Enable Third-party Cookies on Safari [Mac – iPhone – iPad]

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First of all, what are third-Party cookies?

Third-party cookies are created by websites other than the one you are visiting. As the name suggests (third-party), they are made by external parties focused on advertising, retargeting, and providing tracking services.

Like standard cookies, third-party cookies store information about the user that the domain that collects them can use later.

Unlike first-party cookies, which try to improve the user experience on the web, third-party cookies are focused on enhancing online marketing, primarily through image advertising. They save user information that includes: gender, age, and user behavior (to determine things like what the users favor and what they avoid.)

The cookies present personalized ads that promote online marketing campaigns based on the user information collected. You can decide whether enable third-party cookies on your web browser or block them.

In this article, you will learn how to enable third-party cookies on Safari.

Does Safari Support Third-Party Cookies?

Safari is one of the most prominent web browsers currently in use. It is the default web browser for Apple devices. For security reasons, third-party cookies are blocked on Safari by default.

However, you can enable third-party cookies on Safari by following a few simple steps on any of your Apple devices. Whether you have a MacBook, an iPhone, or an iPad, let’s talk about enabling the cookies.

How Do I Allow Third-Party Cookies on Safari?

Here are the steps to enable third-party cookies on Safari. IOS (iPhone and iPad) settings are the same because they share the same operating system.

Allow Third-party Cookies On Mac

  • Launch the Safari browser by clicking its icon (it looks like a blue compass).

  • Click “Safari”, which is next to the Apple icon.

    Click in Safari, next to the Apple logo
  • A dropdown menu will appear from which you can select “Preferences”.

    Click in Preferences to access General Settings of Safari.
  • Click the “Privacy” tab, which is in the top panel.

    Select Privacy Tab in Preferences Settings
  • Navigate to “Cookies and Website Data” and un-tick the option “Block all cookies”. This will allow 3rd party cookies on Safari.

    Deselect Block all cookies to enable third-party cookies on Safari

Allow Third-Party Cookies on iPhone/iPad iOS 11

  • Go to “Settings”.

    Click on Settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down to “Safari” and click on it.

    Click on Safari to enter the App Settings
  • Under “Privacy and Security” turn off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. Also, turn off “Block All Cookies” (Turning off makes the green bar go white.)

    Turn off the settings to enable third-party cookies on Safari

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Allow Third Party Cookies on iPad iOS 10 and others

  • Go to “Settings”.

    Click on Settings on your Ipad
  • Scroll down to Safari and click on it.

    Scroll down and click on Safari
  • Under “Privacy and Security”, click on “Block All Cookies” .

    Click on Block Cookies
  • Select “Always Allow” or “Allow from Websites I Visit” from the dropdown menu. This will allow 3rd party cookies on Safari.

    Select 'Always allow' or 'Allow from Websites I Visit'

How Do I Stop Safari from Blocking Third-Party Cookies?

Safari is set to block third-party cookies automatically. However, if you use a MacBook and need the browser to stop blocking third-party cookies, you can follow the steps mentioned above to enable third-party cookies on Safari.

At step five, deselect the option “Block Cookies” under the cookies and website data. However, this option allows cookies from all websites to be displayed, which might disrupt your browsing experience.

Deselect the option 'Block Cookies' under the Privacy Tab

To cut down the number of websites that display cookies, you can check the option “Allow from websites I visit.” With this option, Safari won’t be able to block third-party cookies on the websites you visit frequently with this option enabled, allowing you to browse uninterrupted and conveniently.