Wondering how can you implement fullPage.js on a Wix site? Well, to be honest, we have not tried it. There are so many website builders nowadays and we literally don't have the time to try integrating it in all of them.

However, you can try to implement it by yourself.

Try fullsnap.io, the new and free fullpage.js website builder!

Remember that you can actually test fullpage.js without any key for free. You'll get an error in the JS console but you can still use it. You can download it here or find the code on Github. You can also use different CDNs and services like npm and bower. More about it in the documentation.

If you decide to give it a try, please be are aware that none of the fullpage.js licenses include email support for questions related to the integration of fullpage.js in other programming languages, frameworks, or CMS (such as Wix, Squarespace, etc.) Therefore, if you have any doubt while integrating it, you must create a topic in the Github issues forum rather than sending us an email.

If you still want to use it but can't find a builder where you can easily do it, we recommend you fullsnap.io, our official full-page web editor. It's like Wix, but especially aimed at creating fast and beautiful scroll snap pages without code and for free!

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