If you are creating your one-page site in Carrd web builder you might want to create fullscreen sections with a snap scroll effect. fullPage.js is definitely the top library to use for this, but... is it possible then to integrate fullPage.js on Carrd.co? And if so, how can I integrate it?

If your Carrd plan allows you to insert custom code, then it is highly probable that you can use fullPage on Carrd. It is as simple as downloading fullPage.js (or loading it directly on your site using npm) and then follow the instructions given on the fullpage.js documentation. Some HTML examples are also available so you can have a reference on how fullPage.js works. 

If you find any obstacles or you have any doubts during the process, just ask on the Github issues forum

And if you want to try something new and fresh, we recommend you fullsnap.io, our official full-page web editor! It's like Carrd, Duda, Wix, Square Space, Weebly, etc., but especially aimed at creating fast and beautiful scroll snap pages without code and for free!


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