This error message appears when you that are using fullPage.js without the required license.

Check the available fullPage.js licenses and learn which one you should choose.

In order to get rid of it, you will need to get a valid license key for fullpage.js. Then, as detailed on the fullPage.js documentation, you'll have to use the option licenseKey when initializing fullpage.js and introduce your key between quotes.

new fullpage('#fullpage', {
    licenseKey: 'YOUR_KEY_HERE',

Or, if you are using jQuery:

    licenseKey: 'YOUR_KEY_HERE',

I put the license but I still get the error

If you already added the licenseKey option, but you still see the warning message, check if you have spelled it properly. The fullPage option licenseKey is spelled with a capital 'K' letter. If you write a lowercase 'k' you will get the undesired error.

licensekey - wrong

licenseKey - right

Also, make sure there's no whitespace between the license key quotes and that you introduced the full key. 

If you've done all those checks and you still get the error make sure you are not initializing fullPage.js more than once on the page. 

These are the most common cases and they will very probably solve your issue.

If you still have problems, check your website using the online fullpage.js license inspector

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