Check the official fullpage.js WordPress plugins for Elementor and Gutenberg! And soon for Divi!

Some people ask us if they can use fullPage with Beaver Builder for WordPress.

And the answer is yes! As long as you integrate it by yourself there should be no problem.

Unfortunately, right now we don't offer an official plugin for Beaver, which will make it a bit more difficult for you. You will need some technical knowledge but you should be able to implement it as long as you follow the required structure and initialize it properly as detailed in the fullpage.js documentation

If you prefer a more user-friendly plugin, you can try one of our official WordPress plugins for fullPage

And if you want a whole theme, you can use the theme by Themify

Our plugins are fully maintained, updated, fully integrated with fullpage.js extensions, and provide top quality support. If you don't mind switching to another WordPress editor there's no question. Those will save you a ton of time and you'll be able to fully customize fullpage.js to your specific needs. And if you are not happy within 30 days we provide you a full refund. 


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