How to Get & Use Discord On Switch in 2024 [ ✓ Solved ]

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Discord is a trendy gaming chat platform that’s already available in Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Linux. This VoIP communication app lets players interact with others through voice or text channels without any interruption. But is Discord on Switch? How can you get Discord on Switch?

In this post, we will discuss whether you can get Discord on Switch or get an alternative communication app to Discord.


Is Discord On Nintendo Switch?

Discord remains unavailable on Nintendo Switch. However, although Nintendo has not officially made this communication app available on Switch, there is a tricky way to get Discord on your Switch using the Discord Website. You can also Voice Chat in some games using the alternative Nintendo Switch Online App.

Some years back, Nintendo’s top official said that the company was looking forward to having Discord on Switch, but this has not yet happened.

Instead, Nintendo developed its communication tool, the Switch Online App.

To use Switch Online App, you need to be at least 13 years of age and be an active Nintendo Switch online member.

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How To Get Discord On Nintendo Switch?

You can use Discord On Nintendo Switch through the Discord Website.

You can still use Discord in Switch even if Nintendo has not officially made it available on the gaming console.

Here are the steps to follow to get Discord on your Switch:

Step 1: Open “Systems Settings”

Open your “System Settings” On Your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Settings

Step 2: Click on “Internet Settings”

 Internet Settings of Switch

Step 3: Click The Internet Connection You Will Use

Click on the internet connection you will be using

Step 4: Click “Change Settings”

Click Change Settings

Step 5: Click “DNS Settings”

Click DNS settings of Nintendo Switch

Step 6: Change From “Automatic” To “Manual Settings”

Change from Automatic to Manual Settings

Step 7: Click “Primary DNS”

Click Primary DNS on your Nintendo Switch

Step 8: Type “”

This is the IP address of the SwitchBru DNS, a third-party public DNS server that makes the Switch open a web browser.

DNS Number Nintendo Switch

Step 9: Click “Ok” Button

Click the Home button

Step 10: Click “Save”

Click Save

Step 11: Click “OK”

Click the OK button

Step 12: Click “Connect On This Network”

Click connect on this network

Step 13: Click “Next”

Click the Next Button

Step 14: Choose “Continue To Google”

Choose Continue to Google

Step 15: Type In “Discord”

Type Discord

Step 16: Open Discord

Click On The “Open Discord In Your Browser” Button

Click the Open Discord in your browser button

How To Voice Chat Using The Nintendo Switch Online App

You can also choose to use the official communication App that Nintendo developed for Switch: the “Nintendo Switch Online” app.

Check in this list if your Nintendo Switch Game Supports Voice Chat.

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Here’s how to download and install the Switch Online App:

Step 1: Open Either “Google Play Store” Or “Apple Store”

You can also go to

Open either Google Play Store or Apple Store

Step 2: Search “Nintendo Switch Online”

Search for Nintendo Switch Online

Step 3: Choose Either “Download” or “Install”

Click download or install from the play or Apple store

Step 4: Start the “Nintendo Switch Online App”

Start Nintendo Switch Online App

Step 5: Sign In To Your Nintendo Account

to your Nintendo account

Step 6: Start Your Game Using The Same Nintendo Account

Step 7: Start The “Game Mode” That Supports Voice Chat (Multiplayer)

Start Multiplayer Mode on Nintendo Switch

Step 8: On Your Smart Device, Click on “Start” Once The Prompt “Start Voice Chat?” Appears.

 Choose 'Start' on your smart device

Step 9: Wait For Other Players To Join Voice Chat

Wait for other players to join the voice chat lobby


Unlike other brands, Nintendo has not made Discord available on Switch, but you can still get Discord on Nintendo Switch although the process can be quite tricky.

Another option for you is to use the official communication app of Nintendo, the Switch Online app. This is easily available on Apple, Google Play Store, and the Nintendo website.


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