In the fullPage.js plugin for Wordpress  anchors will be visible by default on the URL of your site:

If you prefer to remove them, you can use the options Disable Anchors or Lock Anchors. This way you'll remove the anchor part from the URL.

However, note that when not using anchors you won't be able to have internal links to different sections/slides. So, for example, if you have a link or button using an anchor (for example:, this link won't slide to the section assigned to the anchor #page2 anymore. That's because there's no way to identify sections with anchors without actually using anchors :)

If you still want to remove anchors from your URLs and you are not using internal links, you have two ways of doing this:

Disable Anchors

This parameter determines whether to enable or disable all section anchors. This is the option we recommend for most people. 

Lock Anchors

This option determines whether anchors in the URL will have any effect at all in the library. This means that internal anchors can still be used but they won't have any effect on the fullPage.js behaviour if the URL gets updated with an anchor.

The only difference with the Disable Anchors option is that you can still use the anchors internally. So for example, if you were using the fullpage.js callback options such as onLeave or afterLoad, you will still be able to use the anchor variable. Can be useful for people who know basic JavaScript knowledge and that are actually using them in their code.


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