How to Connect Switch to Hotel Wi-Fi

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Whenever we are going on vacation, we want to take things that we find comfort in. For many people in this digitalized age, video games, among other kinds of electronics, have almost become a necessity because it helps reduce stress.

One of the best ways to enjoy video games remotely is by utilizing the Nintendo switch. In this article, we will explain to you how to connect Nintendo Switch to Hotel Wifi.

Learn How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Hotel WIFI

Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch To Hotel Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to connect your Nintendo switch to hotel Wi-Fi. However, it can be quite tricky for people who have never done it before. This is because even though it is an incredible game console, it has an internet connectivity configuration that avoids connecting to remote Wi-Fi networks.

Can You Connect A Nintendo Switch To Hotel Wi-Fi?

However, you don’t need to worry because we will now explain how to connect to hotel Wi-Fi on a Switch in this article!

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Hotel Wi-Fi

There are a lot of variables involved when trying to connect your Nintendo to hotel Wi-Fi so it might be difficult for some people, or it might not work at all.

But these are the steps to connect the Nintendo Switch To Hotel Wifi:

Step 1: Open Your Nintendo Switch And Access The “System Settings.”

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 1: Access 'Settings' to connect your Nintendo Switch

Step 2: Click On “Internet” And Proceed To Open “Internet Settings.”

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 2: Click on Internet Settings

Step 3: When The Available Networks Are Visible, Click On The “Hotel” Wi-Fi Network.

If parental control is enabled on your Nintendo Switch, you might need the parental pin in order to connect your device to hotel Wi-Fi.

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 3: Click on the Hotel WIFI

Step 4: Once Connected, Click on “Next” to Register To Use The Network

When you are done typing the pin, your Nintendo will connect to the network device**,** but you will still be unable to access the internet because you need to register to use the network.

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 4: Click Next

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Step 5: Enter Your “Username” And “Password” To Connect To The Internet

If you don’t have the credentials, you will have to ask the hotel staff to either provide them to you or enter them themselves. Once you have entered the credentials, you will have free access to the hotel Wi-Fi.

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 5: Enter Credentials

Step 6: Wait Until Your Nintendo Switch is Successfully Connected

Connect Switch To Hotel Wifi - Step 6: Wait Until It Is Successfully Connected

And that’s it! This is how to connect Switch To Hotel Wi-fi.

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How To Connect The Nintendo Switch To A Wi-Fi That Requires Login Credentials?

One common problem people face while using public Wi-Fi is the lack of a login screen, particularly when accessing the internet in places like coffee shops or airports.

You are often required to create an account or even enter a code from your receipt before you can fully browse the internet. You can try some of these tips to help you load the login screen:

Solution 1: Turn Off DNS Servers

Connect Switch With Login Credentials - Turn Off DNS Servers

Turning off your alternate DNS server is the one thing that always gets the login page to load.

DNS servers, also known as domain name servers, pair the domain names to their correct IP address, so it is much easier for people to access different websites.

If you haven’t changed your DNS settings then you actually don’t need to worry because your device automatically chooses the DNS server from the router.

However, if you have added an alternative DNS server, or your device uses an alternative server, then you might face a little bit of a problem.

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This issue is easily fixable since all you need to do is open the DNS settings and remove any alternative DNS servers you have added.

Solution 2: Force Open The Default Page

An easy way of accessing the default page is by entering,, or in the browser.

This may force the default page to load, or you might be led to a router settings login page. In the latter case, don’t try to log in unless you are at home.

If you are still unable to access the login page, open your network settings and note down your IP address. Replace the last number of your IP address with 1 and enter it in the browser.

Connect Switch With Login Credentials - Force Open Default Page

Solution 3: Open The Site In Incognito

The reason you are unable to load the login page even after so much effort is probably that your browser cache is still using past DNS information to open sites.

You could clear your cache, but it can be quite bothersome since you have to log back into everything.

So, if that is too troublesome for you, you can open a new browser using incognito so that everything loads anew. After the site is open, try visiting a non-HTTPS site.

You could also manually visit the website your device opens in the background when it is connecting to new networks.

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Solution 4: Restart Your Device

Connect Switch With Login Credentials - Restart Device

When all else fails, there is one thing that often fixes all sorts of electronic devices, and that is restarting the device.

First, try turning off your Wi-Fi and then turn it back on.

If that doesn’t work, log out of your account and log back in, or you could also simply restart your device altogether.

Solution 5: Add A New Location

Another way you can access the login screen on a mac is by adding a new network location.

Open your system preferences and click on “Network.” Open the settings and tap “Edit Locations,” and proceed to add a new location.

Select the new location and then connect to the network of your preference.

Connect Switch With Login Credentials - Add New Location

What To Do If You Fail To Connect To The Hotel Wi-Fi Anyway?

If you are unable to connect your Nintendo switch to hotel Wi-Fi, then you can utilize your laptop to gain access to it. Connect your laptop to Wi-Fi, sign in, and then share the connection to other devices.

If you have windows 10, you can use the built-in mobile hotspot feature to share the Wi-Fi.

In case you don’t have Windows 10 or want a little more flexibility, there are plenty of apps that can help you share Wi-Fi with ease.

Conclusion: Connect Your Devices With Ease

Connecting your Nintendo to public Wi-Fi connections is always a major pain.

Unlike computers or smartphones, gaming consoles and devices that stream media are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi sign-in page, which has become a norm for most hotels.

But if you follow this guide, you can easily troubleshoot and avoid the common pitfalls of public connections!

Oh, and now that you are traveling and moving around, make sure you know how to find your Nintendo Switch if you lose it or it gets stolen!


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