How to Skip a Line in Discord? [Without Sending a Message]

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When writing in a social media chat it is crucial to make your messages “easy to digest” for the rest of the users. This will also help you communicate properly your message. It is no different with Discord, one of the most common instant messaging social platforms out there.

How to Skip a Line in Discord

If you tried everything on Discord to go down a line without sending a message but you still didn’t find any way to do it, this article is for you. In this post, we will explain how to skip a line in Discord whether you are using it on your mobile or your PC.

Skipping a Line in Discord Mobile App

Skipping a line in the Discord mobile app is also very similar to other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Therefore, if you already know how to go down a line when using these social media networking apps, you can apply the same procedure when using Discord.

You only need to follow these steps to add a line or paragraph break when typing a message on the Discord mobile app:

Step 1. Open the “Discord” App on Your Android or iOS Device

Step 2. Find a Channel or User to Send Your Message

Step 3. Type the Message You Want to Send

Type a Discord Message – Skip a Line

Step 4. Press the “Return” Key on Your Device’s Keyboard

Press Return on Discord on Your Keyboard – Skip a Line

While Android devices use a returning arrow icon to represent the “Return” key, iOS devices use the word “Return”.

Alternatively, you can use a different app, like the Notepad app or another messaging app, to type your message with a paragraph break and then copy-paste it into the Discord app.

Skipping a Line in Discord on a PC

While skipping a line in Discord using a smartphone is a straightforward process, the same cannot be said when using Discord through a computer, especially Windows.

Just pressing the “Enter” key on the Discord Desktop app won’t result in a line or paragraph break. Instead, you will send the message instantly. That could be embarrassing!

Method #1: Use the “Shift” + “Enter” Key Combination

These are the steps to skip a line in Discord without sending a message:

  • Step 1. Open the Discord app on your Windows computer.

    You can also use the web version of Discord by logging in to on your web browser.

  • Step 2. Click the channel or friend to whom you want to send your message.

  • Step 3. Write the message you want to send.

  • Step 4. Press the “Shift” key first & then the “Enter” key.

    Press Shift and Enter to Skip a Line on Discord

Important: remember to press the “Shift” key before entering the “Enter” key. Pressing them simultaneously would usually not work, and pressing the “Enter” key only would send your message even if you’re not finished writing it.

Method #2: Type the Message Using Another Software

Jump a Line on Discord Using Other Software

Another way to enter a newline or paragraph break when typing your message in Discord is to use external software, like Notepad or Microsoft Word, to compose your message before sending it on Discord. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the software you wish to use to create your message.

    For example, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Notepad, etc.

  • Step 2. Compose your message there, including the line/paragraph breaks.

    Type a message with line jumps to use in Discord
  • Step 3. Select your message and press “Ctrl+C” to copy your message.

  • Step 4. Open Discord and click the channel or friend to whom you want to send the message.

  • Step 5. Click the text box and press “Ctrl+V” to paste your message before hitting send.

Although this method usually works, it’s still a relatively uncommon way to add line breaks to a message in Discord. Pressing the “Shift + Enter” keys is the most common way to go down a line using Discord. It’s a common method that can usually be used with other apps as well.

Adding Line Breaks in Discord Code Blocks

Add Line Breaks on Discord Using Code Blocks

One of the many unique features of Discord is code blocks, defined as a block of text but in a different color or font. They’re usually used to make messages stand out, although they could also signify code, as in HTML, CSS, or any other programming language.

When using code blocks in Discord, you need to use backticks (`) to signify them. In computers, backticks are usually found below the Escape (Esc) key, while in most mobile devices, they can be found in the special symbols section of their keyboard.

Here are the steps to add line breaks in Discord code blocks:

Step 1. Add 3 Backticks (`) at the Beginning of Your Message

Backticks to Add line Breaks in Code Blocks

Step 2. Press “Shift” + “Enter” Keys

Step 3. Type Your Message or Code

Discord Code Block With Line Breaks

If you need to add more sentences to your message or code, type them and press the “Shift + Enter” keys again.

Step 4. Press the “Shift” + “Enter” Keys Again

Step 5. Write 3 Backticks at the End of Your Message

Line Break on Discord Using Code Blocks

Step 6. Send Your Message

For the Discord mobile app, follow the same steps except use the “Return” key on your smartphone’s keyboard instead.

Skip Lines in Discord to Increase Readability

Skipping a line when sending messages or writing something is essential to get your point across neatly. It helps you make your message look more readable.

Hence, it’s essential to know how to skip a line in a Discord chat, just like most people would when writing on paper or using other social media apps. If you don’t, your friends might end up facing a big block of text and end up ignoring your message or not reading it entirely.

It’s not difficult to insert a paragraph break when using Discord through your smartphone or your computer, so don’t be afraid to use it when you have a long message to share with your friends!