the console’s hardware capabilities. Unlike many PS5 games, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut utilizes the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller effectively, enhancing immersion by simulating Sam’s balance and terrain. 

The inclusion of mouse and keyboard support is seamless, although the DualSense controller provides a more immersive experience.

The game runs smoothly, with minor drops in performance, regardless of whether you choose the “Quality Mode” targeting 60fps at native 4K resolution or the ‘Performance Mode’ with a dynamic 4K target. Load times are also minimal, making for a seamless gameplay experience.

16. Paladins

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games Paladins

Price: Free
Audience: Age 12+

Paladins: Champions of the Realm stands out among free-to-play hero shooters for its capacity for experimentation. With over 300 hours of gameplay, champions consistently offer new experiences, whether through teamwork or creative character designs.

The game offers thrilling gameplay similar to Overwatch. It maintains its addictive qualities on a new platform without compromising its appeal to casual players and professionals. Although competitive play has a learning curve, it’s still one of the console’s top multiplayer options.


PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Games SMITE

Price: Free
Audience: Age 12+

SMITE is decent as a free-to-play MOBA. Although there’s an issue raised by players – the one overpowered god, it’s still entertaining, especially for casual play. There’s a learning curve, but the enjoyment comes from mastering your main or trying new gods/builds.

Also, some features are available on PS4 that you may be unable to play on a PS5. 

18. Immortals Fenyx Rising

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Immortals Fenyx Rising

Price: $8.99
Audience: Age 12+

Immortals Fenyx Rising is way better than the demo, although it does have its frustrating moments, like wonky controls and poorly placed checkpoints, forcing you to repeat sections. 

However, if you’re not aiming for the platinum trophy, you can skip some of these annoyances and focus on the enjoyable parts.

19. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

PS5 Mouse and Keyboard Assassins Creed Valhalla

Price: $14.99
Audience: Age 18+

You might find “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” receiving mixed reviews. Some praise its DLC (Downloadable Content) and visuals, while others criticize technical issues and repetitive side missions. 

However, many consider it worthwhile due to its value and depth of gameplay. You can try playing this game on your PS5 using a mouse and keyboard pair. 

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What Keyboards Work With PS5?

These keyboards work with PS5:

  • Razer Turret.
    The Razer Turret is a great option for a wireless keyboard and mouse set for the PS5, but it comes with a higher price tag. The upside is that it works with both Xbox and PS5, so if you own both consoles, it’s a practical choice.
  • Redragon K555.
    It offers competitive performance with custom Blue mechanical switches that are loud but responsive. The keyboard’s durable construction, including ABS and aircraft-grade aluminum, ensures it will last for years.

    It’s a solid choice for gamers who want reliable performance without breaking the bank.
  • ASUS ROG Falchion.
    The Falchion offers Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless modes without noticeable lag during gaming or regular use. Its impressive battery life provides hours of uninterrupted gaming on a single charge, and the USB Type-C port ensures fast charging.
  • Logitech K400 Plus.
    The Logitech K400 Plus lacks Bluetooth and backlighting, making it less suitable for home theatre PC setups. However, it offers a built-in trackpad, volume control buttons, media hotkeys, and a left mouse click button for convenient navigation.
  • Corsair K55 RGB PRO.
    The Corsair K55 RGB Pro is a spacious RGB gaming keyboard boasting 120 keys for a commanding experience. While it’s large on your desk, it’s affordable for those seeking an RGB keyboard with plenty of features.

Check out SteelSeries and Amazon for more keyboards compatible with PS5. 

Why Won’t Your Keyboard Work on Your PS5?

Your keyboard may not work on your PS5 due to compatibility, connection issues, settings, outdated drivers, or hardware problems. Try troubleshooting these issues or contact customer support for assistance.

Adjust keyboard settings in the PS5 menu under “Devices” if you haven’t yet. Also, make sure that your keyboard supports PS5. Otherwise, no matter what you try, it won’t work at all.

Which Mouse Works on PS5?

Razer Basilisk V3, Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless, and Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless are some of the mouse devices that work on PS5. You can also order a keyboard and mouse pair instead of buying them separately. 

For a longer list of mouse devices for your PS5, head to Amazon

Some pro gamers use wireless mice now that wireless technology has improved, narrowing the performance gap with wired mice. Yet, many still favor wired mice for their reliability and lack of battery issues. The decision often depends on personal preference and the game’s demands.

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