What Does the Moon Mean on Discord? [+ How to Change It]

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For new Discord users, the yellow moon icon on Discord might be more and more familiar, and they might be wondering what it means. This moon icon on Discord can be found next to the username of the user’s chat list, indicating the user’s status.

On Discord, the meaning of the moon symbol remains a mystery to new users, and its importance might not be immediately known. In this article, we will delve into what the moon means on Discord and explore other status icons.

What Does the Moon mean on Discord

What Does the Moon Mean on Discord?

The moon symbol on Discord means that the user has not interacted with Discord for a certain period, usually between 5-10 minutes. However, he is still logged on Discord. It is an idle status that can be found among the various status icons on Discord that signify the user’s current mode on the platform.

If you are acquainted with AFK (Away From Keyboard), the Discord moon icon means nearly the same thing. When a user is on Discord but hasn’t looked at it in their browser or computer for a while, their status will automatically change to idle, and the moon icon will show right next to their name.

The moon symbol on Discord is comparable to the sleep function various computers have that they can use to save energy. Still, the only major difference is that on Discord, the status is used to show that the person you are looking for might not immediately respond to you.

Yellow Moon Icon Doesn’t Mean “Do Not Disturb”

It is important to note that this Discord idle status meaning is different from the “Do Not Disturb” status meaning. The “Do Not Disturb” status shows that the user is unavailable and may not want to receive or respond to notifications.

However, the yellow idle status or moon icon is a quick and effective way to show others you are busy or not actively using the platform, but you are ready to jump online when a notification or alert arises. You don’t care if they “disturb” you.

Learn more about what is the Do Not Disturb status in Discord and how to use it effectively.

What Do Other Discord Symbols Mean?

What Do Other Discord Symbols Mean?

With different features on Discord, each feature usually has an icon to help distinguish it from the rest. This makes it easier for new users who find distinguishing difficult. Here are some of the symbols you may find on Discord:

  • Red Icon.
    The Red icon on Discord shows that the user has set their status to “Do Not Disturb” (DND). In this mode, the users will not receive notifications or calls on Discord. You may also notice a red circle white dot on your Windows taskbar if you have unread messages.

  • Gray Icon.
    The grey icon on Discord indicates that the user is offline and has their status set to invisible. Offline users cannot chat or interact with others on the platform, as they appear offline to other users. The user can manually set it. When a Discord account is disabled it will show this status.

  • Green Icon.
    The green icon on Discord indicates the user is online and is shown at the bottom of your avatar. This means the user is available and can actively interact with others on the platform.

  • Purple Icon.
    The purple Icon on Discord shows that the user is streaming and might be streaming live games or any other activities. The status is visible, and other users on Discord can join the stream. Normally, the icon appears next to the user’s username on multiple parts of the Discord interface, such as the chat windows.

It is worth noting that these symbols’ appearance might differ depending on the device you are using. For instance, if you are using a laptop or a computer, the red dot may appear as a circle, while it may appear as a solid dot on a smartphone.

Read more about the colored code on the Discord support page

What Does the Phone Icon Mean on Discord?

The phone icon on Discord means that a user is logged into their Discord account from his mobile and is currently engaged. It is displayed on the right side of your Discord username. It is important to note that the phone icon has nothing to be with being available for a call.

The phone icon only appears when the user is actively engaged, slightly different from what the Discord moon icon means. If the user is not using the Discord app, the phone icon will not appear. This doesn’t happen with the moon icon, which appears as long as the user is still logged into Discord.

Phone Icon Vs Moon Icon – Discord

The only similarity between the phone icon and the moon icon meaning on Discord is that they both allow communication on Discord. Otherwise, the two are different and have specific functions and meanings.

Can You Change Your Online Discord Status?

Yes, you can change your online Discord status. Changing your online Discord status is an easy process that can be done via the Discord app on your device by clicking on your profile picture. You can even set a “custom” status.

While Discord gives you a great way to chat, it can be disruptive, especially when you don’t want people to know you are online and can receive messages or notifications.

How to Change Your Online Discord Status

Depending on the status you set, Discord status is a great way to tell yourself and particularly your friends about your online status. So, changing your status helps convey your availability to others. Here is how you can do it:

  • Step 1. Open your “Discord App”.

  • Step 2. Click on your “Profile Picture”.

    It is placed at the bottom left corner of the app.

    How To Change Your Online Discord Status-Step 2
  • Step 3. Click on your current status.

    How To Change Your Online Discord Status-Step 3
  • Step 4. Change your online status.

    How To Change Your Online Discord Status-Step 4

Learn more about this on the Discord page.

Alternatively, you can open your status settings and set a custom Discord status. You can also add a custom status message on the set a custom status button and save your changes.

Note: Changing your online Discord status will depend on the device you are using, but you shouldn’t notice a major difference.

What Is the Role of Discord Statuses?

Discord statuses display the user’s current activity or availability on the Discord platform. They comprise various states that serve as easily changeable notification settings: Online, Offline, Invisible, Do Not Disturb, and Custom Status.

Moreover, they allow users to personalize their online appearance by showing custom messages and emojis that express their current activities, moods, or interests. Also, they allow users to choose their privacy. For instance, users can choose to limit or hide their online status.


Not knowing what the yellow moon means on Discord can be frustrating, so it is essential to be updated on what it means. On Discord, the moon symbol means the user is inactive or idle. The yellow icon on mobile means the same thing as the moon icon.

When a user sets their status to idle, the moon icon will appear next to their name, indicating the person’s unavailability.

Apart from the moon icon, other icons allow users to communicate their state. So, whether it’s the red dot, green dot, or custom message, users can use the various status options to convey their preferences to others.

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