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Roblox is the center of many games that people from all around the world enjoy. However, certain games are better enjoyed with friends, which is where this excellent voice chat function comes in handy.

Voice chat enhances the gaming experience in games such as Flex Your Account Age, Mic Up, and Roblox Community Space. Fortunately, this article will explain how to turn on voice chat in Roblox.

How To Get voice chat on Roblox

How To Get Roblox Voice Chat On Pc?

Roblox noted in a blog article that spatial voice function would only be available to individuals who have confirmed that they’re over 13.

Roblox says that by doing so, they are safeguarding the platform’s more impressionable users from potentially objectionable information or events unsuitable for a younger audience.

Remember you can always mute someone on Roblox too. This way you won’t get annoyed by other players if you want to disable their voice chat.

Follow the steps below to utilize the Spatial Voice feature:

Step 1: Go to Account Settings

Open Roblox, sign up, and go to the Account settings.

roblox account setting

Step 2: Verify Your Age ID

verify age for roblox

To validate your age on Roblox, you’ll have to use the Roblox app and access your phone’s camera. Users may simply take a picture of their ID card, passport, and driver’s license, which Roblox’s image processor will process for verification.

After the scan is finished, users will be invited to snap a picture to establish their “liveness” and “likeness.” Images from the photo library will not be permitted owing to their increasingly static nature, so ready to put on your best photo face!

Step 3: Go To Privacy Settings To Enable The Voice

Privacy Settings - Enable Voice Chat

The settings menu may turn voice chat on and off after you’ve validated your age. On a PC, search for the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select the Privacy tab from the settings menu.

Find and click the three-dot circle in the lower right-hand corner of your mobile device. Then, scroll down until you come across the cog symbol. Once you’ve done that, click it and then select Privacy.

By selecting this tab, you may access your privacy settings on your PC and mobile device.

Make sure you have updated Roblox on your PC or Mac to get the best user experience.

Step 4: Confirm The Change In Toggle Color

You should see the caption Enable voice chat and a small button under the title Beta Features. When you click this button, voice chat will be enabled, and the button will change from grey to green.

Currently, it doesn’t seem that there’s really a method to toggle voice chat out of an Xbox right now, so you’ll need to use the Roblox app or the website to switch it on or off.

Now that you know how to enable Voice Chat, check out the 13 best games with voice chat for Roblox!

How To Get Voice Chat On Roblox Mobile?

Roblox users must be at least 13 years old and have an age-verified account to use the new voice chat feature. To validate your age on and get voice chat on your mobile device, do the following:

Step 1: Launch The Roblox Application

Step 2: Click The “Three Dots” Nenu Symbol

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Click Three Dots

Step 3: Go To “Settings”

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Go To Settings

Step 4: Select “Account Info”

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Select Account Info

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Step 5: Fill Up Your Dob Under Personal And Click “Verify My Age”

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Verify Your Age

Step 6: Follow The Procedures To Verify Your Age

You must have a legitimate form of identification and snap a selfie to confirm your identity versus your ID.

If your information is correct and approved, account verification should take only a few minutes after you submit it.

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Follow Instructions To Verify Age

Step 7: Go to “Settings” Again, Click on “Privacy” and Toggle “Enable Voice Chat”

Roblox Voice Chat on Mobile - Toggle Enable Voice Chat

Make sure to check how much data Roblox uses if you are using a 3G/4G connection on your phone.

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