When you purchased the extension you received a file named "How to use it.html". You will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use and activate your extension. 

If you are using a fullpage.js extension, you may find out that, once you publish your web, a red message appears in the upper-left corner of your site. This red error banner can show up for the following reasons:

FullPage.js JavaScript Library

FullPage WordPress plugins (Elementor or Gutenberg)

You have not activated yet your fullpage.js extension

Check the documentation on how to activate a fullPage.js extension and how to use them

In order to activate an extension, you have to generate an activation key for a specific domain.

Before doing so we recommend testing them, as once activated you won't be eligible for a refund. Note that all fullPage extensions can be used without being activated. This allows you to fully test them before you decide to link with a specific domain and make your page public.

In order to generate an activation key, you'll have to follow the steps explained here. Then you'll have to add your activation key (when you initialize fullPage) by adding the option [extension]Key.

For example, if you have purchased the FadingEffect extension, you would have to add the following code:

new fullPage('#fullpage', {
    fadingEffect: true,

You are not using the right key for your extension

You may have written down the license key on the [extension]Key option, instead of the activation key. Both keys are different:

  • You get the license key when purchasing any extension.
  • You get the activation key when activating your extension for a particular domain (unless using the Business License). In order to generate it, you need the license key for that particular extension. 

The license key is composed of 4 groups of characters and the activation key has a variable length and no groups. It is important not to confuse each other.

You haven't typed properly the activation key

The activation key has a variable length of characters. Sometimes the final character is a symbol like equal (=) or a question mark (?) When you double-click on the activation key to copy it the last character won't get selected and you might end up pasting an incomplete activation key in your code.

Check again the activation key sent to your email to see if this is your case.

You have not spelled properly the option 'activationKey'

The fullPage option [extension]Key is spelled with a capital 'K' letter. If you write a lowercase 'k' you will get this red banner.

parallaxkey - wrong

parallaxKey - right

You are using the extension on a different domain than the one you activated the extension for

Each activation key is linked to one domain and one domain only (except you are using a business license). If you are trying to use your extension in a different domain, you will get the error.

Remember that once you activate your extension you cannot change it for a new domain or de-activate it. If you want to use it on more domains you'll have to upgrade to the Professional or Business licenses. Of course, you will get the money for your previous license back ;). Just contact us if you want to upgrade.

If you still have problems, try using this online fullPage.js inspector to check your site.

You have not activated yet your fullpage.js extension [WordPress plugins]

Once you have purchased a fullpage.js extension for your WordPress plugin (Guttenberg or Elementor) you have to activate your extension. 

Be careful! Once you activate it, you cannot change the domain or deactivate it and you won't be eligible for a refund. We recommend testing the extension before activating it.  Note that all fullPage extensions can be used without being activated. This allows you to fully test them before you decide to link with a specific domain and make your page public.

This video tutorial shows how to install and activate your extension to remove the red banner.

These are the required steps to activate your extension so the red banner disappears:

  • Open your WordPress Panel and go to Elementor > FullPage for Elementor 

  • Scroll down the page until you find your extension. As it is not activated yet it should be displayed in orange. Click the Activate Extension button.

  • You will be redirected to the activation page. The plugin will automatically detect your license key and domain name, so you do not have to insert them. Click on Get activation key button (you will be prompted to confirm the process. Just write down the CONFIRM word and click again on the button.)

  • A dialog box with the activation key will pop. You do not need to copy the key. The plugin will automatically add it for you. Just click on ok button and return to your WordPress panel.

  • Finally, update the status of your extension by clicking on the Check Activation button.

  • If everything went all right, your extension will be activated (green) and the red banner will be gone. 

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