15 Amazing 8-Player Switch Games of 2024 (Updated!)

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With the exploration of technology, especially the creation of handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch, games have reached a whole other level.

Now, most games are multiplayer and you can gather all your friends to play the same game with you. Nintendo Switch 8-player games are an example of this evolution.

8-Player Switch Games

If you are looking for some good Nintendo Switch games to play with friends, here is a list of some of the best 8-player switch games for you to explore.

Best 8-Player Switch Games

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8-Player Switch Game

Price: $59.99 – $84.98
Genre: Action, multiplayer
Audience: everyone

Mario Kart is one of the best games and has been a fan favorite for many years.

Like many other Nintendo games, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth the cost!

Kids and adults alike have played this game for ends, and the one thing that makes this game one of the best 8-player games on Nintendo Switch is the great storyline and wonderful graphics of the game.

2. Splatoon 3

Splatoon3 - Best 8-Player Nintendo Switch Games

Price: $59.99 – $84.98
Genre: Action, Multiplayer
Audience: 10+

If you are a fan of action and adventure, Splatoon 3 is one of the best 8-player Nintendo Switch games out there.

The great thing about this game is that it has colorful graphics, great character design, and a simple format that can be installed on any device.

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch Game

Price: $59.99 – $79.99
Genre: adventure, multiplayer
Audience: everyone

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a wonderful game for Nintendo Switch and has some of the original and most iconic characters of Super Smash Bros games.

This game is as nostalgic for the older players as it is fun for the younger ones.

So, if you’re looking for a game to play with your friends to relive memories or your siblings to create new memories, this game is perfect for you.

4. Minecraft

Minecraft - Best 8-Player Switch Games

Price: $29.99 – $39.99
Genre: adventure, action, strategy, simulation
Audience: 10+

Minecraft is another fan favorite that has been around for years but still manages to be at the top of the best games list.

It is a game about building your surroundings out of blocks and going on adventures.

This is one of the best 8-player Switch games you can play with your friends or family, build amazing things from a house to the grandest castles, and enjoy your journey through the process.

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5. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary (Discounted!)

Duke Nuken Nintendo Switch Game

Price: $9.99 $2.49 (75% off until 3/9/23 at 11:59 pm PT)
Genre: action, first-person, multiplayer
Audience: Mature

If you want to move out of the kiddie games, Duke Nuken 3D: 20t anniversary is a great 8-player Switch game for you.

With everything from aliens, weapons, bombing, and an apocalypse, this game is packed with equal parts excitement and joy.

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6. Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R - 8 Player Switch Game

Price: $39.99
Genre: Action, party, puzzle, multiplayer
Audience: 10+

Bomberman, a classic Nintendo game, is now back as Super Bomberman with more exciting features and better visuals.

The two modes of the game are perfect for two-player and eight-player configurations.

The Battle mode of this Nintendo Switch Game is perfect for 8-players and offers a unique challenge where the last man standing in a maze is the winner.

7. Farm Together

Farm Together - Nintendo Switch Game

Price: $19.99
Genre: simulation, lifestyle, multiplayer, strategy
Audience: everyone

If you are someone that loved the Facebook game Farmland, Farm together will be your new favorite game.

It is an incredibly sweet and simple game where you start from scratch, buy a plot, plant some crops, take care of animals, and live your dream of having a farm through this game.

8. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s mansion 3 Switch Game

Price: $59.99 – $69.98
Genre: action, adventure
Audience: everyone

If you are a fan of Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion is a great game for you to play with your friends and family.

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In this game, the light shifts from Mario as the savior to Luigi, who has to overcome his fears to save his friends trouble.

9. Knight Squad

Knight Squad - 8 Player Switch Game

Price: $14.99
Genre: arcade, action, party, multiplayer
Audience: 10+

Knight squad has to be the unique Nintendo Switch 8-player game out there, which claims to convert your friends into frenemies with its incredibly fun game modes.

The game has stunning visuals, but the best thing about it has to be the medieval weapons, laser guns, and miniguns which are the only weapons you’re allowed to use to kill your game nemesis.

10. Nerf Legends

Nerf Legends 8 Player Switch Game

Price: $9.99 – $59.99
Genre: action, adventure
Audience: Teens

Games are an excellent way to learn about the world and its potential to evolve.

In this futuristic version of NERF, you are thrust into a futuristic world with robots.

In it, you’ll have to use your Nerf Blasters to thwart your enemies and take back your world.

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11. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater - Multiplayer Game

Price: $39.99 – $49.99
Genre: action, sports
Audience: Teen

Have you always wished you could skate? Have you tried to and failed miserably?

Skating is a hard skill to learn and requires lots of practice.

But not with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, where you can skate to your heart’s desire with amazing background music and swift tricks to make all your enemies jealous.

12. Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect 8-Player Switch Game

Price: $39.99
Genre: action, adventure
Audience: Everyone

Tetris Effect is a game, unlike others with a stunning series of graphics.

The music, backgrounds, sounds, visuals, and special effects of the game are compelling enough to make the game insanely addictive.

13. Super Mario Strikers: Battle League

Super Mario Strikers Switch Game

Price: $59.99
Genre: sports
Audience: Everyone 10+

Sports games are always a great idea for large groups of friends, and if you’re tired of playing Fifa on end, Super Mario Strikers: Battle League is an excellent alternative.

The one thing that sets it apart from a game like Fifa is that there are no rules in this version of soccer.

14. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing 8 Player Switch Game

Price: $59.99 – $84.98
Genre: Simulation
Audience: Everyone

Animal Crossing is another fun simulation game like Minecraft, where you can build your community from scratch on a deserted island and live the life you want.

It is a great game to play in 8-player because all of your friends can create their getaway and customize the characters according to their will.

Everything from the island’s construction to your characters’ construction is customizable, making the game even more fun.

15. Smalland (Coming Soon)

Smalland - 8 Player Local Switch Game

Price: NA (Coming on March 29, 2023)
Genre: survival, adventure
Audience: everyone

Looking for a game that alters your reality in the most absurd way possible? Smalland is the perfect 8-player Switch game for you.

This game features most of the animals that are found at the bottom of the food chain, like rats, lizards, birds, and spiders.

Your task is to save yourself from becoming their food source. While this is not yet available in the market, many people are already looking forward to its release on March 29, 2023.

Switch it Up with These Amazing 8-Player Games

Many competitors claim to be better than the Nintendo Switch, but what sets it apart from all of its competitors is the huge range of fun and exciting games Nintendo has to offer.

If you are a gaming fan and enjoy gaming with friends, these games will be great to liven up a boring Saturday night.

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