Some of the content of your section might be left outside the viewport if:

  • Scrollbars are disabled.
  • And the content of your section is bigger than the screen height.

The solution is to enable the Scroll Overflow option.

This will create an in-section scrollbar in your section/slide in case its content is bigger than the height of it. When set to true, your content will be wrapped by the plugin.

Check the documentation about the Gutenberg ScrollOverflow option and Elementor ScrollOverflow option

You have different options to customize the behavior of the scrollbars:

  • Show Scroll Overflow Scrollbars: the scrollbars will be visible when enabled. Otherwise, it will be not visible, however still able to scroll inside the section.

  • Fade Scroll Overflow Scrollbars: Fades the scroll bars when not used.

  • Interactive Scroll Overflow Scrollbars: The scrollbars can be clickable and scrollable by mouse when enabled

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