The web development space has so many segments to it. The jobs that entail within this sector are abundant and there is a lot of emerging technology throughout the web industry.

Web development is a great place to start, there are loads of resources to get started, loads of courses online to learn new skills, something which you can also learn about with required web developer skills that I wrote about.

Why Create Your Own Website Project as a Student?

One of the best ways to improve your web developer skills is to get started on a project, something that you can actually start to build and face real-world issues during development. You can join all the courses or read all the books but you won’t learn real skills until you develop something from scratch yourself.

It may feel like you are throwing yourself in the deep end but you’ll be much more competent afterward.

Why Create your own website project as a student?

You may be looking to improve your web developer skills or you may have been given a college assignment to complete a website project yourself. Either way, it will be a great journey to complete a project yourself. That’s why we have pre-selected a list of website project ideas ideal for your final project as a student.

Some Ideas to Make a Website as a Final Project

Here are some great website project ideas for students:

  1. Single Page Portfolio Website
  2. News Website With Slider
  3. To-do List App
  4. Code-snippet storage
  5. JavaScript Drawing Canvas
  6. CSS Grid Layout
  7. Calendar App

Each student website project idea will be easy enough to complete as a beginner but hard enough to challenge you, a good balance between being practical and something you can be proud of.

And remember, you may be reinventing the wheel but it doesn’t matter, these website project ideas are for students, for you to learn and understand what goes on in the real world.

Let’s start!

1. Single-Page Portfolio Website

This student website project idea can be more interesting than it seems. It holds so much value to it. Even though we will give just a general idea, you can spin this one into your own. Pick a design for a single-page website: a photography portfolio, a web developer portfolio or even a video portfolio - The choice is pretty much endless.

I’ve written about photography websites before and different website layouts. With this idea, you can really show off your skills and piece together graphic design, CSS animations and web developing skills in general.

You can add as many things as you consider to make it more complex. Comment system connected with a database, newsletter subscriptions, work on performance, play with SEO, etc.

You can even use some made-up components that might help with your portfolio design such as fullPage.js - A JavaScript library that allows you to create beautiful full-screen websites that will include all the features to show off your work: easy navigation, large media elements, responsiveness, etc. Check it out!

2. News Website With Slider

News Website With Slider

If you are looking to build something that has more requirements for both front and backend, this one's for you. This website project idea for students is based around a news website where articles can be posted, maybe even supporting multiple authors and profiles between them.

The website can be used to display a range of different articles on a topic of your choosing. There could be a website homepage that shows off the currently available articles - You could even get fancy with this and rotate articles based on date or view count, etc.

If you are looking to challenge yourself more, once the frontend is done you could program a backend that allows you to post an article and save it to a database. Or maybe even add a comment system… The feature list is endless! For the frontend as well, it would be amazing to create a news website slider to showcase popular articles on the site.

3. To-do List App

To-do List Website Project Idea for Students

Everyone has heard of a to-do list website in some form or another. This can easily be built and is a great way to learn a wide range of skills. Both front and backend skills.

Expect to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the frontend. You can easily set up routine tasks, reminders, and task groups. For the backend, a simple Node.js application or something built with PHP and linked up with MySQL would work fine.

There are many features to a to-do list so you can pick ones which you are interested in. Could be a file upload, group labels, kanban boards, etc.

To push this website project idea for students even further, you could implement a login/register system, there are many frameworks that help you with this.

4. Code Snippet Storage

Code Snippet Storage Project Idea

As a programmer, you will have come across lots of different ways of doing things and maybe you wanted to save snippets of code to help you remember things?

That is where a code snippet manager will come in handy, some will even have an HTML & CSS sandbox to test code in as well. However, it’s great to keep useful bits of code organized and saved somewhere safe.

A code snippet website app will allow you to make a frontend and backend. You will need somewhere to save these code snippets, a database like MySQL would work nicely. Other features like sharing, snippet groups, and a notes section might be a good idea to push this project idea for students further.

We are sure your programming teachers will love this website idea for students and maybe they will start using it for their job!

If you want some recommendations for a database management tool, check out our review on TablePlus, available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

5. JavaScript Drawing Canvas

JavaScript Drawing Canvas Project Idea

Ever wanted to make your own art studio online? Have you been inspired to make something like the Windows Paint program? You could make your own online website for drawing and art creation.

By using HTML5 you can use a canvas with the addition of CSS and JavaScript to create your own paint tool. Add buttons for different pens, colors, and shapes.

Then you could even add a backend for people to log in and save their work or share it with others via a generated URL, you don’t have to go that far but the possibilities are endless. Perfect for a student website project.

6. CSS Grid Layout

If you are looking to test your frontend design skills, CSS grid layouts are a fantastic way to build a complex design that is both responsive and great for displaying lots of content. This website project idea for students will take advantage of CSS Grid or CSS Flexbox properties.

CSS grid offers a layout system that works best for a page with busy content, take this example from the website and their grid system:

CSS Grid Layout Project For Student

This is a classic example of why a CSS grid system works so well for busy sites. You could make an app or design to do with images, news articles, or build something to display videos. Either way, a CSS grid system is a great way to show off your CSS skills and build a layout that is responsive and flexible.

7. Calendar App

Calendar App Project for Student

This website project idea for students could be done by building a nice frontend website that displays a calendar. We see the use of calendars in email services like Gmail and Outlook. They are good ones to get inspiration from.

You could adapt this student website project idea to add different features like events, link up with work tasks, schedules, and meetings, etc. Maybe you can mix this website project idea with the to-do list project mentioned before.

With this website project, you would need to build both the frontend and backend so that a user could save their calendar items for later. It would be a good idea to add a cache system so items are not downloaded from the server all the time.

Final Thoughts

I truly believe that starting your own project is such a great way to learn new skills and get stuck in with your interests. Web development has many segments and starting a project can help you find what you enjoy.

With all these website project ideas for students, hopefully, you have found some inspiration. Don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed either, at first it might feel like you are in the deep end but you would be surprised how quickly you can learn something, especially in the world of web development, there are so many resources out there.

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