7 Best React Books For Beginners & Seniors [2024]

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Looking to learn React.js in-depth? Are you here as a beginner or professional? We have you covered in this article – expect the best React books from beginner to expert, there is something for everyone.

Books are a great way to learn React.js, the JavaScript library which is declarative and component-based. It is a technology so popular within the companies that you will see a lot of job applications, so it is definitely worthwhile choosing the best React JS books to enhance your JavaScript skills.

Looking to learn JavaScript first? Check out these amazing books to learn JS from beginner to advanced level.

List Of Best React Books For Beginners And Seniors

Top 5 Best React Books 2023: Beginner To Expert

So no matter if you are a beginner or an expert looking for a good reference book, you will surely find something to match your skill level with the best React JS books we have selected.

We’ll start off by looking at some beginner-level books and then move on to the best React books for advanced developers. So let’s start with our list of the best books to learn React:

1. The Road To React

The Road To React - One of the best React.js books

Price: $29.99
Level: Beginner
Audience: People looking to learn the react core from scratch

This book will take you from zero to one with learning the basics of React JS and help you fully understand the core of the framework. A winner for being one of the best React JS books.

Definitely, one of the best React books for a beginner, as this book focuses on the fundamentals of React JS and guides you through building a complete React JS application step by step.

Each chapter builds upon the knowledge that you learn, so the book is very progressive with each page.

2. Learning React

Learning React - A great React.js Book

Price: $69.67
Level: Beginner To Intermediate
Audience: People new to web development that want to gain an edge on development with React.js

Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux, focuses on functional web development with core React JS and Redux – an advanced way of building many components.

Learn how to build efficient user interfaces with React JS and key concepts like functional programming, presentation layers, and component trees. This book will help you understand what React does for you under the hood, building up your skills as a web developer with JavaScript.

3. React and React Native

React and React Native - A Top Book For React

Price: $33.24
Level: Beginner Intermediate
Audience: For those who know JS well but need to learn React JS quickly

If you already know JavaScript quite well and want to learn React JS, this book is for you. It gets you up to scratch with the features of React JS quickly and focuses on key features like React Hooks, best practices with React, and understanding more advanced features like GraphQL.

This book is still a great choice for beginners, but it touches on some more advanced topics that you will experience in the real world – so it is one of the best React books for learning the future with React after learning the core, something which this book provides on both.

You will also get to build web applications for both mobile and desktop platforms, introducing you to some common React JS tools and projects.

4. React 17 – Design Patterns and Best Practices

React 17 - One of the best React books

Price: $31.15
Level: Advanced
Audience: Professionals who want to fine-tune their skills with React.js and learn best practices and design patterns

This book is for professionals who are capable React.js developers and fully understand the web development progress, but want to learn about advanced design patterns and best practises.

It is for advanced developers who wish to fine-tune their skills in building JavaScript web applications. You can easily get up to speed with industry-standard design patterns when using React.js – something that will look amazing on your CV/resume.

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It talks about advanced React topics like GraphQL and React Suspense, how to write faster web applications and optimise for higher traffic. You will get an understanding of antipatterns to be avoided and how to test and get an app production-ready in the real world.

5. Beginning React

Beginning React - A Great React Book

Price: $16.99
Level: Beginners
Audience: For beginners who want to learn React quick.

As the name of the book indicates this is a perfect book for beginners. It is a 160 pages easy-to-read book that explains the very basics of React so anyone can learn React from the scratch.

It contains examples that are also available through Github, which makes it ideal for a quick copy and paste.

Bear in mind most of the code is using class-based components instead of the current trend of using React hooks. The same author wrote another book explaninig hooks: “Beginning React Hooks”.

6. React Explained

React Explained - An Amazing React Book

Price: $21.95
Level: Beginners & Intermediate
Audience: Ideal for those getting into React or those who want to clarify concepts.

The book is perfect for those wanting to learn React and really getting to know how things are done on React and why they are done in such a way. Something, not all books tend to cover.

React Explained includes a great introduction getting into details on how React works internally and providing a better understanding of the framework. Then, it gets more into more advanced techniques.

It comes with good and easy-to-follow examples that will come in handy to understand the theory.

7. HTML To React

HTML To React - An Amazing React Book For Beginners

Price: $45
Level: Beginner
Audience: People looking to learn React JS from scratch and how to pair it with HMTL and CSS

A great book which will introduce you into the world of web development with React JS. Whenever you build a web application, you will end up at some point working with HTML and CSS, this book pairs them together and teaches you how they can work with React JS.

You are given over 50 interesting projects ideas and will build mini-applications along the way. Straight to the point examples that are simple and easy to follow. Focuses on many aspects of React JS like event handling, two-way binding, and React Hooks.

To get an idea of what a React JS component looks like, fullPage.js has its own React wrapper that you can use to build gorgeous full-screen scrollable websites. A great way to learn HTML structures and styling as well.

What is the best React book?

The best react book is the one that better fits your needs. If you are a beginner a great book can be “The Road To React” or “Learning React”. While if you are a React senior, a good book to read is “React 17 – Design Patterns and Best Practices” or even “React Explained” if your level is intermediate.

How do you learn React quickly?

The fastest way to learn React is by practicing it. Reading won’t be enough. Make sure to try the examples on tutorials or books and then try to modify them slightly. Some books will come with exercises to do and with the possible solutions, which will make the learning process much easier and faster.

However, note different people learn in different ways, but feel free to read our opinion on what’s the best way to learn JavaScript if you need some tips.

What is React JS used for?

React JS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript-based library. You can use it to build user interfaces that are based on components. React JS is a framework you can use to create an application in the browser, manage data and handle events, efficiently rendering the display layer.

React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the world for building user interfaces and server sided rendered content. That’s why it is used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Facebook, Airbnb, Discord and Instagram to name a few. And you could be next on the list!

Should I Learn React Online Or Through A Book?

It totally depends on your learning style. If you prefer reading, then a book will advance your learning more but, if you are a more interactive learner, a video course or an online tutorial will help you progress better.

Check out our list with the Best React Courses if you are more into online video courses.

Everyone learns in different ways and has their own learning style, such as visual, logical, kinaesthetic etc. Some people love learning by doing, by “getting their hands dirty” and basically by playing trial and error.

If you are one of those, feel free to check our top websites ideas to build or some website projects for students.

While you are “on the road” one of these suggested React JS books will give you the theory to sustain your work.

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