9 Best Free Roku Channels [✓ How to Get Them]

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Are you curious about the top shows on Roku? If so, Roku has a list of free channels that provide a variety of options for all ages and genre preferences. Certain channels have specific content, while others offer a variety of options, including live TV.

Roku Free Channels List

So, which Roku channels offer free programs? Keep reading to find out the complete list of channels that provide free shows. This article also provides a comprehensive review of the best channels and how to access them.

Is Roku 100% Free?

No, Roku isn’t 100% free. While there’s no additional service fee after purchasing a Roku streaming device, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee for channels like Hulu and Netflix. Roku subscriptions provide premium features such as access to exclusive cable content.

Channels accessible on Roku via subscription include Prime Video, Sling TV, and Apple TV. However, there are several free channels that offer equally entertaining content.

Get more information about Roku’s free and paid subscription services from Roku’s Official Website

List of the Best Roku Free Channels

Roku has over 350 free channels. Several offer live and popular movies, updated show episodes, documentaries, news, and sports content.

Here are the best Roku free channels: 

1. Tubi

Tubi Roku free Channel List

Tubi is a popular Roku channel that streams movies and TV shows on demand. It offers access to various live programs and genres, providing entertainment based on your preferences or mood. For instance, there are comedy specials from stars like Katt Williams that brighten your day.

Tubi mainly offers classic and new movies and TV shows. But since it’s a free channel, you will have to deal with ads, which can be bothersome.

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV Roku free Channel List

Pluto TV is another fantastic free Roku channel that offers a variety of shows. It stands out because it has more than 250 linear TV channels. It streams on-demand content, such as movies, news, and sports.

The channel also offers anime and lifestyle shows that cater to specific viewers.

Like Tubi, Pluto operates through ads. Therefore, be prepared for commercial breaks when streaming your favorite programs.

3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Roku free Channel List

Crunchyroll is an excellent option for anime enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of genres for anime series and films, including heartwarming romance, comedy, action, thriller, and drama anime content. You can also watch action-packed shows like Naruto and Attack On Titan.

The best part? You can easily access these shows through Crunchyroll’s user-friendly interface.

Additionally, Crunchyroll has updated content, including weekly episodes of popular anime. However, dubbed versions of these shows may take longer to upload. Manga (anime-comic content) is also available, which provides an option for those who enjoy reading and watching anime.

If you’re a Samsung TV user, you can also get Crunchyroll on your device.

4. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel Free List

When you buy a Roku device, you can access The Roku Channel, which features some of the best original shows and premium content. The channel partners with Xumo to provide additional free services. 

Like Tubi, the Roku TV free content on the channel includes classic and mainstream cable programs. You do not need an account, but signing up for one gives you access to various benefits.

For instance, you can pause a movie or show and continue streaming from a different device. You can also receive personalized program recommendations.

5. Crackle

Crackle Roku free Channel List

Crackle is one of the best streaming providers on the Roku free channel list. Unlike Tubi, which mainly offers classic shows and movies, Crackle features new releases. Its diverse offerings, like reality TV, kids & family programs, series, and movies, make it an all-in-one channel.

The platform is user-friendly, with an easily accessible genre section, and provides recommendations if you are unsure what to watch. Alternatively, you can use the search bar on Crackle’s interface to quickly access specific shows and genres.

Creating a Crackle account also unlocks additional features such as parental control, captions, and the ability to watch later. You’ll also unlock features like a parental lock and receive fewer ads.

6. Peacock TV

Peacock Roku free Channel List

Roku users can enjoy the luxury of watching Peacock TV’s premium content. The channel offers exclusive shows such as live sports, game highlights, and WWE. You’ll also find numerous on-demand movies and series if no live events are streaming.

However, many hit shows, including Peacock’s original productions, have limited access. For instance, you’ll get fewer show episodes or seasons if you don’t have a paid subscription. Still, some shows are free to watch so that you can make the most of your Roku TV.

To see if a show requires a subscription, look for a purple feature icon at the top left of the show’s banner.

7. NewsON

NewsON Roku free Channel List

Roku’s free channels list also caters to News content lovers. NewsON is one of the channels offering US local content. It combines content from 200 local news stations, including live events, ensuring you are always updated. 

If you miss out on daily updates, NewsON offers previously broadcasted news for up to 48 hours. The platform lets you search for preferred content. This can help you when researching specific topics. 

You can also explore NewsON partner stations to get more data on breaking and trending events. 

Get more information on NewsON from the Roku Website


STIRR Roku free Channel List

STIRR is another US local news provider. It has over 120 local channels and streaming topics like news, sports, movies, and trending videos. You can catch live events on STIRR and get updates on your favorite sports teams and ongoing local State events. 

STIRR’s on-demand content, like reality TV and classic movies, can keep you entertained without ongoing live events. You can use VPN services to access STIRR content if you’re not from the US. VPN providers like NordVPN are a reliable and secure option. 

9. Popcornflix

Popcornflix Roku free Channel List

Your favorite movie is a click-through Popcornflix. The platform offers blockbuster on-demand movies like American Conjuring, Ice Age, and A Boy and His Dog. 

Popcornflix also has original programs for more exclusive entertainment. They include movies like The Void, Cold Blood, Ride, and Adult Life Skills. 

Like other shows in the Roku free 2024 channel list, Popcornflix includes ads to supplement the free content. This should be fine, considering the array of streaming offerings. 

10. CBS Sports Stream

CBS Sports Roku free Channel List

Gather around, sports enthusiasts, and enjoy Roku’s CBS Sports content! CBS Sports Stream has various sports genres, catering to everyone’s game preferences. This includes live college events like the NCAA (college basketball). Other live broadcasts include NFL games, PGA Tours, UEFA Champions League, and the NBA. 

Moreover, CBS Sports features on-demand content, enabling audiences to rewatch missed games. Alternatively, you can watch the highlights of a game on programs like CBS Sports HQ. 

For gamblers and fantasy players, CBS Sports has various channels and shows giving insights on specific games and players. They can provide helpful information, such as injury updates and game schedule changes. 

11. Happykids TV

Happykids TV Roku free Channel List

Are you looking to entertain or keep your kids busy? Happykids TV offers the best program options for kids of all age groups. The popular shows offered by this channel include Cocomelon, Paw Patrol, Blippi, Pup Tales, and Care Bears. 

This kid’s channel also airs family movies like Seventeen Again, Zoey Max, and Antboy. It also offers holiday-themed movies, which are great shows to watch when you want to join your kid’s entertainment time. 

12. Adult Swim

Adult Swim Roku free Channel List

Adult Swim offers mature content if you’re an adult who likes cartoons. For instance, it airs Rick and Morty and The Venture Bros. You can also watch exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes footage and creator interviews. This provides an extra layer of engagement if you’re a dedicated fan.

Adult Swim frequently updates its free content. You can easily navigate the channel layout to access these shows and interact with hit shows. There’s a clear categorization of shows, thus making it easy to distinguish current episodes and archived content. 

How to Get Free Channels on Roku

Here’s how to get free channels on Roku:

Method 1. Use Your Roku Device

Here are steps for using your Roku device to find or add channels:

  • Step 1. Press the remote “Home” button to access “Home Screen”. 
  • Step 2. Go to “Streaming Channels”. 

    Access Roku Streaming channels Section
  • Step 3. Press “OK” to highlight the preferred channel. 
  • Step 4. Select “Add Channel”

    Add Channel to Roku list
  • Step 5. Press the “OK” button to complete the process. 
  • Step 6. Press the “Home” button to access the new channel.   

Get more details on adding channels from Roku Support

Method 2. Through the Roku Mobile App

The Roku mobile app offers an alternative way to watch, add, or remove channels without a remote. You can also use the mobile app when traveling or during work breaks. 

Here’s how to add channels through the mobile app:

  • Step 1. Go to the mobile app’s “Channel Store”
  • Step 2. Tap the channel you want and choose “Add Channel”. 

    Add Roku Channel
  • Step 3. Enter your “PIN”. 

Important: The new channel should be added to your Roku TV free channel list. If you cannot see the added channel, update the device through “Settings > System > System Update”.

Watch Roku Shows For Free!

That’s all we have on the complete list of Roku channels! This article highlights the best streaming providers.

There are plenty of options available, with most channels offering a variety of genres for viewers to choose from. All of them feature interactive interfaces for convenient access to your favorite programs.

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