How to Use PS5 Web Browser [2 Easy Ways]

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If you want to learn how to get access to the web browser on PS5 you are in the right place.

There seem to be a bit of a confusion here. The PS4 used to include a fully functional web browser, but it seems PS5 does not include such browser. So let’s clarify this:

Does the PS5 have a web browser?

Does the PS5 have a web browser?

Yes, there’s a web browser hidden in the PS5 and you can actually use it to browse the Internet.

And no, this won’t be a browser you’ll be using to search the web. It’s more of a fun fact and a hack than a proper app kept away in secret.

The main problem with the hidden PS5 browser is that you won’t have access to the address bar, and you won’t be able to manually input any URL on it. So as you can imagine, navigation won’t be easy.

There’s no support for bookmarks, favorites or any other browser features we are used to have.

Basically, it’s a basic web browser that you were not supposed to find about.

If this is too much trouble for you, consider using a web browser on your Smart TV. Check out the Best Web Browsers For Yout TV. And if you own an Apple TV, check how to use Safari on Apple TV.

Why Is There No Standard Browser on the PS5?

The lack of a standard web browser on the PS5 disappointed many gamers who found this feature useful on the PS4. However, Sony has two good reasons for omitting a dedicated browser on its latest console.

  • To Focus on PS5’s Gaming Aspect. Sony created the PS5 to provide gamers with an unmatched experience. They wanted to keep gaming as the PS5’s primary function, and a web browser is not an important part of gaming consoles. Removing the browser functionality can also free up resources, resulting in smoother gaming.
  • Security Concerns. Web browsers are susceptible to security risks like malware, viruses, and jailbreaks. By removing this function on the PS5, Sony minimized potential vulnerabilities, thus preventing unauthorized access.

Despite the omission of a web browser on the PS5, there are still ways to use the console for searching the web.

How to Use a Web Browser on the PS5

Method 1. Use the PS5 web browser by sending PS messages

Does the PS5 have a web browser?

I personally think this is the best way if you find a way to send messages between friends to access a page.

It is as simple as sending going to the Game Base, select a friend and send a PS message to ther account containing the URL you want to access. For example:

Then, all you have to do is access the chat and click on the link.

This was discovered by a Reddit user and is actually quite a clever way that will allow you to access any website you want, not only the ones you find on Twitter.

You can even “pin it” to the side so when accessing the quick menu the browser will appear as if it was an activity card. It will behave similar to the “favorite” feature for a single page.

Accessing the browser in this way can open the door to endless applications. One, for example, is accessing Discord on PS5.

Method 2. Use Twitter to access PS5 web browser

If you don’t find it easy to send and receive PS messages, you still can access the PS5 web browser by using Twitter.

The process is a bit more complex though. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1. Create a Twitter account.
Create Twitter Account to use the PS5 Web Browser

If you don’t have a Twitter account you’ll have to create one first.

  • Step 2. Link with Twitter.
Go to Users and Accounts in your PS5 settings menu

Go to Settings and then scroll down and click on Users and Accounts > Link with Other Services > Twitter > Link Account

Link With Twitter To Start Browsing The Internet with PS5

A modal window will ask for your Twitter credentials. But instead of doing this, we’ll go another route (and here’s the trick!)

Did you ever hear of The Permatab web browser? Find out what it is exactly. You’ll get surprised!

Do not login directly from the modal. Click on the Twitter icon on the top left corner. This will bring you to the usual Twitter website’s login page.

Login with Twitter on PS5 Web Browser

Now, here’s where we’ll do the log-in. Enter your user and password and access your Twitter’s home page. This will be our main source for websites.

  • Step 3. Look for the page to visit.

Now that we have access to Twitter we have access to any other link and website that appears on Twitter.

Access Website In Web Browser for PS5

So, if you want to for example go to Cocacola’s website, you’ll go to the Cocacola’s Twitter account and you’ll click on the website link they display in their profile.

From there you should be able to navigate the whole website by just clicking around.

Yes, it’s cumbersome, slow and basically a terrible experience, but you wanted to check how to navigate the web using the PS5, don’t you?

Does the browser works with all websites?

WebGL error message in PS5 Web Browser

No. It will work quite well with text-based websites and perhaps even with some images. It supports HTML 5 as Youtube videos seem to be working fine. However, it will have trouble reproducing some other videos, audio and some interactive websites using animations, Flash, WebGL or other libraries.

As you can see, it’s a quite basic web browser and thus the reason why it hasn’t been provided publically. It’s still not a web browser Sony could present to anyone in 2023. But hey! It’s still a browser you can use in extreme cases 🙂

Do you also have a PS4? Then check how to use the PS4 web browser to browse the web and see videos. The steps are a bit different.

Will the PS5 contain a web browser in the future?

Perhaps! Right now we know there’s a hidden browser and that’s at least a good indicator.

Having a web browser in PS4 and not having it in PS5 can seem a big backwards, so it wouldn’t be crazy to think PS5 can have one in the future?

Why PS5 doesn't have a web browser?

Having a fully functional browser will imply a big effort and that seems to be the main reason why they have decided to keep a hidden version of a half-functional browser. It is not their main priority. Quoting Sony Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino (as translated by a Twiter user):

“We have doubts about whether a Web browser is necessary for a game console as an app, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Can I install or download a browser for the PS5?

Unfortunately this is not an option. The PS5 doesn’t have any thid party app that will allow you to browser the internet, therefore you can not install or download any app for it.

If you want to use the PS5 to browse the internet you can follow any of the two ways detailed above.

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