The eCommerce business is very popular, it grows more and more every year. Online businesses are more than ever able to get online and sell their products and services.

There are many eCommerce platforms out there and each one has different plugins and marketplaces for customization. Because everyone has access to these plugins, sometimes it makes some websites look very similar and boring.

However, in this article, we will go through some great WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins for you and they will have many options to choose from, giving you the ability to make your slider unique to your brand.

What Is A Product Slider?

What is a product slider?

A product slider is a web component that displays your products in the form of a carousel. Products are on a horizontal carousel that sometimes autoplays and allows you to showcase products and maximize space on your website.

Product gallery sliders can be a great addition to your website, even if you are still launching your products with a product landing website. They can keep your users focused and are an easy way to showcase a range of products, creating a CTA (Call To Action).

Key Features Of A Great Product Slider

In this article, I have chosen some of the best product slider plugins to choose from and each one has the following key features that make them great. Overall, when you are considering a product gallery slider plugin, you should focus on the key features:

  • Rich in features and customizability
  • Unlimited product display
  • Display types like featured, top-rated, best selling, etc.
  • Display products by different categories
  • Random product display
  • Transition and hover effects
  • Easy Call To Action (CTA) badges and buttons
  • Ability to show images and text
  • Responsive and touch device support
  • Autoplay features
  • Different layouts and structures
  • SEO friendly for links and content
  • Easy navigation elements

And the list goes on… Rather than dive deep into each feature, it is probably best to get started and look at some WooCommerce product slider examples to showcase these features for you. But overall those key points discussed are what you should look out for.

10 Top WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins

I have prepared a great list for you and each slider here is picked based on the key features we discussed. Hopefully, you find something that inspires you to use a product slider on your eCommerce website.

1. Essential Plugin Woo Product Slider

Essential Plugin Woo Product Slider

Website Live Demo

Lots of options and a very minimal design. It will pair well with a modern website layout, very interrogated with WooCommerce products.

Some key features:

  • Autoplay slider features
  • Display by different categories
  • Most recent and latest products
  • Works well with any WordPress theme
  • User navigation buttons

This WooCommerce product slider would fit very well in a clean and minimalist WordPress theme like fullPane, which supports WooCommerce. If you want a simple full-screen layout, fullPane will provide you with a vertical scrolling page to showcase your products.

Get FullPane Live Demo

WpWax Product Carousel Slider

Website Live Demo

Display attractive product carousels with WooCommerce, no programming skills are required with this plugin.

Some key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Unlimited product display
  • Advanced settings
  • Display by category
  • Featured, top-rated and best-selling layouts, etc.

3. Yith WooCommerce Product Slider

Yith WooCommerce Product Slider

Website Live Demo

Great example of a simple but effective WooCommerce product gallery slider. Uses both images and text very well with a shopping cart icon for the Call To Action (CTA).

Some key features:

  • Control sliding speed for products
  • Both entrance and exit animations/effects
  • Fully responsive
  • Hide options for out of stock items

4. GS WooCommerce Product Slider

GS WooCommerce Product Slider

Website Live Demo

A popular choice for WooCommerce. It is a simple plugin and very lightweight to use but it has many options.

Some key features:

  • Five different themes
  • More than 20+ options to change
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Has a free version

5. WpBean Product Slider

WpBean Product Slider

Website Live Demo

Comes with many different styles and is very popular in the WooCommerce community. You can style the slider with many different options and adapt it to your branding.

Some key features:

  • Custom themes for the slider
  • Responsive and flat design
  • Can display best selling products
  • Display products from different categories

6. ShapedPlugin Product Slider

ShapedPlugin Product Slider

Website Live Demo

A great product carousel for WooCommerce, regularly updated and maintained. Can be used with images, text, posts, products, etc.

Some key features:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Drag and drop into place, easy to set up
  • Works on all mobile devices with touch
  • Product shortcode generator
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Loads of colour and layout options

7. Woo Category Slider

Woo Category Product Slider

Website Live Demo

If you are looking for a great category-based product slider for WooCommerce, this one's for you.

Some key features:

  • Focused on category display sliders
  • Lightweight and easy to set up fast
  • 100% responsive layout/design
  • SEO friendly content

8. SP WooCommerce Slider

SP WooCommerce Product Slider

Website Live Demo

A carousel product slider with lots of features and many layouts to choose from. Great design and works well overall with different themes.

Some key features:

  • Approved by WordPress
  • Pre-designed themes to choose from
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Post product types/templates

9. Twist WooCommerce Slider

Twist WooCommerce Product Slider

Website Live Demo

If you are looking for a sleek WooCommerce product gallery slider, check this one out. Very focused on a gallery-based slider with shopping cart options.

Some key features:

  • Both vertical and horizontal sliders
  • Include videos in gallery slider
  • Zoom options for images
  • Autoplay feature

10. WpWax WooCommerce Slider

WpWax WooCommerce Product Slider

Website Live Demo

Can be used with a huge array of use cases with its different layouts and themes, easy to adapt to your style. Very easy to use and has a simple effective design.

Some key features:

  • Huge amount of options
  • Different layouts built-in
  • Smooth animations and transitions
  • Quick look element
  • Featured products post

Final Words

After all the great examples and projects listed, hopefully, one has inspired you and got you to think about your design more. All the WooCommerce product sliders here are a mix of free and paid and should suit your needs.

A product slider is a great way to boost product sales and showcase items while maximising space. A slider can help attract users and engage them more.

They are best used at the top of a website where they will be seen the most but can easily work when used throughout the page as well. Just remember to decide which website layout you are going to use before selecting your product slider: one-page layout, hero slider layout, etc. The website layout should condition your final choice.

About the author:

Luke Embrey is a full-stack developer, BSc in Computer Science and based in the UK.
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